Fanfiction : Circumstances Part 2

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Genderbend Sasuke x male Naruto.

Circumstance Chapter 2

I lived with my CEO brother, Itachi since our parents died when I was twelve. Itachi was six years older and had graduated from University at eighteen and directly worked in corporate afterwards. Our parents died in an accident just outside our house and it was painful to live there, so Itachi moved us to a smaller home and rented out our house. A few years later Itachi was promoted and he decided to rent closer to town so we moved again.

When I was nineteen, Itachi bought a serviced apartment in the center of town since he wanted to walk to his office daily. I had to drive since my campus was on the fringe of town but since Itachi paid for everything the only thing I had to worry was getting to class on time.

Today the traffic from campus to home was kind to me. So as soon as I arrived at the slotted parking space of the apartment where we lived, I let the engine run for awhile. My favourite song was playing so I upped the volume and listened on. Whilst waiting, I took the time to open the dashboard and check the accumulated stuff in it. The dashboard rattled with the sheer amount of coins stuffed in it. I bought a new wallet a while back and it had no coin compartment, so I resumed to stuffing changes in my back pocket and then transferred them into the dashboard when I reach the car.

As I was counting the loose changes Naruto called. I glanced at the time on my wrist watch, ten minutes to 7 pm. The evening was almost over but he still called as he had promised.


"Heyyyyyyy, Sasu-chan."


"Did you buy Professor Hatake's Media Through Times book?"

"Yes, I did. You want to borrow mine?"

"Haha, I like you more with each passing day.Sasuuuuu, you're psychic."


"When what?"

I didn't like repeating words over the phone and then get into a series of repeating words like a broken phone game. So I placed the phone away and sighed.

“So,” I asked as I get back on the phone, “When will you stop by my class to get the book?”

“Ah, I'll see you tomorrow. In fact I'll be in Group C until end of this semester because Professor Mitaradhi is continuing her studies. So they told us we could change groups or we could just change classes for her subject. Me and my group decided to join Group C cause Neji invited us.”


“And since Group C and my group shared a lot of lecturers together, it seemed like a better choice…”


“Yes, definitely better. And… I'll be seeing a whole lot of you too. Not that I see you every time, that would be boring.”

“Ok.” Suddenly the thought that he could almost became my classmate overwhelmed me. I shoved the coins still in my hands into an empty box of tissue on the passenger seat. I decided to just count them when I get back at the apartment.

It was a nice idea to be able to see your boyfriend daily, but at the same time it would be suffocating. Silently I was thankful that he wasn't in my class. But I knew he wouldn't even make it into my Group since we were already maxed up in number while Group C had a few places vacant with five dropouts over the year.

Spontaneously I asked him, “You on for lunch?”

“What? Ok.”

Being in close proximity with him meant that I would need to iron out several issues, a lunch meeting seemed right on track. So I pressed further.

“On me, or we can split if you want,” I emphasized.

“Anything’s fine. I just got my allowance and salary.”

I realized that money issues were sensitive with men so I hoped that he wouldn't take my words as w trying to belittle him.

“You can tell me about your new Godfather you kept telling me about.”

“Sure. Haha. Though, I'm sure we can maybe… ummm… get past his work. I hope you don't mind when you finally get to know about him.”

I wondered what was it that drew me to Naruto. Certainly not materialistic things, but it also helped that he was gorgeous to look at. I had never ogled more than needed at someone else, and here I found myself imagining him smiling at me while talking on the phone. I should take a selfie with him tomorrow, or better ask someone else to take a proper picture of the both of us.

“So see you tomorrow. I've just arrived at my house.”

“You walked while talking to me?” I imagined Naruto living in a terraced house area.

“No, I borrowed my Godfather’s car old car and am driving it slowly.”

“Well, Bye.”

“See you tomorrow Sasu-Chan.”

I wondered further as I placed the phone back into my bag. This Naruto’s Godfather sounded suspicious, waltzing into his life and giving him so many things. I didn't like the sound of someone else trying to buy my boyfriend's affection with material things. Even me, whom he had met earlier than his Godfather hadn't been buying his affection with money, though I have plenty. And I could easily had bought Naruto’s affection but I didn't.

From Sakura’s and her best friend’s Ino’s gossip grapevine, Naruto was an orphan surviving alone on mere studies loan upon entering Uni. He had told me about his part time jobs, which I assumed he used for food and the extras. I was an orphan too, but unlike him Itachi coddled me afterwards. Though I had felt lonely sometimes, in reality there was too much thing going around to ever dwell long in it.

But… when Naruto and me became a couple, and I found myself often dwelling on the feeling of loneliness. On principle I shouldn't have cared if we were to meet every other week since we agreed that dating we were ok meeting once in awhile. But, since the topic of his Godfather came up, I suddenly felt possessive. This possessive streak was scary since I had never meant to own him or anyone else. I grimaced as I pondered at my ugly side. The last time it appeared was when Itachi had brought a client home one dark rainy day whom I assumed to be more than his girlfriend. But Itachi just told me she was an acquaintance. My brother is a whole lot more mysterious than me, he never dated nor did he brought home anyone other than that girl friend.

