Doodles and deleted blogs

I just cleaned up my blog links. It seems that one blog have closed their blog for personal viewing and four others have deleted their blogs. Well, the existing ones have most recent posts averaging from 2012-2014, with a few last updated was 2016/2017. Only my blog in my private circle is consistent with blogging though my content is not the same as it used to be. 

Maybe I'll return to blogging weekly later when I have much more interesting things to tell you about. But right now I only have shitty doodles to show you. Hahah. I laughed differently online now, it used to be hahaha, but now I use lmao mostly. That's from hanging around Tumblr. 

Anyway here's some Levi, Hange and Levihan doodles my otp. Maybe I might spend these few nights working outstations to draw something much more seriouser. 

The last picture I imagine someone wants to take photos of Hange and begin making Hange pose for test shots. Photographer be like, can you stand in a pose for a few minutes. Hange be like ok, and posed. Levi is beside her in his normal clothes because he was washing them to dry and the photoshoot only included Commanders of the military. He is around to lug Hange's other uniforms around during the shoots.

SNK fanart for March

The wind was blowing strong and they already know it was going to be a windy night, but Hange was too excited to think about so many things that right after dinner she rushed to the wall, with Levi in tow. So now they are overlooking the Titan free plains outside Wall Maria as Commander and Captain, and as comrades. Hange’s eyes swept across the golden tinted plains as the evening sky welcomes dusk. Luckily they had not gotten rid of the old cloaks so they were warm for awhile, still Levi hugged his arms to his chest to maintain body heat inside his cloak. .
Hange : So many land to conquer with new ideas. We pursue our goals side by side - agriculture, architecture, maybe a new training field over there? I have so much to propose to them.
Levi : If I may propose Hange, let me wear the cloak into battle. The cloak keeps me warm, it’s damn cold out here.
Hange : Cloak? (Watching Levi side eyed as she adjusted the cold spectacles frame on her dry skinned nose bridge)
Levi : And you better start wearing lotion on your face to moisturise. Your skin is bruised from the friction of the frames against your dry skin. That’s why you’re not comfortable wearing your specs and keep readjusting them.
Hange : Ok captain, I thought it was the new hybrid vege we’re growing which made my skin dry. I have been testing them for lunch today.
Levi : Tchh. Gambling your life on food now? I don’t know about that. But you being out in the wind, it further dries your skin.
Hange : Ok, let’s get back in, it’s getting too windy anyway. Have you any lotion?
Levi : I’ll fetch some from my room and bring to your office, Commander. You are working there tonight as usual? I’ll bring along my knives to sharpen. I haven’t restocked my kerosene oil this week.
Hange Smiles.

So a couple of weeks ago I talked @anshioree into doing an art trade. So here’s mine.
My AU plot is Eren needs a martial art mentor and also a partner for studies in uni, since he has learning disabilities. Mikasa and Armin are heading overseas for uni so Eren is left behind, and they have been busy making preparations for Armin and Mikasa so Eren left his uni preps until the last minute. Armin has already departed for a military university in India, while Mikasa was heading to Tokyo in a fortnight. Befire they left, they asked Hange who was friends with Armin’s grandpa to find people who could help Eren, and to their delight Hange suggested Levi who lives not far from Eren’s campus. Levi is a martial art practitioner, and a boutique owner who used to work as a special education teacher.
So Eren finally meet Levi in the back alley of his Levi’s franchise boutique and they interacted.

Levi with a scary face jokingly poked Eren’s abs to check for signs of muscles, while asking the brat if he has basic experience in martial art. He also asked Eren to bring his documentation regarding his learning difficulties the next time they meet.

In the distance someone was eyeing them suspiciously, not Hange of course. Levi realized that Hange and a distant relative of his, whom he had met at a reunion one time ago were following them. He realized that the other Ackerman must be Eren’s bff or sister and so he decided to toy with Eren just to test their determination in acquiring his assistance. Apart from annoying the frown out of her.

After a few months of Levi assisting Eren in Martial arts and studies, Eren brought Levi and Hange out for a dinner treat. Hange couldn’t make it so it Eren and Levi went out and talked about everything else other than martial art and studies.
These are fanarts for a fanfiction titled">City Comma State

I wanted to capture the feeling of the love, freedom, gentleness, carefree, safe emotions between Levi and Hange in the fic. I’ve been rereading it several times since a few days ago and don’t know when I will actually finish it. It’s so good.

I wanted to capture the gentle touches between them, after the initial euphoria of them finding out that they love each other subsides a little. 

Revisiting 5SOS

Listening to 5SOS performing live (recorded) is therapeutic. I’ve been following them for a year or so and I love their down to earth attitude. I was actually surprised to know that their hit song was released in 2014 and I never knew that. Maybe I was busy with my new son at the time, but well it's never too late to catch up with music.

My favourite songs by 5SOS are Disconnected, Beside You and then every one of their other songs.

