Nanowrimo 2016 : Fire Chapter 3


Cross Between Alternate Universe One Punch Man and Naruto. My NanoWrimo channel. This is gonna be messy in plot and writing since it's being written on a whim. Oh, and I like to genderbend my characters, so there are going to be a female Sonic and a male Genos, because I am more comfortable writing in the perspective of a female and because these two series lack lead female perspectives. Hopefully to write lots of awkward moments
Chapter 3

Shisui Uchiha was a reporter for a digital magazine until six months ago. The Uchiha family were one of the famous families in Konoha but Shisui was one of the lesser known ones. He  kept a very low profile in the eye of the public and partly because of that Mikoto had asked him to fill in temporarily the post of Head Of Security until they get a new replacement for the post. The former Head Of Security for Uchiha Works, Kisame Hoshigaki had resigned to begin his own company Akatsuki Security.

Shisui resigned as a reporter and accepted his aunt's offer with the condition that he can also moonlight as a security guard sometimes. He reasoned that he could better watch the building and their employees when they least expect it. Mikoto saw no harm in his request and accepted his terms. Though as Head Of Security he had an office in the Security Department, Shisui spent half his time there and the other half visiting each security post around Uchiha Work's vicinity.

Mikoto knew that her nephew had an eye for pretty girls and Uchiha Works had plenty of that but she also realized that Shisui knew about Uchiha Works more than her sons. Among  the Uchiha who works for Uchiha Works, only Shisui had visited every inch of their buildings during his every visit. He would tell Mikoto of things he saw in each building and asked Mikoto about everything he found intriguing there. Sometimes Mikoto wonder if it was Shisui's inquisitive nature which made him work as a reporter.

Today Shisui was supposed to attend an event representing Uchiha Works, but the event was cancelled and so he decided to resume his day by going to work. He was a bachelor and at age thirty in the middle of the week, the best thing to do was work. He could still go back at five and spend the remainder of the night at home. He was taking it easy since he had plenty of partying and staying home late during his reporter days.

So he started work at nine, a little later because he had to go home and change. He went on his first round at 9.30 am and then his second at 11.30 am. After his second round of the day he returned to the CCTV room to file his round report before looking over last night's report and then wait for lunchtime.

The moment he entered the CCTV room, he heard the on duty guard who was monitoring the monitors mumbled, "Wow, that's a cute ass she got there."

"Mmmmhmmm," said the other security guard who would resume rounds after lunch hours.

Shisui was reminded that he actually had a visitor today, an expert on security who was recommended by the Mayor. He had met the guests on his round earlier so Shisui quickly joined his officer to watch the CCTV.

"Where will they be presenting their findings?" he asked his guards.

"Ah boss, we didn't see you there," said his guard sheepishly as they realized that Shisui had listened to their running commentary about their guests.

"Is that Mumen Rider escorting her?" the guard who were escorting their guest was somewhere off camera, but Shisui was sure that it was his Deputy Head Of Security, Mumen Rider, his Deputy who goes around their buildings on a bicycle instead of a hoverboard.

"Please notify Mumen that I am bringing our guests for lunch after this, they can resume the checks after lunch," he ordered his subordinate.

"Ok boss," said the guard. The guard then contacted Mumen Rider via walkie talkie as Shisui checked the sweet ass which was indeed saccharine sweet.

"Hey Mumen, boss wants to bring the guests for lunch now."

The walkie talkie crackled before Mumen replied, "Roger that."

Shisui smirked and then patted his officers on the shoulders and made his way to the location where Mumen Rider and their guests were.


Sonic was bending down to check gaps under some trailers which was used as temporary rooms for artists, when she heard the engine of a vehicle approaching his location. She didn't bother to turn around since he was being escorted by an officer with the Security Department. She continued to measure the gaps in term of being used as a hidden place for would be thieves and also in other aspects.

"Good day Mumen Rider and Miss Sonic," a voice greeted her from behind as the vehicle came to a stop.

"Good morning boss, sorry to hear that the event got cancelled. You are not taking the day off?"

