Fanfiction : Circumstances Part 1

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Genderbend Sasuke x male Naruto.

Circumstance Chapter 1

My fingers interlaced in between his fingers. Truthfully it was the first time I held hands with a boy. I was almost twenty one and he was my first boyfriend. We hadn't even kissed yet.

I was a student of Diploma In Video Production, in my fourth semester from the total five. He was from the next class, but we often meet in the lecture hall when my class, his and another class from the same Diploma programme were combined for the Law 202 course. He was from a neighbouring state, while I was from a city four hours away.

"Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Excuse me?" my eyes frozen on the computer screen.

His question, though too straight to the point diverted my attention from the computer screen. I thought he was only watching me idly, but he was actually very much here by his out of the blue question.

"What kind of a request is that?" I blurted, hands frozen on the mouse and another on the keyboard. I was editing a music video, a class project assigned by my lecturer for the video editing subject.

" Well…" he sat up straight from his slouched position on his chair. His position was a metre behind me so I didn't see his expression.

I unlocked my frozen hands from the hardwares and turned my body towards him. "Well what?"
"Our friends have been pushing us together for the past week. Maybe we should, be a couple?"
"Don't heed their gossipy habits. They tend to do that a lot. We don't have to listen to everything they suggest," I replied.

Our friends, classmates, a bunch of very great friends liked to say he really loved my company. Maybe we should date they say.. I didn't see it that way, he seems to be like that with everyone, he enjoyed being in people's company.

For me after a decade of living without any male love interest, I could wait a little more. It wasn't like I could not function without companionship. But I wasn't against the idea too, I was just being realistic.

"Well, I think we should. I like being in your company a lot these few days."


I turned back to my computer and grabbed for the mouse. I better make a save on my recent edits before I lose it like before. Our faculty only had this one pc in the old building, the other facilities were housed in the new building two kilometres away. I preferred editing here because the staff here let us stay overnight for editing purpose. In the new building they only let us use until 10.00 pm.

"I'll think about it." I said. I didn't know what to say. It sounded like a life changing event to consider in a whim. It's like answering "Yes", when someone asked whether you want a tuna sandwich for breakfast. This? It needed time.

Three minutes passed as I previewed my video before deciding on the next edit point. He might be right about us being comfortable around each other. We had spent three days being around each other since I started editing this video. He was using the editing facility during the evening until me and my group members come to use it during the night.

"Sasuke, here's the video you asked about. I already asked my friend's permission to blend it with our video."

"Thank you Sakura," I grinned at the small memory card she was holding in her palm.

"Hey Naruto, you haven't finished your video yet? Where's Kiba and Shino?" Sakura leaned against the door since there were only two chairs inside the editing suite.

"Hey Sakura, they went home right after we finished. So how's the video going?" Naruto asked.
"Fine. Luckily Sasuke's a genius so she had this software all figured out. I only know Pinnacle."
"Not without Naruto's tips of course." I rolled my eyes at the pink haired girl.

"You two are so made for each other," Sakura said cheerfully. "Hey I gotta answer nature's call," and Sakura left.

Naruto suddenly approached my chair and sighed.

"Tell me when you considered it. I call it an experiment, we don't really need to be too serious getting into it."

I looked at him and nodded, quickly returning to my computer.

"Bro, come help me with the lifting. You aren't staying here past working hours without any grunt work," a sudden voice interrupted our awkward session.

We both turned at the door to see our technical officer from the Post Production Unit leaning in. I figured Naruto must have exchanged helping them doing some free labour work around their office for a chance to stay overnight at the editing suite. It was normal for Diploma in VP
students to be night owls, like it's tradition or something. I reckon it was more because we had classes during the day and weekends were spent hibernating like all good Diploma students do.

Naruto pointed to the computer screen and pointed to my screen, " I think the lightings in this shot is a little yellow compare to the before shot. Maybe you could tweak it little?" and he was gone.


As I moved my fingers against his, he breathed hard. It was exhilarating to be holding hands at this age with someone whom I realized had my heart thumping hard. I wasn't crushing on him actually, but my feminine body sure liked the sensation of our skin against each other.

"As you know I might be the kind to be AWOL. So you better not expect me to be the kind to stick around constantly."

"Yeah whatever, like we ever met outside this building before," I said.

He snorted. "Then I guess that seals our deal." He kissed my fingers and gave me a smile.

"Well, I got to go. I work part time at the corner restaurant since last week. Got to find money to date my princess," he winked and smirked at me.

I slipped my fingers away from his and straightened my jacket. He got up and waved goodbye at me, heading towards the lift. I headed back to the Post Production Unit.

Ladies and gentleman, meet my boyfriend, the elusive Naruto.

What I didn't know was that, what I thought was an experimental dating thing affected me on a deeper level.


It's been a week since we declared, kind of declared that we were a couple. He was nowhere to be seen as usual. Not the most conventional couple ever in our whole batch, but a couple nonetheless.

Sakura, my classmate walked towards my desk and plopped into the chair next to mine. Despite the free seating concept in our class, Sakura still chose to sit beside me though I often ignore her when I was deep in thought.

We don't have a fixed seating arrangement nor a fixed class for all our subjects. Our class occupies two floors of office building turned classroom. We also have classes in our yet to complete new faculty, apart from a few classes at the main tower of the fifty year old university. This messy arrangement made us mostly unaware of the other classes, hence me not knowing where my boyfriend is currently at. It didn't help that he was also one of those kind who does NOT own a handphone, strange but true.

"Why are you looking so distant Sasuke?" Sakura asked without looking at me, as she pulled out a bounded report from her bag. The Pink haired girl read the cover of her paperwork before rifling through the pages. Maybe to check for something.

