Cosmart 2018 : a short visit tho

I think I skipped posting about the day I went to TAGCC 2018 at Midvalley Megamall, well I'll post that one later. Anyway, hello people. I am a casual cosplayer starting from 2017 when I went to a UiTM Japan Language Society event as Konan from Akatsuki, of the animanga Naruto. Now I go to cons as a casual Survey Corps cosplayer.

I had a blast at Cosmart 2018, even though I was only there for an hour and a half. The event was a mini version of Comic Fiesta, which will happen in Dec this year. At the event there were the usual merchandise booths but things were pricey, so I thought it was meh, but then to my surprise there were also cosplayers and crafters selling off their unused stuff on the upper floor. So I bought a preloved pink wig. some cotton cloth remnants and a usually RM3.50 ribbon for RM1. I need ribbon like I need to breathe :P hoarder much. Anyway, on Sunday morning I asked about the event from a fellow cosplayer and after he told me that it was free, I quickly planned to visit it. It was nearby, but I still spent about an hour on the road since the town where the event happened was packed as heck.  

Dedicate your heart, Shinzo wo Sasageyo!
Me in incomplete Survey Corps cosplay!

I haven’t the time to make the sash and 3DMG straps. Hope that I’ll get to do it around November, so it's just the white jeans, jacket and cloak. Will try better next time. Maybe I'll  come as a hijab Hange or hijab Levi with cravat ok. On my way there I saw a survey corps cosplayer while i was rushing but didn’t see them afterwards. Still, I get to meet some online cosplay peeps.

Some of the cosplayers I met at the event.
Some i friended on instagram and talked to for a bit.

 Bring along your camera, smile and ask for permission to snap pictures.
And if they say yes, be on your merry way.

Wings what?
Wings of freedom.

ps: i always have crushes on kakashi hatake cosplayers.