"Nah, I am not working this weekend so it wouldn't hurt to work today. At least I get to meet our lovely guests."

Sonic finally turned around and looked at her client's Head Of Security. "Mr Uchiha," she greeted.

"Ms Sonic.....?" Shisui asked as he took off his security guard cap and offered Sonic his hand.
Sonic shook Shisui's hand and said, "There's a few things we need to reconsider here. I'll have to take some time to compile my findings with that of my counterpart Genos. He was meeting with Mr Fugaku to talk about our services other than security advice."

Shisui shook Sonic's hand firmly and without letting go, "Well that's good to hear, we could do so much more to upgrade Uchiha Works security."

Sonic admired Shisui's light brown eyes and the man's curly hair, but she wasn't taken by the Head Of Security's too long handshake.

"I'd like to continue with the next building, if you would let me Mr Uchiha I would really appreciate it. I run things on schedule," Sonic said as she pulled her hand from Shisui's grasp.
Shisui smiled even larger than before when he realized that Sonic wasn't charmed by his
manners. Since his guest was too serious with her work

"Sure, Mumen Rider, please foresee the lunch settings for our guests. I am sure Madam Mikoto would want our guests to be comfortable."

Mumen Rider who was Deputy Head of Security, meaning he was only handling issues dealing  with security quickly reconfirmed his boss's demand. "I thought Kurenai-san had it covered? I had asked her if she needed assistance, but she said..."

Shisui forgotten how too honest Mumen Rider can be quickly said, "Oh, I think you should ask her again, I saw her trying to ask the caterer's lorry to park at the parking instead of at the foyer?"

"We are ordering catering? I thought we already had a contracted cook at the new cafe?"

Shisui then turned at Mumen Rider and through gritted teeth said, "Please Mumen Rider, I would appreciate if you would go assist Kurenai-san while attend to our guest here."

Mumen Rider eyes widened at Shisui's request and though he still didn't understand why Shisui was keen for him to leave, he still left since Shisui was asking very determinedly.

Mumen nodded at Sonic and said, "See you at lunch Miss Sonic.

Sonic just nodded and waited until Mumen Rider rode on his bicycle and went away before she headed to the building next to the one she had checked.
Shisui quickly turned off his golf cart engine and ran after Sonic.

"You are heading to our main office where our audio recording studios are. Maybe you would want to start from the top floor."

Sonic paused and let Shisui escort her into the building. She found this Head Of Security totally more annoying than Mumen Rider. Where Mumen had been friendly and let her do her work without questions and only monitor her from a respectable distance, Shisui seemed to be the opposite. Sonic was sure that Shisui would be beside her at every step of her way creeping in her breathing space. She was sure it would be because he had seen her ass, men have always become intrigued by her ass. She checked her attire and saw that she was wearing a dark fitted jeans with black sneakers, a black shirt with a black leather jeans. She wasn't wearing formal outfit since she knew she would be jumping down holes and walking in drains if the need arises.

Shisui ran forward to open the main door of the building and smiled valiantly at Sonic. "After you madame."

Sonic nodded as a reply to Shisui's actions and then headed towards the emergency stairs which was always located right to the main entrance. Right after Shisui didn't see her face she rolled her eyes and sighed.


If this happened a few years ago, Sonic would have left the vicinity because of such nosy and overly enthusiastic client. In the past she would have left and rather be jobless for a month than being affronted by an annoying client. But Uchiha Works was offering her and Genos a hefty sum of money for such a simple job. This money would help them in their future endeavour.

After the Battle Of Monsters the surviving heroes had retreated to the Hero Association's secluded quarters in the mountains. Sonic was treated for broken feet and sprained arms. She, Saitama and Genos had shared an apartment for awhile until she was well enough to travel. After three months Flash coaxed Sonic into following him to return to their village and so they returned. Sonic was reluctant, she had grown comfortable living with the pair of heroes and was afraid of the outcome of his new life. Of course Saitama and Genos was more than happy to let him go since she hadn't been home for years.

