Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Face Swap Apps

I installed Face Apps last year and had fun for a whole day switching faces. This one is of me and baby son.

Hahhha. Us again. We were at JPO this time.

Only my son's is unswapped. We were on our way home after attending a relative's birthday celebration.

I have since uninstalled Face Swap because with a 12 gigs space only in my hp, not much apps can be enjoyed at once. Especially if 3 of the apps are for my son's entertainment, when he gets bored with running around.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

No itch scratching... for the moment. Money went to repairing the car and a printer.

I am a loser in certain aspects, like I can't cook more than singgang (have to call my mom first for the recipe each time) and fried food. When I think about my past life I am a loser in many ways too, which in my adult days don't matter much. I was never an athlete except for a few running episodes during my secondary senior years, but that was ok for me.

I got number two in a 4x400 metres relay run.
I got 3rd place in a 800 metres run.
I got 12th in the senior category for a school marathon event.

I consider these events as average because most of my schoolmates are not that athletics. Heheh, school mates don't kill me if you are reading this.

My academic qualifications aren't that awesome either, save for straight As during UPSR and 7As and 1B during PMR, the rest like SPM and my CGPA for diploma are ok ok. They got me qualified as an officer in this government agency.

But when it comes to my child. I am so damn proud of him, even if he can't talk like some talkative almost 3 year olds. He understands me and I understand him, those two elements are enough.

Like this moment as usual he points towards the store and said "Nak Di". I knew he meant kedai. So I took his hands and we went to the shop while his dad heats up the car's engine. But on the way there he fell down and his jeans were torn. He said "tait" which means sakit, and seeing him in pain I asked again. "Nak pergi kedai ke?" He nodded and said something. So we went to the shop to get his dose of bread and chocolate / vitagen.

 I started bottle feeding him at home when he was 2 y 4 months and have regretted it ever since.
Making bottles and washing them are a bitch.

Anyway I am feeling a bit annoyed because people some people kept saying that his progress in talking is slow. Someone even mentioned he should be fed magpie's meat so he'd talk faster. Oh no. His father was a slow talker too, and was fed magpie's meat, of course la cooked kan. But his father didn't talk faster after eating, still his speech development was ok in his adult world. My father was a slow talker too, didn't say anything until he was 4. But he sure talks a lot these days, and my husband too. So now I just shrug these annoyance off.

 Posing for polaroids to give his grandmas.

He is so into Ultraman for a moment there. 

 After tapauing me for a pack of cars. I tapaued his dad for a pricey plastic cup of orange juice.

But receiving them every day is not awesome. But I realize there are a lot more communications going on between me and my son. Of course I can't call and have a proper talk with him when he is away his grandma's, but at least I can convey my love to him everyday in many ways. He knows what to do and say when he wants something or don't want something. So why does he need to know his ABCs as early as tomorrow. I admit that I let him play all the time and only 3 percent of formal learning everyday but he grows so fast and knows things quickly. Which makes me damn proud.

My 2 years and 9 months old soon. Soon he will be a big brother and I think when I don't spend as much time with him like now, when I have to divide my attention on two little people, I think his progress will much faster for my eyes.

Anyway. I actually rather have him as a slow talker now because seeing my instinct says that when he knows more words he will talk non stop like a parrot. So I best take it like now. Oh yeah.

Awesome pic at the end of a day. He doesn't nap anymore. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I want to scratch that itch, but can I?

I have a major itch to buy a sewing machine this week. I have the money but it seems like I will need to pay for something else first rather than splurge all this money on a sewing machine.

Last night I was just a click away from buying a sewing machine from LSN. They have a mahcine under RM500, but it seems like buying a slightly pricier machine from Singer would be better. Why do I greatly need to buy a sewing machine?

1. I need to learn how to sew now.
I am already 32 and I haven't inherited any of my mom's sewing skills at all. Now is the right time, before the second child comes along.

2. I am tired of hand sewing big items.
I remember hand sewing the broken elastic of a blouse. It was before I got married and it felt like a long time ago. It is time I learn how to use a machine.

3. I want to start my creative career now.
I have always been sewing things since I could thread a needle. I used to make my own dolls when I was younger, I even made a drawstring bag for my then boyfriend with KLCC on it. Oh and don't forget the teddy bear with a heavy head I made for him.

3. I just want a sewing machine.
Ok I am a craftaholic and a shopaholic. I want a sewing machine because I can't take my mom's now because they are broken at the moment. My mom has two old portable sewing machines and none are working. The solution is.... buy my own la.

That's all. Thank you.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear MH370

Dear MH370.

You cease to exist in an air of mystery. After 17 days, we finally heard a concrete news about your fate. But that news also awaits further development.

On Monday night as me and the family were dining at a mamak restaurant, some friends on whatsapp said that there will be a press conference (pc) at 10 pm on TV1. We were just about to get up when I caught the pc on RTM Mobile. After sending my Bro In Law home, I asked hubs to race to the office to upload the pc on Facebook so the public can watch it.

The mamak restaurant was showing soccer highlights when the pc aired, so I was sure not many people were aware of it. At 10 pm, with adrenaline pumping I rushed to the office while my husband and son waited in the car.

My heart was beating hard, I felt sad but not as sad as the families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH370. I could only imagine what they felt when they first receive this news. I could only emphatize with them.

