Gerimis : A Sasu x Naru fiction - Chapter 1

Disclaimer : All characters belong to Kishimoto M. I only play around with them :D.

Synopsis : Sasuke, meets Naruko and is missioned to persuade her to join the Jinchuuriki program. As a super soldier he was sceptical of the weak blonde's ability to be part of his organization. But an order is an order, and he befriends her in his bastardly way and promises her three wishes. What's up with that? Mild SasuSasku in chapters 14 and 15.

Chapter 1 :Yellow, black and pink.

Konoha Mall

Tuesday is a slow day for business, but it wasn’t a problem for entrepreneurs who can see silver linings behind clouds. Let the numbers do the talking, good news for entrepreneurs as it was recently reported that a tenth of Konoha's 500,000 population have their day off on the weekdays. Upon knowing this fact, business such as cinemas, pool center, karaoke, bowling alleys and restaurants started offering these holidaying minority, services and products at discounted prices. For Sasuke, a Tuesday is not just about low prices, it is simply a good day to spend time alone at the cinema.

Black sneakers with red streaks stepped into the queue lane divided by the velvet rope barriers. Attached to it, a pair of lean legs in black faded jeans and black quilted leather jacket. The boy in black clothes except for the undershirt which was a plain blue snuck his hands in his pockets, eyes looking upwards. The pair of onyx eyes checked the available movies on the overhead LCD display and then looked at his black digital watch, the time was 11.40 am and today is his birthday.

Every July on this particular day the teen usually spent his special day alone, but this year his teammates insisted on a 'surprise' party for him. Actually his comrades were always planning birthday surprises for one another, it had became the norm. Parties mean unhealthy food, drink, dance, music and stupid party games, everything a youth wants. But not Sasuke. When Shikamaru subtly asked him what he did not want at his party, he said it should not be during the day, don't make him do stupid things or play stupid games, and also that they don't ask him to clean the after party mess. Troublesome, Shikamaru had said.

Sasuke made his movie choice and was about to walk to the front when four girls materialised and rushed in front of him towards the queue lane. He paused in his steps as they snaked to the front. They giggled happily while confirming with each other of their chosen movie.

A gust of air conditioner wind blew Sasuke's bangs to cover his eyes, Sasuke brushed his bangs aside and shuddered at the coldness of the cinemas and zipped his jacket halfway. At that point he noticed that two of the girls were gazing at him, so he tilted his head slightly at them. One of the girl giggled and the other blushed and both turned away. He was still not used to being checked out by girls, girls who only looked at him but never approached him. He was thankful that they never approached him since  he wouldn't know what to do if they actually approach him.

The girls were finally arrived at the only opening ticket counter to proceed with their purchase. Sasuke made an observation, usually the second cashier counter opens around 12.00 noon to accommodate the incoming shopping mall patron. Thus the second cashier should appear about… now.
As the cashier appeared, he tracked her movements as she plopped down on the high chair of the ticket counter and took the COUNTER CLOSED signage away.


The cashier gestured for him to approach the counter. Sasuke watched as the cashier speedily logged onto her cash register all while flashing him a welcoming smile. He wondered whether he will ever work as a cashier in his lifetime, the smiling all the seems tiring. It was just a passing thought, nothing deep there.

"What movie would you like to watch sir?"

"The Dinosaur Walk, the 12.30 show" he said while making eye contact with her. She was blonde and blue eyed. Actually her hair's colouring was more towards yellow, he wondered why people called it blonde. She also wore spectacles with no actual lens, he wondered what the purpose was for. So superficial he thought mildly.

"How many tickets?"


"One dinosaur movie coming up. I'm a big fan of the Tyrannosaurus Rex sir, if only I could have one I will surely ride it to work. But maybe no, maybe I'll sell it for a million bucks to any zoo or a private zoo and buy myself a cinema. That way I can watch movie anytime I want. Ok, the price is 6 dollars today,"

Sasuke, smirked at the cashier and nodded while handing a 10 dollar bill and waited for his balance and ticket. He looked at the cashier, yellow hair gathered into a single side braid, baby blue eyes behind a pair of black spectacles. Her toothy smile was infectious, as she handed him his balance and ticket. Sasuke being in control of his actions stared at the smile for a second entranced, before glancing at his ticket to check the details.

"Have a nice day sir."

"Hnn" Sasuke replied.

Sasuke never remembered any of the cinema's employees before this. All he ever noticed about the cashiers were that they were a bunch of smiley friendly people. However this particular cashier seems to be the cheeriest of them all. He was not sure if he will remember her later, he thought he would not as he had a habit of forgetting things and people that are not important.

