Nanowrimo 2016 : Fire Chapter 18

Genos powered up his rockets and flew above the running civilians to get a better look at the situation as they headed to the shelter. It had taken them almost an hour to reach the shelter. He scanned the area for stragglers and found no sign of movements, only then did he flew down and entered the shelter. Almost everyone was heaped onto the floor in tears and sweat, frightened and unsure.

The blond cyborg had herded the panicked citizens into the shelter in quite a disorder. But luckily they had stopped and listened to him. The escape could have been done in only half an hour if the civilians were better organized at dealing with an emergency situation. Genos could hear the emergency alarms blaring outside. He mentally sighed realizing that Konoha was in a bad situation when it came to monster attacks. Although It had a good track record when dealing with superhuman attacks but when it came to getting to the shelter in time, it was a failure. Still, this was not a time to lecture them he had a larger issue to pursue.

Genos stood before an exhausted crowd. Babies were crying, some were shouting for space for their women and children, while some were comforting each other. But a small number of the shelter’s inhabitants did not look as scared as the other half, these were the ones comforting the adults to stay calm and remember all their emergency drill.

“We are all scared, this never happened before!” cried a man.

Genos looked at him sympathetically but he could not do more, he was here to help them escape and be out of danger. He wanted to leave them in capable hands and he looked at the few calm ones and used his magnified clear voice to direct them.

“Help is on the way, if anyone is hurt from escaping please come forward. The medics will arrive soon to disseminate supplies and take care of the wounds.”

“I can assist in that,” a woman a few feet away said. The woman wore a dirtied lab coat but quickly took it off and ran to the front of the mass. “I am Dr.Shizune from Konoha Specialist, and here’s my proof.” She handed him her ID.

Genos scanned it and connected himself to the city's emergency database. She was indeed in it. After he was satisfied with her credibilities he told her, “Take care of them, Help will be here.” She gave him a firm nod and watched him exit the shelter.

Genos locked the shelter’s main door and activated the protective shield made out of chakra. He gave the shelter a last look before heading to central city to face the monster.


Sonic looked around the testing room, there were several other normal looking people testing their chakra powered weapons too. She noted the handgun, an axe, a katana and a crossbow. She was not sure if they were with the Konoha Hero Association or not. They were standing along a line with a few moving target metres away in front of them, all were made from chakra to mimic the monster. Sonic was separated from the other individuals by see through glass panes. It was like a shooting range only that they were using weapons against chakra targets.

Sonic shouted a battle cry as she threw three kunais towards the chakra bubbles and they burst instantly. Then she did a quick fanciful reach for her katana which was tied to her back and ran forward to slice the bubbles. She did some fancy movements in chasing and slicing the less than ten chakra bubbles before bursting the last one with a simple wind blade kick.

“That is good, if you are ready then we can head back to the field,” a voice opined from behind.

Sonic picked up her kunais from the floor and turned around to the voice. The lavender eyed Hyuuga was standing behind Sonic and Sonic wondered how long had the girl been watching her.

Sonic then remembered to ask about that one person who had been occupying her mind, “Have you seen Genos?”

“He’s getting civilians out of the way, you want to to join his fight?”

“If there’s enough men there I’ll join another side,” Sonic said as she sheathed her kunais and the katana.

“Ok then. Thanks for joining us. The mayor have declared war since the monster, or something connected to it had taken 25 people and hid them somewhere. Permission have been granted to use all our best men and efforts to save them.”

Instantly Sonic’s defensive button was pressed. “I’m just a civilian, but…” she was immediately reminded that Genos would want her to do this. Hell, she’d do anything to pay back Genos after Genos saved her back at the Battle Of Monsters. What Genos wanted was to help Konoha, and help Konoha was what Sonic would do.

Hinata then opened the door separating the testing room with the lab and Sonic was quick to follow.

Hinata waited for Sonic to start walking before she joined in steps and started talking, “I have been briefed about your background by Genos-kun when he came here a month ago. I found it awesome that you are proficient in the katana art… I mean we all need to fight now. It’s us against the monster.”

Sonic thought she saw the really fair girl blush a little. So she immediately downplayed her own skills, “With enough practice you can do it too.” Though Sonic was unsure what the girl could actually do, but as she was a Hero she could definitely wield the katana if she had enough patience to master it. Sonic was a quick learner when it came to battle tactics though she would usually lag behind the first few times because from lack of practice. But this was war and Sonic liked a good fight and she wished the monster would give her a good fight, it had been a long time since she had a good fight.

“We have made sure that the chakra on your weapons will last for at least an hour before needing recharge. Our sources said that the chakra balls will only break open if enough chakra attacks are used on it,” HInata said.
“Are the monsters themselves chakra proof or not?” Sonic asked. She really needed all the information now, intelligence is important here. Unlike during the Battle of Monsters where Sonic just came in and fight her own battle without working with the Hero which caused her early demise, this was someone else’s town and she respected that. Sonic had changed so far from her former rogue ninja self that she even surprised herself.

“We have no information on that, our heroes are still trying to crack the chakra bubbles.”