"Nothing," I said as I pulled out my own report from my bag, totally forgot that I was supposed to collect them before the lecturer walks in for class. I was the class rep for this subject just because the lecturer is my Godfather.

"Here," Sakura placed the report on my paper, the cover as usual a pale pink paper covered by plastic. "You always deny everything I said, but I can see that you have been a bit lost this past. We'll go have some pie, on me. Then you can share what's gotten into you." Sakura whispered as Kakashi Hatake, our lecturer and my Godfather walked into class. Late as usual.


"How you could have agreed to such arrangement is beyond me," Sakura sighed as she sipped on her melon cucumber juice.

"That's why I don't tell you these things." I sighed.

"Trust me, I am your best friend." Sakura glanced at me, "I should know these things."

I poked on my pie. I did not exactly explain to Sakura about me and Naruto being a couple. More like answering Yes and No to series of questions she posed. I knew she was right about me needing to share some of these stuff with people close to me.

I had known Sakura since we were 12. She was also Kakashi's goddaughter. How my awfully late and perverted lecturer managed to have so many godchildren is beyond me. But that is how we met, through an open house held by Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi's father.

I was twelve brooding at the bench on the back garden of the Hatake's residence when a pink haired girl blabbed approached me, declared me as the cutest girl she had ever seen and declared me her best friend. I sat there scowling about the fact that my brother is away on one of his debate tours while my parents were somewhere inside mingling with the guests. Being six years apart meant we did not share the same universe, him in his freshman years in college while I'm barely out of primary school.

The Pink haired girl had a weird crush on me I thought, annoying at first, but over the years I had become comfortable around her. Sakura never said she actually like me, but she had been a great friend, leaving me to myself whenever needed and butting in when needed. After eight years I had been comfortable enough to answer all her annoying questions.

"So are you two doing anything this weekend? I… I… thought we could double date." Sakura asked.

Fork embedded in the half eaten pie, I slowly turned to her. "Who’s the other guy?"

"You know our senior doing the Advertising Degree? The one who is also member of the Arts Club, Deidara. Well, his friend from his hometown Sasori, asked me on a date."

"Hmm." I nodded. Eyes squinting to remember that Deidara was also a friend of Itachi.

"Well, I don't want to go alone. I feel safe with you."

"Truthfully I don't even know when we'll actually go out on a date Sakura."

"Why don't you go to his class and invite him?" Sakura asked innocently.

I rolled my eyes, didn't she just told me earlier that me and Naruto the kind of right now couple. The ones only bound by circumstances, being in the same circumference every other week.

"We aren't like that, Sakura. We only meet when we meet."

Sakura sighed this time, "I hope you know what you are doing Sasuke. I don't want you to get hurt." Sakura leaned back on her chair.

I can't promise that, I told her in my mind.

"Well, I'll ask Tenten and Lee to accompany me then. Neji is still in Singapore for his project."
For friendship's sake I had made myself be aware of her life, it had taken a good three years for me to be more alert about her whereabouts when I used to just take her friendship for granted.
"Tell me all about this Sasori later, and send my regards to Tenten and Lee."

Sakura smiled and rummaged her wallet for her money. "Sure, there's nothing I never told you."
I avoided her meaningful glance and pushed my pie plate away from me and proceeded to fetch my bag, slumped beside me on the bench.

"I'm heading to the toilet."

I departed the table with Sakura's statement regarding me and Naruto. I don't want you to get hurt. Truthfully I don't intend to. But if I do, I'll get over it. I know I didn't need to convince anyone even Sakura, about me and Naruto but some of Sakura's statement rung in my head as I walked to the toilet.


As I have said before, me and Naruto only meet when circumstances allowed us. I had to admit that after two weeks, this arrangement sounded ancient. As Itachi had presented in one of his debates, distance is no longer an obstacle, as time and distance are irrelevant with today's technology. A person can hold a long distance relationship without fear of being lost in communication.

"Hey," Naruto sauntered across the cafeteria as he saw me look at him from my seat. I hoped I didn't look too surprised at the moment. As he came closer I gulped down my rice and chicken and chugged down the entire content of my half full mineral water bottle.


"Want to have dinner with me tonight?" Naruto asked out of nowhere.

"Where?" I asked as soon as the water washed down my food.

"I'll swing by your hostel," and he flipped a phone out.

I shoot him a suspicious glare, since when did he got himself a phone.

"What's your phone number, I'm calling yours and then we can contact each other more immediately this way." Naruto grinned as he waved the phone at me.

"Hey Blondie, let's go to the library now!" Kiba suddenly called for Naruto.

My boyfriend turned around and waved back. "Go ahead, I'll be there later. You got my phone number after all."

He spun around and placed his hands on the cafe table and leaned in until he was only inches away from my face.

"I'm sorry I wasn't, you know here, I mean near you. But I'll try to be."

I looked at him and replied, "You told me, you won't always be here and I can accept that."
"Actually," he stood and looked at me. "I have liked you for a long time, and I want to make this right, this time. I thought about what I told you, and I realized that was a total bullshit. I can't treat the one I love like a toll booth, touch and go. So I got myself a phone, courtesy of my recently found Godfather."

I gaped at him. Thankfully the cafe was almost deserted by now so no one was near enough to listen to his declaration.

"So what are we doing now?" I asked him as I reached for my bag to grab my phone.

"You give me your number now, I call you tomorrow, and …" Naruto reached for my face and brushed away strands of my fringes which covered my right eyes, "and we go out on a date and we see where we are headed for the future." He smiled and grabbed for my phone.
My heart swelled, but I felt a flash of wariness and I wondered if he will really do what he says after this, or will he revert to his earlier proposition. I don't want to get hurt, but I won't know if I don't try.





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