So far Sasuke had come to this cinema for seven times now, for seven Tuesdays. This cinema is the one and only cinema in Konoha which frequently shows documentaries, as often as other cinema shows romantic comedies. He was not into fictions, although documentaries are sometimes a rendition of reality by the producers, take the case of dinosaurs as no living human had ever seen an actual dinosaur. Still Sasuke prefer his movies with a healthy dose of information instead of pure entertainment.

Sasuke had been hopping from one hobby to another. Before this he spent 5 weeks playing video games with Kiba, before that three weeks of planet watching and prior to that two weeks of trying to learn how to draw - which he seriously failed. He goes from one leisure activity to another leisure activity, until movie watching caught his interest for the time being. Sasuke is very meticulous.
He checked at his watch, now it is only half an hour before the show starts. He parked himself against the wall in between the movie posters, deciding to enter the cinema a few minutes before the movie starts. He did not want to be spending more minutes in cold, less people means freezer worthy cinema hall. In the meantime, he decided to copy Shikamaru and did the least troublesome activity, people watching. Really not troublesome.

12.30 pm
Sasuke was in the movie hall now. He bought the ticket for the most centre seat, 4 rows from the back. The last of the advertisements were rolling now, before the message to silence your mobile phone came up. Sasuke let out a n Aaah and spread his hands onto the headrests of the seats to his left and right. Just heavenly he thought, a huge screen, awesome audio and people sitting far away from him. It almost feels like being alone, the other three people sitting farther away from him. A few more lights went off and the hall darkened signalling that the documentary was about to start.

13.10 pm
Someone walked inside the cinema and sat a row behind Sasuke.

13.15 pm
"Hey, it's me again," a voice whispered.
Sasuke did not heed the voice. He knew it was someone he did not recognize so when he/she didn't continue he let it slide.

13.16 pm
The huge screen showed a sole Tyrannosaurus walking on two legs on a grassy plain, far far away smaller dinosaurs shuddered when they noticed the T-Rex's appearance.

"I wonder on which street would they be able to walk with that size of a butt should they exist today. Hell big lizards right. Luckily the Komodo dragons live that far away from me. I shudder to think one ambling behind my yard."

Sasuke tilted his head to the sound of the apparently female voice but decided to just ignore it.

13.40 pm
A Stegosaurus ambling towards its mate, the two rows of bony plates on its back moving with each step.

"Wow, such impressive armour. Eh I googled about them once, the bony plates are sold on ebay you now."

Sasuke let out a small shushhh.

13.50 pm

Sasuke did not hear that because the audio of the T-Rex fighting with the smaller but noisy Triceratops cancelled the additional sound effect.

13.58 pm
The Tyrannosaurus bit down on a baby dinosaur.
"Hey don't do that!"

14.03 pm
"Now, that's what I call a movie," loudly and annoyingly.
Sasuke was just about to turn around and hush the person making the constant commentaries when he heard her continuing.

"Well my break is over, see you later alligator."

Then he heard the person shuffle towards the exit in a few quick movement, opening the door, shutting it and letting light inside the hall for a few seconds. He glared in the darkness and voiced his words in a hushed tone "Is this a cinema or a zoo?"

Months ago Naruko was still going to school, waking up at 7.00 am and do some basic housekeeping duties. By the time she was 14 there were no more little ones at her house as they have all been adopted. She was the only one left there so she only had herself to fuss over during the late years she was still at Iwa. It was only months ago when she arrived at Iruka’s house to start her episode of her new life. It was only three months when she stepped into the house for the first time.

Flashback to three months ago

Iruka, unlocked the door and gestured for Naruko to enter the house. She walked in, stopped and looked around, it was a two bedroom house with a television set, a red sofabed in the living room and a small table beside it. There were two brown doors beside the table, closed. But if you open them, they will reveal the bedrooms. No pictures on the wall or curtains on the windows. Just bare white walls.

They stood side by side at the entrance for a moment before Iruka decided to close the door. He went out and closed the outer door grill while leaving the inner wooden door open. It was his first time having a visitor staying in his house and he was indeed nervous.

Walking towards the couch he paused and turned to Naruko "Please have a seat". Iruka's throat felt dry so he went to his mini fridge in the kitchen and took out two cans of soda. He opened one and handed it to Naruko and opened the other for himself. He leaned backwards on the wall next to the television, sipping the sweet drink. He started "Miss Uzumaki."

"Yes Mr Umino?"

"Errr.. call me Iruka."

"Owwkeyyy... Iruka."

"I need to tell you something."

Naruko who was now sitting on the sofa, set her drink on the table and smoothed her long black skirt while looking at Iruka.

"First of all, I want to be honest with you. I can only provide basic necessities, I mean daily meals, a roof and a private space for you here."