“Then I’ll take care of that too,” Sonic said with a nod at Hinata.

Hinata took hold of Sonic’s wrist and they stood in a corner of the lab before she made hand signs and they reentered a blinding whiteness. Sonic felt a pull around her belly area and her feet being jerked from the solid floor.


Sonic and Hinata arrived not far from where Sonic was taken earlier. There were smears of blood and flesh on the ground and Sonic quickly averted her eyes away from the scene.

“What do we do?”

“Attack the blue balls with your chakra like you did back at the training room. I’ll be at your side attacking and raiding, I can see the flow of the chakra with my Byakugan - my eyes,” Hinata said as the veins around her eyes bulged and she looked at the clue balls of monsters. “These are far smaller than the one in South City. Now come on let’s go.”

Sonic turned to the looming monsters and smirked. She and Hinata ran forward as a monster noticed tham and started advancing too.

Sonic aimed a wind blade kick at it but the monster swerved and almost crashed into Hinata who ducked in time. The flying ball shook as the monster in it fired a rain of chakra senbon on Sonic and Hinata. Sonic used her speed and katana to evade the senbon while Hinata pushed the senbon away with chakra while evading the ones she couldn’t push away. A senbon almost hit her foot but Sonic moved in time to swat it away with her katana.

“Nice save. Now you attack and I’ll find an opening,” Hinata yelled.

Sonic smirked and aimed five kunais at it and when it launched kicking one, two, three, four and five kunai in lightning speed at the ball. Each of her chakra enhanced kunai reached the ball and cracked it above, middle and under the surface of the ball. Less than a second all the kunais hit the monster’s chakra ball and made holes in it, Sonic broke the ball with her chakra katana. The monster tried swerving away but Hinata jumped ahead and shielded herself with chakra and reached into the broken layer. She touched the monster’s chakra point and the monster howled. The blue ball disappeared abruptly and the monster fell to the ground. Both woman were surprised but they did not stop and Sonic aimed her katana at the monster’s neck, aiming for it’s artery.

“Give up humansss,” it hissed though it was in the losing side.

“Tell us where you took the humans,” Hinata demanded. She stood with arms in defence ready to hit another chakra pressure point.

“Never,” the monster hissed as it tried to get up and reach for Hinata.

Sonic quickly moved the katana closer with its blade only millimetres away from the skin of the monster's neck. “Tell her, or i will slice you apart.

“We are easily replaceable, we won’t break what our masters need. More will come for you,” it gurgled like it was laughing at them.

“In that case, say goodbye,” Sonic said and she sliced the neck of the monster open. As soon as the neck was cut open, no blood came out only slimy innards. The monster went limp when Sonic’s katana decapitated the neck.

“That’s weird,” Hinata huffed. She peered at the carcass with her Byakugan and trailed something Sonic could not see starting from the monster and then towards the ground.

“Can you see that?” Hinata asked Sonic without looking at SOnic but at the other direction.

“No, what?” Sonic asked confused. She wiped the slimy edge of her katana on her body suit, but the slime seemed to evaporated and she eyed her katana curiously.

“I can see chakra flowing back into the earth. We better kill another one to see whether my theory is right,” Hinata looked at Sonic with her Byakugan gradually deactivated.

“What theory?”

“That these are just distractions, there’s something else here. We better find the real deal and ge to where 25 people are. Let’s join the others.”

Sonic nodded and ran alongside Hinata to join the other who were defeating with the monsters in a similar way.


Sasuke woke up with a heavy head but he was sitting on his bed, in his room back at the Uchiha residence, but with a blonde haired woman sitting by his side. He eyed the woman and noticed that she was dressed in a pyjama top without pants, and Sasuke looked at himself and noticed that he was shirtless.

“What the?” he yelled when he noticed his shirtless state. He got up from the bed, scrambling away from the woman like she was a plague. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I think I was supposed to be your girlfriend,” she said handing him a picture frame.

He did not take it, but it was an enormous frame with a selfie of him and blonde woman, it looked like her, squished together. He had his arm around her waist and they were laughing.

“My fangirls force me for a selfie all the time, that does not mean you are my girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend…. Yet!” He emphasized the yet seeing that he was supposed to find himself a girlfriend anyway, soon to be his wife.

“How about this?” She said this time putting the frame away and handing him a phone with their kissing picture in it.

“No, that can’t be… and why are you here, did I drag you here drunk yesterday?” Sasuke asked her.

“No, I can’t remember yet why I am here myself… or why I am with a bastard like you,” she said voice trailing as she looked at him and then at their surroundings. She looked at herself and sighed. “I can’t remember even going to a club, this is definitely weird.”

The woman stared back at Sasuke and frowned. “Wait, weren’t we at the Uchiha building, did you knock me out and drag me here. Revenge for…. for making your clothes wet?” She said and walked towards him. Luckily the pyjama top was big for her that she did not need to cover her legs from him. The pyjama fell to her knees.

“No, no that’s not true, I don’t bring girls home ever. Only one time! And she insisted on it, wait what’s your name?” Sasuke asked as he inched away from the woman.

