Cosmart 2018 : a short visit tho

I think I skipped posting about the day I went to TAGCC 2018 at Midvalley Megamall, well I'll post that one later. Anyway, hello people. I am a casual cosplayer starting from 2017 when I went to a UiTM Japan Language Society event as Konan from Akatsuki, of the animanga Naruto. Now I go to cons as a casual Survey Corps cosplayer.

I had a blast at Cosmart 2018, even though I was only there for an hour and a half. The event was a mini version of Comic Fiesta, which will happen in Dec this year. At the event there were the usual merchandise booths but things were pricey, so I thought it was meh, but then to my surprise there were also cosplayers and crafters selling off their unused stuff on the upper floor. So I bought a preloved pink wig. some cotton cloth remnants and a usually RM3.50 ribbon for RM1. I need ribbon like I need to breathe :P hoarder much. Anyway, on Sunday morning I asked about the event from a fellow cosplayer and after he told me that it was free, I quickly planned to visit it. It was nearby, but I still spent about an hour on the road since the town where the event happened was packed as heck.  

Dedicate your heart, Shinzo wo Sasageyo!
Me in incomplete Survey Corps cosplay!

I haven’t the time to make the sash and 3DMG straps. Hope that I’ll get to do it around November, so it's just the white jeans, jacket and cloak. Will try better next time. Maybe I'll  come as a hijab Hange or hijab Levi with cravat ok. On my way there I saw a survey corps cosplayer while i was rushing but didn’t see them afterwards. Still, I get to meet some online cosplay peeps.

Some of the cosplayers I met at the event.
Some i friended on instagram and talked to for a bit.

 Bring along your camera, smile and ask for permission to snap pictures.
And if they say yes, be on your merry way.

Wings what?
Wings of freedom.

ps: i always have crushes on kakashi hatake cosplayers. 

Hello I did absolutely less art but i did these during my blog hiatus.

This one was after SNK manga chapter 108 came out.

Will she open her eyes?
Will she answer my questions?
But will the answers lighten our burden?
Will we lay to rest with peace in our hearts?
Questions and questions, they never ceased.


Did this happier piece for #snkpositivityweek. It's modern AU Mikasa and Sasha.

While Sasha ogles at her Murtabak, Mikasa always makes it her business to tease Sasha about her foodgasms. In an AUverse Sasha’s food craze brings smiles to an otherwise usually stern looking Mikasa. I love stern Mika and silly Sasha combo.

Random questions about SNK

1. What are your top five Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack On Titan characters?

Hange, Levi, Nifa, Jean and Connie. But I like drawing Annie though I’m neutral towards her character.

2. Top ships and rarepairs?

Levihan, erejean, eremika, springles, mobuhan and zevi haha.

3. Which character would you like to date? 

Hange, on a picnic by a lake, and I wanna ask them about sciencey stuff.

4. Which SNK moment in manga, anime, film is /are your favourite?
  • Anything with Hange in it!
  • The Attack Titan experiment
  • Historia badass awakening moment against her daddy + humanity + life and herself, inside that shiny cave. She’s such a brave character when she finally realized her abilities. No fucks were given onwards.

5. Who do you think will be a brilliant commander after Commander Hange?

Jean, he is thoughtful, brave and he’s nimble. He’s also rational in a serious situation when he didn’t throw Gabi and Falco off the zeppelin after Sasha was shot, and on the verge of death.
6. What are your favourite tangible / non tangible items from SNK?
  • Hange’s goggles and glasses
  • Levi’s resting bitch face and his loyalty towards Erwin/Survey Corps
  • ackerbond
  • the SNK capes/cloaks and the 3DMG
  • and SC’s salute and motto - for humanity!

7. How have SNK affected your real life?

It makes me want to draw more fanart and write more fics, and both things greatly enhanced my drawing and writing skill. Still a wannabe artist though :D haha. Also I got to interact with fanpeople from all walks of life, age and countries. So awesome.

8. If you could say or do something to one of the SNK characters what would it be?
Ask Levi to smile for the camera and also whether him and Hange ever gonna kiss. I might receive a kick though, still worth it.

9. Favourite quote?
“Ever since I joined the survey corps, I’ve had people dying on me everyday. But… you understand, don’t you? One day or another, everyone you care about eventually dies. It’s something we simply can’t accept. It’s a realization that could drive you insane… It’s painful… so painful… I get it. And still… we must keep moving forward.” 
- Commander Hange Zoe 

10. Your favourite SNK fanart / discourse / fanfictions / edits?
  • Fanarts by @drinkyourfuckingmilk
  • All levihan tumblrs I follow here. and erejean fanfictions on AO3.
  • And all my crappy fanarts and fanfictions regarding levihan, love thyself first haha.
  • And anything about SNK is my game though I mostly reblog hanjo thingies and leviham.