Getting back to my present thinking, I dismissed any further thinking about Naruto, his Godfather, the concept of loneliness, possessiveness and anything in between, I texted Itachi about wanting him to cook something before I reached home in another five minutes.


The next day, I arrived at the Faculty ahead of time to sort some business regarding our final project for this semester. At around 8 am, me and the other class representatives garhered inside the Diploma Programme Coordinator’s office to discuss the nature of our final project which will be a university level public event. After the brief discussion, I walked to my class and was met by the bustles of my group mates and the neighbouring groups who were attending the 8.30 am class.

As the time neared 8.30, I quickly entered my class and was closing the door to my lecture hall when a tan hand stopped the door from closing. I looked up to the face connected to the annoying hand and was surprised to see the one I had not expected to see that early.

“Can I have my text book?”

“Hmm.” I smirked and ducked under his hand to place my bag on the front row seat where I usually sat. I unzipped my bag and took out the requested book. I walked back to him under the piercing gazes of my nosy classmates and after exiting the room, I closed the door behind me.

“Here, I actually bought two because Sakura accidentally bought one for me.”

“Wow, I'll pay you later. I didn't bring enough cash to class.”

“No worries. I'll…”

“I don't want people to say I befriend you for money Sasuke.”

“I know.”

Naruto glanced away at the already empty corridor as people as people already entered their own classes, “I could see your lecturer on the way here. That's him right?”

I glanced at the direction where he had averted his eyes earlier, and true to his words I could see my lecturer approaching slowly. However, Neji from Group C exited his lecture hall and stopped my lecturer in his track. Neji glanced for a mere second our way and gently stirred the lecture aside to talk about something.

Naruto saw Neji and quickly smirked at me, “See you at lunch. You look good.”

I glanced at my favourite dress which I had worn practically every week and nodded.

“If I could kiss you I would, but your lecturer’s here. So I should just say bye.”

With that Naruto left me but not before lightly squeezing my wrist. Blood rushed to my head as his warm fingers brushed against my skin. I mentally cursed myself for reacting like a virgin being touched for the first time. Sigh.

I waited for my lecturer outside the class since he would definitely ask about the final semester project. Meanwhile, Neji noticed Naruto approaching Group C’s classroom and smiled wider at my lecturer. My lecturer turned to Naruto and shook Naruto’s hand before patting him on his shoulder. Then my lecturer turned around and finally arrived outside our class.

“So, Sasuke, how's the discussion?” he asked.

I smiled and opened the door to the my class. “We had several sponsors agreeing with the proposal so far.”

“Good. That would lessen the need to seek extra fund before we actually launch the project.”

As I said a few more things to my lecturer regarding the project, Sakura moved from a seat at the back of the class and sat beside me. I smirked at her and she raised an eyebrow. My lecturer promptly started the class and I sat down pulling out my note book to copy notes. I quickly tune out all the distracting stuff by copying the first page of the topic into point forms in my black leather cover note book.


I walked straight out of the last class of that morning with my mind looking forward to lunch with Naruto. Sakura was hanging off my wrist chattering about wanting to be on the committee of the class project. She was complaining about how her mother was nagging her to participate more in non-classroom activities instead of being just a participant.

I nodded after every five sentences to show her that I was listening to her, but my mind was already with Naruto. Usually Sakura would drag me to the downstairs cafe if we had evening classes but since we don’t, she waited with me in the corridors. Group C was just getting to the end of their class, as I looked through their open doors. I could see Kiba, Naruto, Temari, Gaara and Lee talking to Neji and Shikamaru while their lecturer talked to another group of students.

I patiently waited for Naruto to exit his class since he hadn't texted me at all about where we should meet. It was pointless to text him since he would be in front of my eyes now and he never asked me to keep our relationship a secret anyway. So, as he excitedly high fived Kiba and shook hands with his new groupmates, I pulled Sakura along as I walked closer to their door.

Meanwhile Sakura was still jabbering, “So, my father was adamant that I show him a picture of me in any activity where you also joined. He trusted you more than me. He told me I can't just focus on my weightlifting activities and told me to get a tan. I told him you were paler than me, and he said it didn't matter as long as you were active outside of class and more active than me.”

I squeezed Sakura’s hand when Naruto approached and she quickly shut up.

“Hey Naruto. So the rumours were true that you changed groups.”

Naruto hugged Sakura and winked at me. I eyed him as he merely placed a hand on my waist lightly when he had just hugged Sakura in greeting.

“Yes, as you've heard. Ummm, let’s go Sasuke, sorry I was held back.”

Sakura’s eyes bulged and she quickly kissed me on the cheeks and smiled meaningfully at us before going away. Naruto quickly manoeuvred me towards the stairs and directed me to a car park 200 metres from our faculty.