“Naruko Uzumaki, you are?”

“Sasuke Uchiha,” he said looking at her and then at tried to reach for her. The first time he reached for her she seemed to be away from his touch.

“This dream feels weird, I don’t what’s happening but we better get out.”

Naruko tried to touch Sasuke’s hand but she too couldn’t reach for him. She gave up and said, “Now, that’s like a game of Virtual Reality, only that this game sucks.

“I don’t want to be stuck here with you either,” Sasuke was quick to retort.

“Whatever, don’t be childish Uchiha. We need to get out. The last thing I remember was being knocked down.

“I don’t remember a thing from before. Only that I was supposed to be somewhere,” Sasuke said as he turned away and went to open a sliding door.

“What are you doing?” Naruko asked.

“Even if this was a dream, I don’t want to go around naked. Here take these, the only things which will fit you anyway.”

“No, I’ll change my own clothes,” Naruko said as she closed her eyes and her pyjama top changed into a pair of long sleeved shirt and jogger pants.

“Woah? What?” Sasuke jumped back and the clothes in his head fell to the floor.

“I have been asking myself since I woke up, it’s really like a real virtual game. When I asked myself who you were, the picture frame appeared on the bed. I was scared at first and i shook you but you did not wake up at all. I thought about going out but the door won’t open. I tried imagining myself being somewhere else but when I opened my eyes I was still here. Then I imagined myself wearing jeans and shirt and this happened, but that’s all. I couldn’t get out and I couldn’t have a gun appear or anything else. I sat there waiting for you to wake up. This all does not seem real but you did though you looked dead. I couldn’t cry because this was too weird to cry over…”

“So what do we do?” he asked. She was taking this better than him and that made him want to be in more control of his actions.

“Explore? Maybe with you awake I can, I mean we can go outside. At least see what this world is about? Something tells me we are supposed to stay together no matter what.”

Sasuke looked at his room and noticed that the decoration was the one he had seen before he moved out. “Wait, my mom told me that my room is now painted gray when it’s blue before. I haven’t seen it but …” his eyes bulged as the paint of the room turned grey.

“Dammit, you are right, this is a twisted virtual reality something, we better get out,” Sasuke half shrieked and dragged Naruko out of his room and downstairs and into the kitchen. Maybe his mother is in this dream, VR, whatever, but she was nowhere to be seen. So they headed towards the kitchen door and surprisingly they were out.

The world outside changed a shade clearer when Sasuke laid his eyes on it. “What the hell? Did you see that?” He looked at Naruko.

“Yes, this world is changing when you woke up. It was a boring shade of blue before.”

Sasuke looked at naruko and noticed his hand still on her hand, from where he had dragged her downstairs. He let go of his hand and stepped away.

“I think before we explore, you might want to change into more outdoor appropriate clothes? Not that I don’t enjoy seeing your emm.. Body.”

Sasuke huffed and turned around, he eyed his body and sighed when he noticed that he was still only wearing the pyjama pant. He closed his eyes and imagined hard that he was dressed in a sleeveless jersey and shorts for now. He opened his eyes and found himself wearing his sports clothes he had back in Uni, but they looked brand new.

“Ok, let’s go,” Naruko said and stepped past Sasuke.

Sasuke looked at the sepia tinged world and decided that it looked too orangey for his eyes and imagined the type of colours near to reality and the scene before him adjusted to a more white balance correct setting. He looked at a white car and saw that it looked white and he nodded. Weird that this world is, at least he could not remember how he got here. He hoped it wasn’t something sinister. Sasuke turned to Naruko and saw that she was already meters away and so he quickly jogged to catch up with her.


The blinding white tree stood in the middle of the clearance hundred metres underground. It’s roots spread out in many directions holding 25 unconscious human inside it. It praised to its mother already on her way to this dimension. It made the humans imagine happiness, things that they could not reach in their reality, injecting into them false ideas and everything they wanted deep down inside. It held them in the rolls of it’s roots and sucked the chakra out of them. These chakra would help its mother reach here sooner and began their mass plan to conquer earth, beginning with Konoha.

One tight roll of root shielded Sasuke from the world, feeding his head lies, making him forget where he was. It tried to make him happy but somehow it failed, the tree knew this and found something inside the body of this Uchiha which was unlike the others. It would gift this one to mother, and mother would be very happy it thought. The other girl beside him, the one with yellow hair, it too contained something which he knew mother would destroy. But this body had immense chakra and so it cannot simply kill it. It will encase the both of them and when the chakra would be enough it will ask mother how to deal with them.

Bound in evil organic, in earth, far from their reality, clueless in their make believe world. It pumped the both of them with more hallucinogen but they seem mildly unaffected by it. They could destroy it but it was braver than mother thought, it was not foolish but it was biding for time.

We are keeping them for you mother. The yellow has fox in it, tamed from being blind for twenty plus years, and the boy had the chakra which was borne into it from mother. It was almost like mother’s child, but it won’t love mother.. Like how much we love mother.

The creature continued on and after it was strong enough it will send another. More chakra and mother will be happier.


To be continued





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