This was fun to do. I tagged my fellow mutuals and followers on Tumblr and received a few responses and they were interesting to read.

Eren Jaeger with man bun

Wow I didn't realize that I didn't post in May at all. Looks like I have to post more often to ensure that I don't feel like deleting this blog on a whim. Anyway here are some fanarts I did in conjunction with shingeki no kyojin / attack on titan manga chapter 106.

I drew these today and I wonder if I should draw more of topless men in hair bun, hahahaha. Anyway see ya all later with more meaningful posts.

Fanart: Hange Zoe from SNK

She's just so awesome as a character. She is flawed, gentle, knowledgeable, emphatic and so much more. Some people see her as binary but as the creator said, it is up to the audience to see her as a She or They. I see her as a mother figure so a she. Happy labour day you all.

Fanart : Levihan

Fanart of my levihan fanfic. Will post it on wattpad soon.

Finally repaired my vector Hange after a few months.





I adjusted her hair so it’s more poofier like in the manga.

I’m gonna adjust this till I can have time to play with AI again.

With how life goes on I can only update this blog once a week.

Yeap, that's my confession for this post. Anyway look at these tiny shoes. I totally forgot that I made these little shoes two years back (2016). I found the yellow and blue stuck on a photo frame which had my first son’s name in it. I should go back to making crafts I think, they’re so awesome to make. I used some shoe making tutorials in pinterest I think.
It's high time I take out all my crap out and begin making craft things again, and I really need to empty one of my room anyway since my children have grown up. Wish me luck.

Doodles and deleted blogs

I just cleaned up my blog links. It seems that one blog have closed their blog for personal viewing and four others have deleted their blogs. Well, the existing ones have most recent posts averaging from 2012-2014, with a few last updated was 2016/2017. Only my blog in my private circle is consistent with blogging though my content is not the same as it used to be. 

Maybe I'll return to blogging weekly later when I have much more interesting things to tell you about. But right now I only have shitty doodles to show you. Hahah. I laughed differently online now, it used to be hahaha, but now I use lmao mostly. That's from hanging around Tumblr. 

Anyway here's some Levi, Hange and Levihan doodles my otp. Maybe I might spend these few nights working outstations to draw something much more seriouser. 

The last picture I imagine someone wants to take photos of Hange and begin making Hange pose for test shots. Photographer be like, can you stand in a pose for a few minutes. Hange be like ok, and posed. Levi is beside her in his normal clothes because he was washing them to dry and the photoshoot only included Commanders of the military. He is around to lug Hange's other uniforms around during the shoots.

SNK fanart for March

The wind was blowing strong and they already know it was going to be a windy night, but Hange was too excited to think about so many things that right after dinner she rushed to the wall, with Levi in tow. So now they are overlooking the Titan free plains outside Wall Maria as Commander and Captain, and as comrades. Hange’s eyes swept across the golden tinted plains as the evening sky welcomes dusk. Luckily they had not gotten rid of the old cloaks so they were warm for awhile, still Levi hugged his arms to his chest to maintain body heat inside his cloak. .
Hange : So many land to conquer with new ideas. We pursue our goals side by side - agriculture, architecture, maybe a new training field over there? I have so much to propose to them.
Levi : If I may propose Hange, let me wear the cloak into battle. The cloak keeps me warm, it’s damn cold out here.
Hange : Cloak? (Watching Levi side eyed as she adjusted the cold spectacles frame on her dry skinned nose bridge)
Levi : And you better start wearing lotion on your face to moisturise. Your skin is bruised from the friction of the frames against your dry skin. That’s why you’re not comfortable wearing your specs and keep readjusting them.
Hange : Ok captain, I thought it was the new hybrid vege we’re growing which made my skin dry. I have been testing them for lunch today.
Levi : Tchh. Gambling your life on food now? I don’t know about that. But you being out in the wind, it further dries your skin.
Hange : Ok, let’s get back in, it’s getting too windy anyway. Have you any lotion?
Levi : I’ll fetch some from my room and bring to your office, Commander. You are working there tonight as usual? I’ll bring along my knives to sharpen. I haven’t restocked my kerosene oil this week.
Hange Smiles.