Iruka's eye lingered at the bedroom door for a second and paused, he looked back to his drink and continues.

"On the positive side, my backdated salary increment will be paid in July," he looked directly at Naruko. " I am very sorry Naruko because for the time being we, err you and I have to live by what I earn in my current position."

They stayed silent for awhile. "Ummm yeahh... Don't worry about me at all . I am happy enough that you decide to… ummm welcome me into your house."

Iruka, finished his drink in one go and looked at his watch. "I have ten minutes before I return to work. Do you have anything to ask about or anything you need? I can swing by the store later after work."

Naruko grinned and shook her head. Iruka quickly moved to the kitchen to throw his can away and fished out his keys. Naruko bounced up to his feet and stood by the door.

As Iruka exited the house, he said "Be sure to secure the doors and windows from inside. The apartment complex is fairly safe but we have some nosy neighbours here and I don't want them to annoy on your first day here."

Naruko stuck a hand to shake his, Iruka awkwardly took the hand and shook it. Then his face turned into a friendly grin. Naruko nodded and watched Iruka walk out of the house.

Just as Iruka left she spent no time closing both grill and wooden door. She secured the inner door latches and retreated back to the sofabed. Switching on the tv, she started channel surfing and settled on a show about ways to clean cluttered homes.

After five minutes she jerked her head up. It looked like she had fallen asleep while watching television, well she was tired. It had been a six hours train ride from the orphanage to Konoha's train station, add another hour wait for Iruka at the train station, and then they went straight for lunch at Kurenai's stall by the roadside. Kurenai, a close friend of Iruka, upon seeing Naruko's ocean blue eyes and blonde hair, promptly congratulated Iruka in shrieks and bear hugged Naruko. The brown haired shop owners then told them that their afternoon lunch was on her and went back inside the kitchen to prepare food. Iruka was as red as a lobster upon hearing Kurenai's words while Naruko just smiled innocently. Iruka wondered whether she understood what Kurenai had implied. Before they left Kurenai had gifted her a thin gold bangle, though Naruko declined saying it was expensive. Kurenai insisted saying that her daughter was too tomboyish to wear gold and pleaded to Naruko to please the wishes of a new friend. Naruko shyly smiled and slipped it onto her thin tan wrist. The bangle glinted against her tan skin.

On the sofa bed, three minutes Naruko yawned again and decided that sleep was the best thing to do for now. Remembering Iruka's words about securing the windows and nosy neighbours, she went to the windows and checked whether they were properly secured. Seeing that they were, she dropped herself onto the sofa bed and curled on it to sleep. She set her phone alarm so it would wake her up two hours later, before Iruka returns from work. She placed the phone next to her unfinished can drink and promptly fell asleep. Naruko had a talent for napping. She can sleep in any position, anywhere.

Present time

CHUNIN quarters

The corridors were weirdly empty as Sasuke headed for supper. He approached the heavily tinted sliding door of the dining hall and paused. Smiling widely he thought about being older and noted that a few things had changed since a year ago, his sharingan had matured to three tomoes a few months ago and he was also a lot less shy now.
Now he could hear the growing volume of muffled voices behind the cafe door and knew his friends had detected his presence. So as the hall door slid open his smile vanished replaced by an apathetic expression.

"Happy Birthday Sasuke!"
"Happy Birthday Raven!"
"Happy Birthday Bastard!"
'Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun!"
"Happy Birthday Sasuke-san!"

The thunderous wishes met him like the cheers of spectators when their favourite sports team scores a goal. He smirked in amusement, an eyebrow arched.

"It's time to party!" that unmistakable excited voice of Kiba sent the crowd into a cheering frenzy and everyone went to fetch food. Chouji was smiling proudly looking at his party spread, this time all unhealthy food. Neji and Tenten began counting which unhealthy food contains the less preservatives. Sasuke being his usual eagle eye self noticed that Neji who similar to him, never touched anyone casually, had his hand lightly on Tenten's shoulders.

Sakura, Hinata and Kurenai were queuing at the buffet table. Kiba was already digging into his food while Shino was somehow munching on food without unzipping his high collared jacket. Shikamaru was looking boredly at the polite Suna siblings who were here to send their brother, Gaara for training,

Suigetsu and Juugo were busy rolling a huge cake on a trolley into the hall. Sasuke stared at the huge cake when a lazy voice called for him.

"My my my Sasuke, you have grown taller since I last saw you. Happy Sixteenth Birthday. Here's one for your book collection," the silver haired senpai handed him a rectangular wrapped gift and Sasuke could already guess what it was.

Sasuke's polite part beckoned him to speak of three polite words, "Thank you senpai."