When we arrived at the car park, he unlocked a smart looking SUV and opened the door for me. I could tell that the car was around ten years old based on the plate number but still expensive for a college student like him.

Maybe Naruto had noticed my perplexed face and so he smiled shyly. “Uh, I might have said it was old… but it is a still borrowed car. Not mine”

I didn't feel like asking further questions as I was hungry and it wasn't nice to argue with an empty stomach. So I stayed neutral until we arrived at the cafe in twenty minutes. The cafe was an old traditional wooden house renovated into a contemporary cafe, with a fusion of Chinese and Nusantara elements. There were batik cloths hung on the wall, a traditional Chinese cabinet set on one side and a long table with a few traditional kitchen utensils on it. There were batu giling or mill stones, a pair of mortar and pestle or batu lesung, and a pair of red mangkuk tingkat or Tiffin carriers.

We sat at a corner table and Naruto began browsing the menu. “My Godfather told me that my mum was quarter Chinese. So I reckon maybe we could try something here. Do you want rice or noodle? Soup maybe?”

“My father is half Chinese, I'll have fried noodle.”

Naruto smiled warmly at me and then he put down the menu before admiring the pastel scheme colour of the restaurant.

I opted to stay silent and absorb the moment before we ate and talk about things between us. My hand pushed the menu to the end of the table and I glanced at the name of the restaurant which I hadn't notice before, ‘Peranakan House’.

“Hey,” Naruto called me softly. “Thank you for today.”

“Well. You better brace yourself for other things I'll be asking you later.”

“Oh,” Naruto made a pained expression.

“If you don't mind to answer,” I said. As I thought about how to reword my statement, Naruto suddenly laughed.

“I'm not fragile. Shoot me up, but let's eat first ok.”

“Ok,” I said and smiled a little. Naruto noticed me pausing and quickly poked my hand.

“Relationship isn't rocket science Sasuke, chill.”

The only thing I managed to do at his comment was a nod.

Magically our food arrived and Naruto smiled at me. “Dig in. After this we’re having cendol asdessert.”

I smiled at him and began digging at my noodle.

After a good twenty minutes of eating with Naruto providing some tidbits about the food we ate, dessert arrived.

Cendol was cold, it was pink, green and white in colour. I could taste coconut milk, syrup and red beans in it. The green cendol was chewy and though it was too sweet for my liking, it was one of the best dessert I ever tasted.

When the last of our food was gone, Naruto ordered a cup of coffee for me and tea for him. He looked at me and smiled while sipping his tea. I thought it was time to start talking seriously.

“It is a traditional role of a girlfriend to ask her boyfriend about his family,” I started. I knew that I sounded like a public speaker right now but I needed Naruto to know beforehand what I wanted to pursue. “However having said that, please tell me if I crossed the line.”

Naruto laughed and finished his tea. Then he grabbed for my hands and kissed them. “In that case let me take care of the bill and find some place far away from prying eyes and ears so we could talk about that. We can take a walk at the park here. There are only kids there.”

I nodded and drank my coffee while letting Naruto settle the bill. After wiping my mouth clean I stepped outside the restaurant.

Naruto was soon standing beside me in the heat of the noon and smiled. I thought he'd tear a muscle from all that smiling. We walked side by side to the the car and got in.

After Naruto started the car, and switched on the air conditioning he turned to me and took my hand in his. He kept running his thumb over my fingers, his calloused fingers invoking mixed sensation in me. I was annoyed at his repetitive movements but appreciated the gesture behind it. So I decided to hold his hand to halt his movements instead of telling him to stop.

“Yes.” I looked at him.

“Would you agree, If I invite you to my Godfather’s place even though we are still early in this relationship? I think we will spend a lot of time over there, after this so why not start now. I mean, when we enter the next stage of our relationship we must have some place to spend time together often. It's not just a house, it's a cafe with a shop, but he lived at the top floor so it's his place after all.”

I absorbed his words, his request. Swallowing a little, I eyed our hands and slightly frowned before glancing up and looking into his eyes. I started arranging my thoughts by putting his request side by side with my earlier request of wanting to ask intrusive questions about him, particularly about this Godfather of his. I looked into his eyes as I searched briefly for something before I answered his request. As our eyes met, Naruto smiled and his eyes crinkled, there was an openness in it, a dangerous mysterious emotion swirled in those blue depths. And I felt like jumping into those mysterious depths, exploring the unknown.

“Sure. Have you asked him about it?” I asked carefully.

“He’s the one inviting actually, but I wanted to make sure that you are ok with the request. Sakura kept repeating about how you don't like to feel forced about doing anything.”

Sakura sure acted like my sister or something. I'll have to reprimand her later although she was right about many things regarding me.

I planted a kiss on his lips which made me slightly breathless, I pressed my forehead on his temple for a second before letting go.

“Let's go.”

Naruto smiled and shifted his car to gear Drive.

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