So a couple of weeks ago I talked @anshioree into doing an art trade. So here’s mine.
My AU plot is Eren needs a martial art mentor and also a partner for studies in uni, since he has learning disabilities. Mikasa and Armin are heading overseas for uni so Eren is left behind, and they have been busy making preparations for Armin and Mikasa so Eren left his uni preps until the last minute. Armin has already departed for a military university in India, while Mikasa was heading to Tokyo in a fortnight. Befire they left, they asked Hange who was friends with Armin’s grandpa to find people who could help Eren, and to their delight Hange suggested Levi who lives not far from Eren’s campus. Levi is a martial art practitioner, and a boutique owner who used to work as a special education teacher.
So Eren finally meet Levi in the back alley of his Levi’s franchise boutique and they interacted.

Levi with a scary face jokingly poked Eren’s abs to check for signs of muscles, while asking the brat if he has basic experience in martial art. He also asked Eren to bring his documentation regarding his learning difficulties the next time they meet.

In the distance someone was eyeing them suspiciously, not Hange of course. Levi realized that Hange and a distant relative of his, whom he had met at a reunion one time ago were following them. He realized that the other Ackerman must be Eren’s bff or sister and so he decided to toy with Eren just to test their determination in acquiring his assistance. Apart from annoying the frown out of her.

After a few months of Levi assisting Eren in Martial arts and studies, Eren brought Levi and Hange out for a dinner treat. Hange couldn’t make it so it Eren and Levi went out and talked about everything else other than martial art and studies.
These are fanarts for a fanfiction titled">City Comma State

I wanted to capture the feeling of the love, freedom, gentleness, carefree, safe emotions between Levi and Hange in the fic. I’ve been rereading it several times since a few days ago and don’t know when I will actually finish it. It’s so good.

I wanted to capture the gentle touches between them, after the initial euphoria of them finding out that they love each other subsides a little. 

Revisiting 5SOS

Listening to 5SOS performing live (recorded) is therapeutic. I’ve been following them for a year or so and I love their down to earth attitude. I was actually surprised to know that their hit song was released in 2014 and I never knew that. Maybe I was busy with my new son at the time, but well it's never too late to catch up with music.

My favourite songs by 5SOS are Disconnected, Beside You and then every one of their other songs.

Levihan : Reminiscing the past while fitting for the new uniform

So I did an art exchange on Tumblr and this was my contribution for the other person. Next, I have two art exchanges which I hope to do this week. One is Levihan, while the other one, I asked for Hange x Armin as student and sensei. The other person asked for Riren (Levi x Eren) in exchange. I'll probably not do some shipping art since I don't ship Levi with Eren, as I ship him with Hange.

The context is that right after the fitting of their new uniform, Hange gets emotional watching Levi sporting the Wings Of Freedom cloak. So they absconded to a discreet part of the walls, right after confirmation that everything fits and everyone’s ok with their uniforms. They’re venting their hearts out here.
Hange : The cloak looks good on you.
Levi : I know, I’m glad you agreed that I wear it. I need my Commander’s blessings. *Smiles into Hange’s eyes*
Hange : *instantly melted at the smile, omegawd* It’s… It’s a symbol of our freedom… It’s…
Levi : … it’s also so much more than that… Hey did you bathe today? You smell so good.
Hange : Yeah, used some soap i snitched from you utility drawer, is it for me? it’s nicely wrapped. *Waited nervously for Levi’s answer*
Levi : I knew you’d find it there, I didn’t manage to give it to you before I head to the SC road tour with Jean and Sasha. How are you? I missed you for a week.
Hange : Me too, I missed you too. I’m happy…. (With how things are going, and also seeing you here, in that tight ass uniform)
Levi : Me too. (I ordered a custom leather eye patch for you, but I ain’t mentioning it here)
Hange : Erwin will be happy with what we’re doing.
Levi : He better rest in peace knowing we’re doing everything for humanity
Hange : Damn right
They lean deeper into the forehead touch as Hange relaxes against Levi. His touch reassures her, and her presence soothes him.

I'm fangirling over my own drawing. Love love love. I wanna draw this a few more times until it looks perfect.

Fanart Collection

I have been drawing fiercely every day now. At least draw something for ten minutes is enough, I might not draw in a day but I will draw something else tomorrow. And I also started drawing on photoscape, it's the only thing available on my sad slow notebook.

Photoscape Hange Zoe



Naruto fanart

Fem Rokudaime Hokage - Naruto Uzumaki / Namikaze

That's all I got to show. If you have drawings requests just comment downstairs, I'll be happy to oblige if it is within my capacity. Maybe we can do monetary change for a drawing :D. The requests can be free if it is not that complex as I love to experiment. Whatever you have in mind just email me at See you all later.