Nanowrimo 2016 : Fire Chapter 16

This story was written with no serious intention of making it into a beautiful, carefully crafted story. I present to you my final third chapter of Fire : A 2016 NanoWrimo project, which spilled itself into 2017. I have read tonnes of stories and never have I ever made comments about wanting them to stop writing. So stop with freaking annoying comments you trolls. On with the next chapter.


The monster laughed at the little humans below, feeling all powerful in its blue ball of protective chakra. It saw about four people still standing before it, but it was not scared at all and just laughed some more at them. From the distance it could hear the whirrs of incoming helicopters. It saw that the cyborg had gone with the weaklings and that probably meant that more powerful humans would be assigned to face him. Stronger or not it did not matter to him, what mattered was that it was the monster of the moment.

It knew that the cyborg was here alone without the bald man. The monster had confirmed the news that the bald one was not here in the city and instead pursuing a much greater monster hundreds of kilometres from here. The bald one was scary and it destroyed monsters hundreds time its body size and strength, but since he was not here, could not possibly be here within minutes, the monster knew he was the king of the moment. He was invincible

It had a bigger aim and was not here at the city alone. It had something special for Konoha and with the devastation which it would bring later he could build the city into its new home, and Suna next, and Iwa later. The monster saw the potential in its plan and smiled even wider.

“What do you want monster, do you have a name?” Itachi called to the monster. The place was nearly empty as the civilians had escaped along with Genos.

Jerked from its thoughts the monster looked at Itachi. Itachi took in the monster’s appearance, it was brown and shaped like a generic T-Rex, standing-on-two-legs-dinosaur a preschool would draw when you ask them to “Draw me a dinosaur, pretty please” The only scary thing about it was the smile on its face showing its sharp teeth, all wide until it looked like it could rip its face apart with a smile.

“My name is Zorda and I am here to take this city from you,” the monster said confidently. It closed it’s mouth but smirked nonetheless.

Itachi frowned slightly and looked at the monster from below the ground. The monster was meters away hovering in a transparent blue ball probably made of energy. He was sure that the blue ball was not just for shows, it was there for protection. And like all protective walls you need to find its weakness to break it apart. He concentrated and then his eyes turned red with three tomoes swirling in it.

“The sharingan!” the monster said, definitely in awe.

Itachi smirked when he heard those words and then jumped up and landed on a white dragon which came out of nowhere. “Thanks Dei,” Itachi said under his breath as he landed on the large clay dragon. On the ground, a blond haired man gave a thumbs up to Itachi who glanced for a moment at him.

Itachi returned his focus to the monster “You have seen this before?” Itachi asked because he was intrigued, legend claimed that the last time a Sharingan was seen was during the age of his great great great grandfathers.

“I was not born of this time child. Now move over or I'll bury you feets under," it said haughtily.

“Enough with the talk, let’s destroy it!” said another voice from behind.

The monster looked at the rest of the humans and noticed a few more humans or something which looked like humans behind Itachi. He eyed the new humans and registered each of it physical attributes. There was a grey skinned man who was half human and half shark, a man with long blond hair with a long fringe covering one of his eye and they were both wearing unmarked black cloaks similar to the  Sharingan wielder. The monster turned to Itachi, it had heard of the legend that the sharingan can be harvested and its power used by another. So though it was a monster and the human’s eyeball was far smaller than its monster’s eyes, he was filled with greed to take the immense power of the Sharingan from the human.

“No one told me there’s a party in town!” a voice boomed across the field, and then a lady in black leather suit puffed beside the long haired blond ma.

“Anyone else?” the monster asked as it rolled it eyes. Currently there were seven humans facing him and whether seven more or seventy their presence would not make a difference.

“It’s an impromptu one, Izumi-chan,” Hinata finally replied. Her timid voice was now louder and bolder over the tense air.

Hinata then turned to Neji and they both nodded to each other. In an instant they ran towards the monsters as Dei, long haired blond man, full name Deidara threw two white clay balls into the air. The balls followed Neji and Hinata and changed into two white dragons as it touched them. The Hyuga riding on the dragons flew into side by side as Neji cried “Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven!”

Neji and Hinata flew in a combined formation and then together they blurred into a white vertical tornado which hit the monster’s blue ball. At the same time, the black haired girl jumped into the air and landed onto Itachi’s dragon and used the dragon to further jump into the monster’s ball while performing a series of hand movements. The tornado and the girl launched attacks on the blue ball of chakra in a series of movements.


Neji and Hinata came out of the tornado and landed, the dragons flew towards the blue ball and exploded. As Izumi landed on the ground, Neji and Hinata checked themselves for any injuries. Seeing that they were fine, Itachi continued to look at the transparent blue ball.