I was almost running to my office. The security officer in charge looked at me like i was barging on them like a bull.

As the press conference was short, like less than 4 minutes I was done in 15 minutes. I shared the link on Facebook and with my media social counterparts. After all was settled I went home.

The press conference.

The press conference was short. Maybe the Prime Minister does not want to add more hurt to the families for the moment.

They said they will explain in the next press conference.

Husband drove us home with son watching Ultraman on Youtube. A baby who is oblivious to major national news. This event will be like a fragment of history in his just starting life.

I was thankful to husband for sending me to the office after a long day at work. I told him, I was very thankful that he understands my work and need to things like that.

When we got home, the press conference was blasted on all television channels. So we listened on to the reporter's elaboration this time. Some replayed the pc with Malay language translation as it was read by the Prime Minister in English.

Dear MH370

This morning all the radio stations carried on with the sombre air. My husband said, his friend commented that one radio station seem to air sad songs all morning.

In my heart, I felt a mix of emotions. I feel ok that I can go to work today and get to share news or contents about you that was aired, with people in the social media realm. Some people are more in tune with media social rather than mainstream media.

But..... I also feel sad that your fate is yet to be determined. Your loved ones are in a mix of emotions I guess.

As humans we will never knew when or where we will die. But to disappear into nothingness is a fear which I can never imagine.

Your families need to know where you all are, hope Allah will reveal your location as soon as possible.

My friends have been discussing this event since day one. One being a pilot even shared some knowledge he had about planes and such. Others are speculating based on evidence they think are credible. But in the end I only listen to the authentic media.

Dear MH370

Your mystery has given us humans all kinds of feelings. Most particularly how people act during a world event like this. i hope you will return to us soon. We miss you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flower Crown

So I was browsing for diy projects for the past 3 weeks and noticed flower crowns /   mahkota bunga. Some of the craftsters I found were inspired by Lana Del Ray's floral crown in the Born To Die music video.

Lana Del Ray

I'll show one of my finished flower crown when I make one.

Monday, March 17, 2014

You need more than RM1 now

When I was 4 years old I remember going to my house's grocery shop, which was a stone's throw away, to buy shredded coconut flesh (kelapa parut). A lot of Malay traditional delicacies (kuih) uses coconut flesh so I'd be buying coconuts almost every week back then. I remember one day skipping to the shop happily and suddenly I fell down, and my coins went out of my pocket and fell everywhere. I scoured everywhere for each coin and from that incident I remembered that shredded coconut used to cost 40 cents in 1986.

In 1991, when my sister entered primary school I was 9 years old and she told me her class mate has a RM1 daily allowance. I thought that was a huge amount considering that I was allocated 60 cents at that time. If we total that up, RM22 a month compared to RM13.20 has a huge difference between them. Her father must have earned more than RM1500 I think.

Since then RM1 has not just seen a lot of face lifts in its physical features, its value also continues to decrease. Imagine in 1999 a dad earns RM1000 which includes his over time claims while in 2013 the minimum wage of workers is RM900. Your RM1 today can't even buy a packet of drink. I usually spend RM1.80 to RM4 for my son if he wants something from the shop (usually 7 eleven where I get my monthly magazines). Wow, that rounds up to RM120 a month. If I have 4 children, I'll be spending RM500 on packet drinks and packed breads. Maybe I should start packing them lunch from now on.

Anyway, the last time I paid for something costing RM1 was when I took a bus to a location which can be accessed by foot in 15 minutes. As for food, RM1 can buy me 5 pieces of jemput-jemput, you know the mix of flour-onion-water-anchovy fried food which costs 10 cents each back in 1994.

I wonder what RM1 will be in vakue come 2020. I'll be 38 years old by then and if God permits will have 3 children, I don't think my children will be bringing RM1 only during that time. They need more than RM1 for sure.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No water means no dishes and no laundries

I thought that the water supply would be enough for us 3, especially as we didn't do laundry at home since Monday last week and we only bathed and used the toilet at night. No cooking too. We all just ate outside or order take aways but this morning there is virtually no water in my tank. I checked the water supply schedule and discovered that we should have water on Wednesday and Friday but... none. 

Luckily we had about a pail of water between me and my husband while I asked my son's baby sitter to bathe him this morning. Sighhh. If there is no water this weekend, how do we survive then? Bathe and do all our deeds at the office? 

I bathed a bit and brushed my teeth this morning because I work in an air conditioned office so I guess body odour won't be a problem. I planned to take a bath during lunch hour but this MH370 report kept me occupied and I think I'll take a bath in a bit later. Haha I smell ok in air cond so far, since no one said anything.

We dined at Old Town a few nights ago. I ordered roti canai (wheat bread which is hand tossed and ten fried on a flat pan) with honey+lemon juice. The waiter served them in plastic containers and presented to us while saying "no water so we brought it in these'.

So no water means more disposable containers being used. Heck, I also didn't wash my dishes for two days so far but I made sure there's no water in the bowls and cups. There's the threat of dengue fever these days. 

Two nights ago my husband ate a cup of instant noodles. I asked him, why he did not eat the ones in the packets. He said "no need to wash dishes ma."

Ok. That sounds logic for now.

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