Sonic went home with Flash with expectation that there would be nothing when she returned there. Starting a new life in her village was out of the question since Sonic was a nomad, more comfortable being away than sitting comfortably at home. At that time she wondered whether Saitama and Genos had became her home since she was so comfortable being with them.

After another two months living in her ninja village with her farmer mother. Sonic and Flash together opened a grocery store for her because she was reluctant to quit working and stay at home doing nothing. She was only 45 after all so they promised to wire her triple the amount of money than before so she could live in comfort. But she still wanted some economic activity in life. Their mother had reasoned that since her twins were working in a dangerous field, she would rather have a backup fund raising method should her twins end up dead or unavailable to work in the future.

After they had established the store and got it up and running, Flash had returned to the city with a few of their villagers to help rebuild the city. Sonic had stayed back to help her mother recruit workers and resume her physiotherapy as she was still sore in her legs. He had new metal legs now, titanium thighs in both legs. Then another two months passed when Sonic's doctor gave him the green light to start working again.

During her months away, Sonic kept in contact with Genos by email. Genos related to Sonic about Saitama's and Fubuki's plan to investigate the movement of the escaped monsters which had survived the battle. In her final email Sonic had told Genos that she would return to the Hero Association to resume life. She was still unsure of what she would do with her new life, resume being a hired assassin or live like a normal civilian while she regained her skills. Genos said she should think of what was best for herself. Sonic did not ask Genos if the cyborg was going with Saitama since it was fact that the two were inseparable.

Sonic returned to the Hero Association Quarters to receive her money package from the government. She had expected to see Genos but he was nowhere and he did not reply her email. The next week, she spent her time alone in their apartment and no one was there apart from the apartment maintenance crew. Finally on the third week when Sonic had packed her single luggage and confirmed her new destination to start a new life, Genos came home with a few heroes. Saitama, on the other hand was nowhere beside Genos.

When Genos saw Sonic he had a wide smile plastered on his face. Sonic thought it was goodbye, but Genos instead told her to wait for him because he wanted her to come with him and be his roommate. Sonic who was really a follower had opposed Genos' idea, but Genos had told him that they would be better as a team in a stranger's place.

Genos being enthusiastic about leading a new life with Sonic was something Sonic didn't see in a million years. Sonic thought Genos would definitely follow his Saitama-Sensei when she was away, but here she was doing work with Genos in another building just metres away, starting life and working.

"How long will you be doing the check ups Miss Sonic?" the nosy Uchiha asked her as he placed his face in her breathing space.

Sonic who was spaced out from thinking about Genos quickly backed up from reflex. She almost backed up into a cliff but her agility which was a result from years of practice made her flip to the front and landed behind the Uchiha.

Shisui was astounded, he turned around and clapped his hand at Sonic. "Sorry to surprise you, but you were too into it. Chill out. And.... that was a cool trick."

Sonic ignored the Uchiha and resumed walking to another part of the building. Shisui skipped alongside her and asked again, "So what time will we be eating?"
Without breaking her steps, Sonic said, "As soon as Mr Uchiha let me finish my work then we can stop for lunch in fifteen minutes."

"That's good to hear, anyway call me Shisui, there will be a whole lot of Mr Uchiha at lunch so Shisui would be it."

Sonic paused in her walks and looked at Shisui, she nodded to him and proceeded to climb a misshapen wall which she thought must be a decorative ledge and up into a hole in the ceiling. Shisui smiled and leaned against the wall, he was taken by Miss Sonic's sweet ass and now the security advisor's demeanour. He loved this 'playing hard to get' mode which she had on and wondered if she was already taken.

"Now I wonder what kind of man would love a woman like that? I would love to grab that sweet ass in my grasps too. A tough woman would complement me. Should I try to pursue her?" Shisui wondered outwardly.

In another fifteen minutes Sonic climbed down the wall, having her ass down first before she landed smoothly on her feet. She winced a little at the feeling of tightness in her legs which was caused from the hard floors. Shisui who was too enamoured by her booties did not notice the wince and smiled at her.