Levihan : Reminiscing the past while fitting for the new uniform

So I did an art exchange on Tumblr and this was my contribution for the other person. Next, I have two art exchanges which I hope to do this week. One is Levihan, while the other one, I asked for Hange x Armin as student and sensei. The other person asked for Riren (Levi x Eren) in exchange. I'll probably not do some shipping art since I don't ship Levi with Eren, as I ship him with Hange.

The context is that right after the fitting of their new uniform, Hange gets emotional watching Levi sporting the Wings Of Freedom cloak. So they absconded to a discreet part of the walls, right after confirmation that everything fits and everyone’s ok with their uniforms. They’re venting their hearts out here.
Hange : The cloak looks good on you.
Levi : I know, I’m glad you agreed that I wear it. I need my Commander’s blessings. *Smiles into Hange’s eyes*
Hange : *instantly melted at the smile, omegawd* It’s… It’s a symbol of our freedom… It’s…
Levi : … it’s also so much more than that… Hey did you bathe today? You smell so good.
Hange : Yeah, used some soap i snitched from you utility drawer, is it for me? it’s nicely wrapped. *Waited nervously for Levi’s answer*
Levi : I knew you’d find it there, I didn’t manage to give it to you before I head to the SC road tour with Jean and Sasha. How are you? I missed you for a week.
Hange : Me too, I missed you too. I’m happy…. (With how things are going, and also seeing you here, in that tight ass uniform)
Levi : Me too. (I ordered a custom leather eye patch for you, but I ain’t mentioning it here)
Hange : Erwin will be happy with what we’re doing.
Levi : He better rest in peace knowing we’re doing everything for humanity
Hange : Damn right
They lean deeper into the forehead touch as Hange relaxes against Levi. His touch reassures her, and her presence soothes him.

I'm fangirling over my own drawing. Love love love. I wanna draw this a few more times until it looks perfect.

Fanart Collection

I have been drawing fiercely every day now. At least draw something for ten minutes is enough, I might not draw in a day but I will draw something else tomorrow. And I also started drawing on photoscape, it's the only thing available on my sad slow notebook.

Photoscape Hange Zoe



Naruto fanart

Fem Rokudaime Hokage - Naruto Uzumaki / Namikaze

That's all I got to show. If you have drawings requests just comment downstairs, I'll be happy to oblige if it is within my capacity. Maybe we can do monetary change for a drawing :D. The requests can be free if it is not that complex as I love to experiment. Whatever you have in mind just email me at See you all later.

SNK but mostly Levihan fanart.

Heya, I have been busy with life, rearing children, thinking about things, lmao, ok I am actually not THAT busy, but there are so many times I thought that I should just quit this blog. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. But I love this blog too much to let it die. So I have made up my mind (for the millionth time, so bear with me) that this will be my archive blog. The last place I update my works but not the least place in my heart.

So here I am sharing with you some of the traditional and digital art I did of my current otp (official top pairing) of the moment, Captain Levi Ackerman and Commander Hange Zoe from Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack On Titan.

Shitty Gossip

Backstory - Hange and Levi are colleagues and friends at the Stohess Art and Design School. Levi’s a professor of fashion and grooming while Hange’s a History of Art professor. This happened on a Thursday before the semester ended. It’s pre relationship.
Is it possible for a relationship to begin based on gossip. Do two people who appear to be have complementary traits have a chance of pursuing a romantic relationship? Hange hypothesised that it was possible even if the other person, whom her colleagues have been trying to matchmake with her was neat-freak Levi. A definite contrast to Hange’s, systematic-disorganized personality.
Right now Hange was eavesdropping a pair of assistant lecturers named Sasha and Connie, who were saying that it would be a match made in heaven, as Hange will benefit from having someone who could help make her life more organised. Hange frowned at that accusation, she knew that most people that her office looked like a hurricane just flew past, but these brats barely knew her. She does not need someone to manage her life, maybe as a romantic partner but not as a life coach or something, so seriously their comments were unjustified. With anger simmering, she tiptoed towards them wanting to correct them. She was about to come out of her hiding place to confront the two when Levi walked past her and pulled her aside by her hair. He tugged quickly but gently startling Hange who almost gasped out loud.
“Are you eavesdropping on them?” he asked. They have known each other for ten years since they started as assistant lecturers and now full lecturers. Levi always knew when Hange was being a busybody.
Hange knew it was better to be honest so she sighed and told him. “You know I never loiter around the hall unless there’s something happening. Anyway what are you doing here? Need a model to demonstrate hair washing?”
Levi let go of her hair majestic hair ponytail and signalled her to follow him to his office. When he passed her, Hange caught a whiff of Levi’s perfume and her heart melted. He smelled good but suddenly she felt awkward doing that. Especially after hearing about the gossip.
They walked past Connie and Sasha who asked them about the weather, “Going out to celebrate the end of semester senpai? Connie here is treating me to Italian tonight.“ Sasha greeted them while grinning sheepishly.
Levi paused and glanced at them. “Instead of gossiping while putting up posters all over the faculty, why don’t you two open a booth at the main lobby to invite students to the career expo. Find a more active approach to attract people there.”
Connie grinned bigger and saluted Levi, “Will do senpai, that’s a good idea.”
Levi nodded and went on his way, while
Hange winked at the assistants as she followed Levi. When they reached Levi’s door she saw that the door was locked. Levi reached into his bag for his keys.

