Fanfiction project - essence of SasuNaru

Hi again. I am still plotting my fanfiction plot and outline. So here we go. As I mentioned before, I am writing a Sasuke + Naruto fanfiction, but it is not yaoi at all aka gay love. it's about friendship between two very polar opposite personalities who have something very much in common.  

First of all to me the essence of fanfiction, although it may be set in AU Alternate Universe, or that the characters may be OOC or out of context, is to never stray far away from the actual characters. Especially the main characters, physically they must retain their physical characteristics and habits. But for minor characters, you can just program anything within that character and run wild with your imagination. I noticed some fanfic author sometimes use a small character to serve a purpose to the storyline, for example Genma and Raidou who serves as friends to Kakashi in some AU fanfiction. 

An example of not straying too far is maintaining Sasuke's black hair and black eyes with his pale skin and Naruto's blue eyes and blond skin with his tan skin. Many of the fanficitons also establishes Sasuke as broody, popular, asexual and has no friends while Naruto is a talkative, pervy because of his sexy jutsu, likes to friend people and is a prankster. 

BTW, I  still wonder why Naruto has very tan skin when even Minato and Kushina have normal coloured skin. Hmmmm

Ok bye