Despite all the attacks, the monster remained in the blue ball smirking as it knew that the blue ball was impenetrable. It knew that it would endure the attack but it was actually very very wrong. Hyuga’s and Izumi’s attacks did not cause the blue ball to quickly crack but the blue ball colouring which was earlier very bright had dimmed a little. Then the blue ball cracked and crackling sound was heard from various parts of the blue ball.

The monster frowned and vomited more blue chakra from it’s mouth which quickly seeped into the cracks caused by the attacks. The blue ball quickly repaired itself and returned to its brilliant blue.

“Just as I thought,” Itachi said.

The shark like man jumped forward along along with the dark haired girl as Itachi said, “Use all your chakra, we will cover from behind Kisame, Izumi!”

Kisame, the half man half shark wielded it’s large katana and smiled, “Samehada will take care of it.”

“Don’t forget me,” Izumi smirked and they both launched into the blue ball of protection to inflict damage on it.

Meanwhile Itachi saw with his Sharingan presence of chakra around the protective ball but he knew Neji had a clearer vision of it. He jumped down and landed beside Neji knowing that Zorda was biding its time to attack them.

“Neji, the chakra is alive isn’t it?” he asked the Byakugan holder.

“Yes, it flowed continuously into the ball. But since it cracked under our attacks, it means that the flow can be disrupted. It’ll keep repairing itself as soon as it's attacked. If we could attack from all corners even if it took us all our powers, we could have someone slip in and attack through the opening.”

“I agree,” Hinata filled in.

“We need to have enforcements if this fails, I don’t think that this Zorda is here alone. It’s waiting for someone, or maybe it’s just a diversion,” Itachi said.

“I’ll roger for the rest of the crew to be on standby, the have detected advancements in central city,” Hinata said.

“Roger that,” Itachi nodded.


KHA was newly formed, not even a year old and Itachi was in charge of unit Front, the first defence whenever something monstrous and unknown attacked Konoha. The military was not equipped with fighting monster as they were only normal humans without chakras flowing inside their bodies. They can shoot a monster to death but with this Zorga situation, Itachi had asked that the army be on standby instead of attacking the monster.

The monster was alone and had not exactly shot anyone or blown anything up. KHA’s method was investigate first before defence and attack. Right now it was using attack as an investigation method and still the monster was unperturbed.

The KHA was unanimously created after the Battle Of Monsters. It was a pre-emptive plan as a precaution against monsters attacks. Konoha had contained most of its previous monster’s attack because it had an informal Heroes Association formed by the Hyuga, Inuzuka and the few Jinchuurikis - wielder of chakra beasts, protecting it security. None of the attacks ever made into the news as they did not happen in public, the evidence quickly hidden from view and any whispers quickly hushed. But as Itachi became a member of KHA and old legends no more whispers, the KHA decided to make itself official - along with threats of more monsters.


Sonic was in full battle gear, she had her katana strapped onto her back, kunais strapped to her waist and blades strapped onto each of her thigh. She sighed as she readied herself for facing the mysterious threat. She stepped down onto the ground and jogged to the shelter which was not more than a hundred metres away hidden beneath some boulders.

She followed the movements of some twenty people running into the shelter and recognised  that some of them lived in the same block of her apartment. Though Sonic did not give a damn about getting to know her neighbours closely by name, occupation, similar interests and everything, she took note of those who lived in her proximity. It was all for security reasons, she had claimed in her mind.

Ever since the Battle of Monsters, everything changed for Sonic, from living like a hermit Sonic was now having neighbours. There running in front of her, was an auburn haired woman who had two daughters but no present partner, she lived two floors above Sonic. Currently the woman was carrying one daughter while pulling the other alongside her into the shelter. Another neighbour was a middle aged man who lived a floor up from Sonic, he was helping another elderly lady to walk uphill amongst the uneven grounds.

Sonic looked at the scenario, everything looked in order as people began helping others to enter the shelter and not running haphazardly everywhere. She decided that she had other better things to do than watch her neighbours, and so with sure feet she ran towards the city.

The area where Sonic and Genos resided was a government housing project. Their unit was sponsored by Konoha Hero Association for a year until they decide to stay here for another year or leave. Sonic bet her katana on the latter,  they wouldn't stay at one place for long, at least Genos would not. She was aware that Battle of Monsters had sent other countries and cities into a standby mode. Most of the cities and countries not far from the location of Battle of Monsters had formed their Hero Association and Genos was a household name by now. While Sonic preferred to remain in the shadows, Genos’ and the other heroes had continued to be the talk of town. Genos would certainly be called by other cities even before their year at Konoha was over, and the blond haired cyborg would leave Konoha to help others. Sonic hoped she could be there beside Genos.

Now that thought surprised even herself, she was thinking unconsciously about staying beside Genos in the future. She was not sure if Genos would actually ask her to come along. Would they continue their little business operating as partners doing security details in another city or country? There was also the matter of Genos’ best friend, Saitama. When Saitama returns from his mission, would Genos go live with him and continue to protect other cities? Sonic was not sure when it came to that.

