Writing and drawing, and new fic, Circumstances Chapter 1.

I don't have any hobby. Well, that's a lie. Truth is I can't have any hobby because they all take time. But life isn't theoretically like what I think, I want to do what I love for work but truth is what I do now is what I loved, but it had turned into routine. Now what i would love to do is write and draw, but I know that once I do that for a living it will become a bore. So I gather that I should just draw from desperation because only then do the art means more :D.

Anyway, life is about taking a day at a time and right now my hobbies are reading fanfiction, writing and also drawing - half of which are fanarts. I have an account on - check it here @17Rara. See I lied to you, I can't afford to have hobbies but actually I have many!

For the inquisitive ones, my Fanfiction account is LycheeRambutan, I have 12 fictions there, like 99 percent revolving Alternate Universe Naruto and then 1 percent Harry Potter which crosses over with Naruto. Now I want to rant about life.

Last night my son got up on a box to get to a packet of muffin on a table, but the box crumpled under his weight so he fell backwards and hit his head onto the tile floor. It was totally my fault, oh my. Anyway he was ok last night but this morning he puked for five times today since around 8 am until noon. The nanny called and I took him to the hospital.

He woke up looking abnormal and wasn't cheerful and talkative as always and lay down on a futon, that made my mommy signals blare. Then when i sent him to the nanny he puked saliva in the car. I took him to PPUM and waited at the traffic to turn left to PPUM, a long fifteen minutes and spent another fifteen looking for parking. Unfortunately the parking was full so I took him to a private doctor and the dear doctor told me that there wasn't much she could do and told me to monitor him until at least 9 pm for any other signs. He had no bumps on his head but I would have to look out for any dizziness or any throwing ups. I hope he isn't hurt. My son. Hmmm.

Anyway I have a new fanfiction for you. It's female Sasuke vs Naruto.

Circumstances Chapter 1

Chapter 1


My fingers interlaced in between his fingers. Truthfully it was the first time I held hands with a boy. I was almost twenty one and he was my first boyfriend. We hadn't even kissed yet.

I was a student of Diploma In Video Production, in my fourth semester from the total five. He was from the next class, but we often meet in the lecture hall when my class, his and another class from the same Diploma programme were combined for the Law 202 course. He was from a neighbouring state, while I was from a city four hours away.

""Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Excuse me?" my eyes frozen on the monitor screen. Read the rest here...





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