The mask moved in what Sasuke thought was a smirk as the senpai's eyes turned beady with glee. He could already see the book stashed behind some books he will be getting rid of as soon as there's a chance. Suddenly, Sasuke was pulled by the arm and then pushed towards the huge cake.
"Time to blow your birthday cake," the boys voice erupted.

Automatically the whole room broke into an unsynchronized Happy Birthday song. Meanwhile Sasuke marvelled at the ugliness of the cake, a patchwork of combined decoration from roses to a marzipan katana and some icing drawing of his Sharingan.

"Blow the candles now rave," Kiba nudged Sasuke towards the cake. Any nearer and Sasuke could taste the icing. So he blew the sixteen large candles and stepped away as everyone clapped. Kiba stuck a hand into the cake and grabbed a chunk of it before announcing "Cake fight!"

Everyone jumped in to chuck a piece of cake on birthday boy. But agile Sasuke rolled from under them and ran behind Neji, Neji was instead plastered with a piece of cake. Next, Sasuke swooped behind Neji and tried to shove his senpai in front of him, the silver haired man conjured a water element jutsu and fired it into a surprised Neji instead of Sasuke. Sasuke saw Sakura looking at him in amusement and he jumped behind her intending to use her as an armour. The next assailant, Suigetsu mumbled apologetically to Sakura as his hand paused before he could hit her with a slice of cake. Suigetsu headed away mouthing "I'll get you later" to a smirking Sasuke. The raven turned around to thank Sakura but was gently attacked by a piece of cake, Sakura had him this time. Though he was surprised, he flicked a finger and tasted the cake which despite its ugliness was decently tasty.
Sasuke looked around as Hinata giggled at him and passed him some tissues. Chouji had his head full of cake, while Suigetsu had cake all over his face courtesy of Karin and Juugo. The girls had refrained from playing cake throwing while Tenten was busy fussing over Neji. Neji did not look the least happy.
"Itachi asked me to pass you this today, I almost forgot," Kiba said.

Sasuke eyed the drawstring bag and took it from Kiba's hand. He peeked inside and saw that Itachi had gave him a pair of very stylish sunnies.

"He said he was sorry he couldn't train with you as he had promised. " Kiba said forlornly for Itachi's sake. Sasuke took it upon him to put a hand on Kiba's shoulders as if it was Itachi that he was talking to. Itachi is his 'brother' in blood and skill, they have the same eye enhancement, though Itachi had his upgraded.

"Open ours next," Karin dumped a huge box onto Sasuke's lap. "It's from us girls, including Ino," she gave a two finger peace sign and posed sexily in her long sleeved lavender shirt, her eyes twinkling. Rin-senpai pulled her down to seat and collectively Sakura, Hinata and Tenten rolled their eyes at her.
Sasuke unboxed their gift, a stylish winter jacket in dark blue because black was too mainstream.
Next the boys handed him a palm sized box wrapped in used A4 paper, which contained a very useful army pen knife.

"I saw that Itachi had one like this, so we thought maybe you'd like a similar one," Kiba said while scratching his head hoping Sasuke would love their gift.

"We had your symbol engraved," Chouji added. That made Sasuke smile appreciatively. He traced his finger in the fan shaped indentation.

Juugo and Suigetsu appeared before Sasuke and dumped a full-face street motorcycle helmet on the boy's lap.

"Since we knew you like motorcycles, we thought we'd give you this. A memento from our days as Taka."

Half and hour later.

"Daaaance time!" a sugar high Karin pulled Suigetsu to dance with her as Shino suddenly appeared with dj equipment at the buffet table. Sasuke wondered when did they made the switch from food to groove.

"You want to play Truth or Dare birthday boy?" Kiba waggled his eyebrow at Sasuke while moving his eyes from Sasuke to Sakura thrice in a row.

"No, I am going to bed." Sasuke pushed his trolley of presents back to his room and waved at his senpais who were drinking at the adult's table. They waved back at him.
"Do you want me to walk you to your room?" Karin asked, swiping a freshly opened can of coke from a passing by Shino while pushing Suigetsu away from her. Suigetsu almost stumbled from being pushed, but was caught by a still angry Neji in time.

"No, let him be by himself." Sakura looked sharply at Karin, that stopped the redhead from stepping away.

"If you say so," Karin remarked disappointedly.

Sasuke nodded gratefully to Sakura and began pulling his gifts in a trolley, some remain unopened as the gifters told him to open later when they are not around, towards the dining hall exit.
That wasn't a bad party after all, he thought.

Author’s Note : Thank you for reading. This story started as a Fem!Naruto x Sasuke, but after a few months I felt like changing Naruto into Naruko is much more fun. Blame it on the newbie thingy. This story will be rewritten in it’s lifetime as I progress as a writer.





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