Meanwhile, Hange looked into the distance, to the corridor where Sasha and Connie was. She repeated the gossip in her mind, but… there was no way Levi and her could ever be more than what they are now, friends, colleagues, teammates.
Levi eyed Hange with a questioning gaze as he slotted his key into the door. He was sure she was overthinking as usual over some stupid gossip the assistants talked about. As he opened his office door, Hange turned to him. Her eyes were looking dull and tired.
“Hey, it’s been a long day and I haven’t washed my hair since last week. I should go back and wash up first and we can meet later? Like tomorrow when I’ve finished writing my proposal.”
Levi wondered which proposal was she talking about, she was planning to research a lot of things and has been up to her elbows with proposal writing. Levi didn’t think it was proper for him to comment on her work so late in the day, so he minutely pushed himself on his toes to reach her ponytail. Her magnificent bushy ponytail was her go to hairstyle for everyday class. Now messier since it’s at the end of a busy working day
He squeezed her unruly ponytail for a second and let go. “It doesn’t feel that greasy. Next time when you have time, come by the school beauty parlour. I’ll get Ymir and Historia to wash and treat your hair. We just brought in some new hair treatment brands to test. The hairdressers out there don’t know shit about how they can do more for your hair beyond conditioning.”

Hange laughed, “At least I get a good gossip from Moblit about Erwin’s new secret love interest. So see you around Levi.”
It took Levi a second to realize why Moblit would be doing Hange’s hair. Moblit Berner who was Hange’s former assistant quit last year after heart surgery and became a hairdresser at his own salon. While digesting that fact, Levi went straight into his office and left Hange outside.
As for Hange, she watched Levi enter his office and wondered if she should just join him and make up some excuse about not wanting to wash her hair since he said it wasn’t that greasy. But her emotional side told her that she better get home and rest, and maybe sleep on her thoughts. So she followed her thoughts and turned away towards her car, thinking of home.
Meanwhile Levi reached his desk and turned around to see Hange not following him into his office. She has been acting weird lately. Weird as in not being literally in his personal space after classes. Or during weekends when they need to do some extra work around the faculty, she didn’t linger around like she used to. But Levi didn’t dwell long on it, knowing that Hange would soon get the hang of her dilemma or problems, whatever that made her like that. She was always logical, and he counted on that side of her to bounce back to a more positive note. He hoped that she should be acting like her regular self soon.
Levi sat down and opened his study planner, he should be thinking about his next semester’s study plans but instead he was thinking that, maybe he should have invited Hange to have dinner outside. Take her mind off things. Hange might need some friend’s intervention to settle the things chasing her moods away. He wanted to care and do more as her friend, since they knew each other for several years now. But he thought that she needed space this time. He’ll bother her tomorrow or in a few days. Her hair will need washing and next time he’ll catch her at an earlier time than today when she wasn’t that tired looking. Levi looked back at his planner and pushed Hange back into the threshold of his mind to deal about later.
Getting it on with the pre relationship mood.

Happy New Year 2018

I know that I haven't been here much since I've been somewhere else but I'll still keep this blog going. Here's a fanart I did today. Have a nice positive 2018!

What plagues your night

I used to have mind convos with myself when I was younger. The conversation which sometimes end up with me being angry at myself for being such a loser in terms of money, wealth, material things, aspirations, success and everything else. I can't remember ever saying nice things to myself during those moments and the ones I remembered were mostly about feeling bad for my self.

I am not the kind to think so lowly of myself, sure I wasn't the prettiest, not the smartest, I was a shopaholic so money was not accumulated in the bank and therefore I was aware that I wasn't getting any wealthier. But those self condemning thoughts were abundant and when I think back I never had a thought at night where I was being thankful to Allah for giving me a healthy body which enabled me to work and gain RMs to go shop around. There was no balance between my self condemning thoughts and my positive thoughts.

The saying that count your blessings is actually better said than done. In my years as an angsty teen and later self-condemning adult I was secretly jealous of people who succeeded in their thing. It was just thoughts since I never acted upon them and now as I think about them all the best thing to do was just wish them well and move on. Just as I try to forget about that embarassing moment where I walked into a glass door at a shop, I should also do the same with my jealous habit.

Now I am focusing in me, in building a better me for the future. I no longer spend night convos about me being a loser for the day, but neither do I count my blessings. Meanwhile life goes on and I stay the same, I should move on, and change my thoughts on what success means to me. Success is a changing thing to me, but right now it means the ability to be in peace and continue life positively.


I just watched Shingeki No Kyojin awhile ago and had some fanart drawn. I am so in love with Hanjo, at her characteristics and her close friendship with Levi, of which we in the fandom would interpret as a loving relationship.

Here's a Hange.

By the way I deleted all my fanfiction from this blog. You can read them on my Wattpad and Archive Of Our Own. I want to start writing my own fiction so I will be putting those original fictions here instead.




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