"Now that you are done, let's go have lunch. My boss is wondering if salmon would be ok?"
"I am not fussy," Sonic said.
"Let's go back to the golf cart because the cafe is at the other end of the vicinity," Shisui said.
Sonic just nodded.

Shisui continued to smile despite the unapparent interest from Sonic. He trailed behind Sonic's back, towards the golf cart which he had used as his transportation. When they got there he offered a hand to Sonic but the woman just bowed at him in respect and got on the cart herself. Shisui rubbed his empty hand onto the back of his thick curly hair and smiled sheepishly. He wasn't about to let Sonic diss her like that, he would keep on trying.

He revved the golf cart up and started his way to the cafe. They would have their lunch in a private room above the cafe which was opened to their employees and their guests.
As the golf cart travelled alongside the buildings Sonic had already covered, he glanced at his guest and asked. "Are you a ninja Miss Sonic?"

His guest nodded and said, "Yes I am."

"That's wow, not many of us follows the old school learnings of a ninja. I go to the dojo every other day, maybe you'd like to show me some cool techniques. If I could have your number."

Sonic saw the thin veiled attempt at flirting with her but still handed her business card to Shisui. She was sure she would not be taking calls from him anytime soon since it's Genos who would deal with their clients. She was just here for technical advice.

"Nah, we have arrived here at the cafe," Shisui said. He couldn't ask her more about her life or herself while he was working, he had promised his Aunt Mikoto to be professional while he was Head Of Security. But being friends with his client was another thing he thought was proper since she was advising them about the security of their buildings. She and her counterpart were recommended by Tsunade but still he needed to make sure that she was trustworthy.

Sonic got out of the cart before Shisui did and stood at the entrance for Shisui. She wasn't interested on getting up close and personal with this particular Uchiha but he was an important figure in this business dealing, therefore she would play along with his way as further as she could.

"After you," he told her as he opened the glass door.

Sonic smiled at him and walked towards the main part of the building. It was a spacious hall with a high ceiling. The floor wasn't sticky like canteens would be and the smell of good food wafted into her nostrils. Sonic's stomach rumbled with hunger and only then she noticed how she had actually worked on an empty stomach. The food was already being arranged on the counter but there was no worker around. Sonic glanced at the cafe's wall clock and saw that it was ten minutes to twelve and concluded that the workers might be having their lunch break at 12.00 pm onwards.

"My boss is upstairs, let's use the stairs to reach there. I believe your counterpart is already there."

"Yes I am sure," Sonic agreed. She had started answering Shisui since she knew she would be meeting the boss and therefore would need to talk more now.

When they reached the private dining room, Shisui opened the heavily tinted door and gestured for Sonic to enter. Sonic entered and bowed to a lady she recognized as Mikoto Uchiha and several other Uchiha Works officers in there. She zipped open her jacket to reveal her inner shirt and quickly relaxed when she turned around and locked eyes with the pair of yellow eyes belonging to Genos. Genos stood and pulled the chair next to him and smiled at Sonic. At that moment Sonic's heart bloomed with the sight of her former nemesis turned ally.

"Have a seat Miss Sonic, glad you could join us. We have lots to discuss afterwards, but let's savour our taste buds with these delicacies first."

Shisui saw the exchange and could see that there was more than meets the eyes between those two. He bowed to his aunt and informed her, "The check ups with Miss Sonic went well. I sent Mumen here to have lunch with us, where is he?"

Mikoto Uchiha looked at Shisui and said, "Glad to hear that. Mumen will be joining us in awhile, I believe he came from the neighbouring city of your previous home Genos-kun. I am glad to hear that your cities are doing well a year after the Battle"

Sonic smirked at Mikoto's words and replied, "Thank you for your kind words Uchiha-sama. I too hope to return there one day. Travelling broadens the horizon and that's why we are here today."
"I believe in that too, now let's have our appetizers first while we wait for Mumen," Mikoto said as she ordered her officers to started dining.






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