Nanowrimo 2016 : Fire Chapter 19

Naruko couldn’t remember what happened before she awoke on Sasuke’s bed, just that there was a sense of normalness, some kind of feeling settled about waking up to someone good looking, like she belonged there beside him. Then she noticed her clothes which was someone else’s pyjamas top and wished that she could wear something proper and imagined maybe some jeans or shirt and then suddenly her clothes changed and she was wearing the clothing she had imagined.

In her surprised state she had tried opening the door but couldn’t go out. She tried calling and shaking the young man beside her awake but he was not even awake. After an hour of mingling around the bedroom not knowing what to do, and unsure what she was doing she lay back on her original side of the bed and looked at the man’s face lying beside her. She soon fell asleep until she woke again and this time a picture of him and her in a frame appeared on the table by the bed. She wished again to wear something else and her clothes changed into a long sleeved shirt and short pants this time. Next she tried getting out but the door and even windows were closed and couldn’t be opened. Second time she shook the man to wake but he lay deep in slumber. She felt angry but the bubbling anger did not rise and suddenly a thought entered her mind, what if she wait until the man wake. So she lay beside him again and looked at his pale face again and was soon asleep.

Third time she woke she could only remember her first two attempts at escaping the room and then she remembered the photo and took the frame from the table. This time there was a phone next to it and she wasted no time to look at the contact numbers in it but discovered that there was no one on it except a contact named Sasu-chan in it. She tried dialling it and another phone rang a phone which was placed just beside the man on the bed. She browsed the pictures in the phone and mostly there were pictures of him and look alikes of him, probably his parents she thought. Then there were tonnes of selfies, the trend of the day. He was mostly scowling in pictures and rarely smiled, Naruko just felt like there was a deep connection between him and her though she was unsure how long they had been a couple or married or something. Then he woke up and freaked out.

Naruko always the logic one when it came to freaked out people had told him that she was unsure of what their situation but soon persuaded him to exit the room. What happened next was what she had guessed, he was her key to navigating this dreamlike world.


Sasuke followed Naruko out into the yard and she was standing in the middle of his driveway with her hands on her hips. Her hair was in a bun this time, he wondered whether she imagined that or had actually tied it herself.

“I don’t remember agreeing to play this weird game,” Sasuke said as stopped a few steps behind Naruko. His memory was still hazy he could not recall what happened to cause him to be here. He did not remember meeting the blonde woman for more than ten minutes before this. All he knew that he was weirded out by this situation.

“Do you even remember anything? I don’t.” she said. Then she merely glanced at him before stepping back and standing alongside him.

“I say we just play along and see where we end up. There must be someone around here too who is in a similar situation,” she said walking ahead of him towards a house nearest to the house they had woken up in. “Let’s go there, that house looked familiar enough.”

Sasuke swept his eyes across the street. The streets looked like the street outside his childhood’s house. The road was empty since there were no children living around, the kids were mostly his age and would move out by now. Long ago where little bicycles and skateboards litter the lawn now there were cars on the houses. Some had came back to live with their parents and bought cars. Some parents had even moved out to live in farms away from the cities and now their houses inhabited by the children.

“What should we do if we meet anyone?” Sasuke asked.

“I don’t know maybe pretend like we lost our keys and couldn’t get in the house so we need to stay at their house for awhile before your parents come home or something?” Naruko herself was unsure. She was just guessing too. Everything in here looked and felt familiar but Sasuke was acting like this world was weird though he had admitted that this was his parent’s house.

“See how they react? I am not even sure if my neighbours are still the same people. I haven’t visited any of them since i moved out.”

Naruko glanced back at him and said, “It would not matter because this world is weird and so everyone else will be weird too, we still need to see how it goes.”

Sasuke grumbled and followed Naruko to his neighbour's door and let the blonde woman knock on the door. The door was promptly opened by a woman in her early twenties who saw Sasuke and instantly swooped out and hugged him.

“Sasuke-kun, you came to see me?” she squeezed him until he could not breathe and Naruko had to introduce herself so the woman would let go.

“Hi, I am Naruko we came home this morning totally forgetting to bring our keys and the peeps aren’t at home.”

“Oh hi Naruko, I have heard about you..” the blonde woman smiled and eyed Sasuke but quickly retreated into her house. “Hey come on in, you can stay here while Mikoto comes home. I think she went to the market.”

Sasuke frowned at that statement, as his mother never went to the market these days. She usually had her groceries ordered online or it was Itachi who did the shopping since he lived not far away from their home. Naruko also entered the home but did not notice his frown.

“Sasuke-kun don't be awkward though it’s been years since you came here just sit over there where the sofa have always been. Don’t play the coy game with me, we knew each other since we were in diapers. I am heading to the kitchen for some drinks, watch the tv if you want.” The woman pointed at a remote and her television before heading to her kitchen.