As she ran and thoughts flew in her head, she saw in the sky, little blue balls flying in the air. She reached the central city, the urban area nearest to her residence and saw a number of humans in various clothings standing in a deserted road. Cars and busses were parked haphazardly by the roadside with none of the citizens nearby. He saw the man who had ogled her at the Uchiha company, where she had been to last week and he turned to look at her.

“You are here too? Now let’s kick some ass,” he said, His black eyes bled into red and he did a few hand signals before blowing fire at the blue balls. The blue balls were fire proof and was not damaged at all.

Then another man with a bandanna on his head leapt forward and shot little things from his mouth and hands to the balls, another man tried gunning down them while a woman blue ice at it, but the balls were not affected. Some changed it’s direct trajectory towards them and came flying from a different angle. A few of the humans attacked the blue balls with all matters of defence, fire, ice and even tried to blew it away, but they still came at different speeds but still determinedly towards them despite being bombarded by attacks.

Sonic looked carefully at the coming blue balls and saw that there were creatures inside it. Someone amongst them launched himself into the air and came close with a blue ball, he sliced the ball open with a large katana and surprisingly it cracked open, but the creature inside it shrieked and let out streams of fire before it was being quickly shot down by a stream of fire from another human.

Out of nowhere, a young woman with long dark hair puffed out amongst the defending humans and she grabbed one of the human’s arm. The person she grabbed had white hair and a mask over his face. The white haired person looked at the young woman and Sonic’s was intrigued at what she had came to deliver.

“The balls, they are all made from chakras, the blue ball will only crack with attacks using chakra. Attack with all the chakra you can spare,” she warned.

“Thanks Hinata’” the white haired guy said. “Everyone, you heard her, use everything. Hinata notify back ups.”

“Right,” she looked at everyone and nodded. Then her eyes fell on Sonic and the veins around her eyes bulged. After a two seconds stare she spoke to Sonic, “You have no chakra, you can’t be here with them as you have no chance fighting against them like this. Come with me.”

Before Sonic could answer the girl, she grabbed Sonic’s wrist and everything became blurry. Sonic instinctively closed her eyes and felt something tugging at her belly and she was swooped into blinding white. She then felt like she was vibrating or moving in air and her feet were not touching ground and her hair was moving against wind. It felt like floating as her feet felt like it was brushing against wind. The feeling of being pulled around her belly continued until her feet touched ground again and the pull around her belly disappeared. The white light which she could feel despite closed eyes dimmed and she dared to open her eyes.

The first thing she saw was the hand on her wrist, and then the hand released her wrist. She looked up and saw the sympathetic lavender eyes. She checked their surroundings and found herself in a white room with a few machines in front of her. There were people in lab coats moving hurriedly around completely ignoring them,

“I’m sorry about that, my name is Hinata. This is KHA headquarters and I took you here because you are not equipped to fight the monster.”

Sonic pushed the urge to curse the girl aside. Who was she to gauge Sonic’s ability. She had came with her weapons and hunger for actions, but this girl plainly told her that she was not fit for battlefield. Instead of acting angry or annoyed she kept her demeanour cool and civilly asked the girl, “I can help, just get me back out there.”

“You don’t have any chakra. So I brought you here to get some chakras equipped into your weapons first. Normal weapons are useless,” Hinata explained,

“i prefer to use my own,” Sonic said as she grabbed her katana from its strap and unsheathed it.


Sonic turned around at the mention of her name in surprised tone. There in Konoha, was Mumen Rider not far from them. Knowing that there was no time to ask him why he was here, or when he arrived and more questions, Sonic just grabbed him in a quick hug and asked, “Charging your weapons?”

“Yes, and you look good,”

“I’ll feel better when the pests are destroyed,” Sonic retorted with a smirk on her face.

“I’m done, I’m going to pop back at the edge of the city, with the back ups. See you around Sonic,” Mumen grabbed a pair of guns from a white clothed person and placed them on holsters strapped to his body. Sonic wondered at the thought of gun totting Mumen Rider. Some people did change after the battle of monsters and not just her.

“Yeah,” she said. Turning around to Hinata while Mumen Rider disappeared from the room, Sonic asked the girl, “Now what do i do here?”

“We will charge your weapons with chakra, it will be done in minutes. Then we can kick their asses,” Hinata said with a smile.

“Sure,” Sonic replied. She did not what chakra was, maybe she had heard of it from Genos a while ago. But Sonic being Sonic would usually zone off when Genos started talking about hero and stuff, she sighed and made a mental note to start listening to Genos’ rants carefully after this. Sonic began putting her weapons on the table and her thoughts quickly focused to the kinds of attack capable of destroying flying objects. She did not realize her thirst for battle was still there underneath it all.





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