Naruko walked to the sofa and then sat down before she was joined by Sasuke. She lowered her face and whispered, “You know her?”

“She’s a childhood friend but I stopped coming here ever since I discovered that she had been stalking me from her room everyday. She’s creepy. So what do we do?”

“Wait for your dream mom to come home?” Naruko suggested.

Naruko looked up to see if the blonde woman was out from the kitchen and then said, “We’ll see if she appeared normal to you and if she do we will test to see if she is a human like us.”

The blonde woman then returned and handed them opened cans of cold drinks. “It’s going to be hot when approaching noon, what time did you return? I did not hear your car coming?”

“Oh, we walked here as our friend dropped us by the other road. My car’s down.”

The blonde woman sat on the edge of the hand rest on Sasuke’s side and massaged his shoulder, “You should have called me. I haven’t changed my number since school, I could have fetch you. You still driving Itachi’s car right? That old junk, aren’t you working at Uchiha Works?”

Sasuke was feeling very uncomfortable being massaged by her and suddenly tried a tactic to escape her hands. “Yeah, this is Naruko my girlfriend. Thought I’d bring my girlfriend for a spin didn’t know we would end up walking,” Sasuke smiled anxiously at the woman as she took her hands away from his back.

Naruko almost dropped her drink down onto the carpet but steadied herself when their host addressed her.

“Oh, Naruko right? Sas’s mom had been telling me all about you. Hi I am Ino Yamanaka, nice to meet you,” the blonde woman waved at Naruko. Naruko waved back and then gave a warm smile at Sasuke who stretched his hand onto the air and moved inches away from Ino.

“Nice to meet you too, but I don’t drink ice. Can you bring me something at room temperature I would appreciate it,” Naruko said grinning hopefully at Ino.

“Sure anything for the fiancee of my friend,” Ino said grabbing for Naruko’s can of drink and going away to the kitchen.

This time it was Sasuke’s turn to almost spill his drink onto the carpet.

“So?” Naruko whispered to Sasuke as soon as she was sure Ino was away.

“I didn’t want her to continue touching me?”

“Keep asking her things then, ask her where your father is or something?”

Sasuke paused and thought. So far when he had played along with the situation the people in this dream had acted accordingly. They needed to meet his mother and other people too to see how this dream will turn out.

“Ok, I will play this game so you better watch out too,” he said solemnly.

“You’re my fiancee? Hmmm. I must be drunk when I accepted your proposal.”

Sasuke was soon on his feet and was trying towering Naruko, “you think I can’t be a decent fiancee?”

“Whatever, you were so freaked out when you saw me earlier.”

Sasuke sighed and sat down, it was true that he was bad at reacting, He did not find it funny or comforting at all to see her earlier.

“I’ll try to be more convincing.”

Naruko nodded as Ino returned to them with an excited face.


Back in reality at the field.

Sonic had been doing great with defending herself with Hinata’s cooperation. But soon her weapons exhausted its chakra energy and Hinata had to transport them back to the laboratory. Hinata had left for a while to brief her superior and left sonic at the lab.

Sonic was panting and taking time to breathe while the chakra were being fused into her weapons. She had nicks and scratches but no serious injury so far. She could hold for days if they were able to be transported to and fro from the field like this. Then Hinata returned and stood beside her.

“They seem to adding up by the hour, I want to kill them all,” Sonic said to her with eyes on her weapons.

“We will eventually. I received information from the other parties that the blue balls were multiplying, they had it worse than us.”

“What? When was this?” Sonic turned to Hinata.

“Just now. It looked like they were stronger than before my brother said. But we don’t have casualties so far and that is a better news.”

“Blue balls of chakra? How is their army getting all these chakra balls? There must be some kind of a nest or mothership.”

Hinata frowned and said, “My superiors said the same things but we couldn’t detect any huge power sources but our civilians have been missing around fifty of them. A team is still searching for them.”

Sonic frowned too. “Well let’s finish our side and see what we get.”

“Hmm,” Hinata said.

Sonic was not really knowledgeable when it comes to monsters and cush. She was clueless about chakra, but she does know that energy has to come from a mother source and she wondered where the mother source was. Were they the only country being attacked, or was this an isolated incident. She knew Genos would analyze this and wished she could be beside him to watch him in action. That thought made her insides squirm and she now really wishes she get to see Genos soon and see how he was coping.


I called this fic a trash, shitty, but I can’t do that anymore. That’s degrading my fellow followers and favourites. I’ll finish this on a high note since it started slow and no romance as yet even at 18 chaps. This might take 10 chapters to finish but I’ll get there.





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