Me and Cosplaying

Mengapakah dah tua-tua baru nak cosplay? Tanya suami aku pada aku dua hari lepas. Sebab dah usia gini baru jumpa orang-orang sedemikian kan, masa dah tua ni la ada duit dan kelapangan. Lagipun masa tua ni la baru ada perasaan nak mengejar semua cita-cita lalu. Dia macam life begins at 30 plak.

Sebenarnya, kali pertama aku ternampak orang cosplay masa aku google pasal Naruto tahun 2003 macam tu. Masa tu aku baru je habis melayan marathon Naruto zaman kanak-kanak so aku google la pasal naruto kan, dan aku ternampak ada mat salleh berpakaian macam Naruto. Aku korek2 rupanya cosplay. Masa tu keongkosannya kan limited so takdela fikir panjang nak mengcosplay bagai.

Makanya, dua minggu lepas aku ke MIECC untuk event Visual Arts Expo dan aku terjumpa dua ketul belia memakai baju cosplay tengah jalan-jalan. Dorang kata dorang cosplay Kojou Akatsuki daripada manganime Strike The Blood dan Aha Kushina daripada K Project. Yang cosplay Ana Kushina ni rupanya ahlil hijab cosplayer, iaitu perempuan2 berhijab yang memperagakan fesyen lolita dalam berhijab. 

Maka aku berconnect dengan mereka-mereka ini dan terpanggil untuk bercosplay. Semasa AniManGaki yang baru ni kat Sunway Pyramid aku pakai headband telinga kucing dan topeng mata, sebab nak cosplay lite-lite jadi CatWoman. 

Aku google baru ni, kalau cosplay jadi Jesse from Toy Story ok jugak. Akak tak kuat nak join lolita sebab akak rasa akak dah tua dah. Hahha. Kalau aku cosplay jadi lolita pun mungkin aku pakai gaun labuh sajor. Baiklah, wa cao dulu.

#AniMaNgaki 2015 day 1

I paid RM20 for a day's pass and brought along my baby son for the ride, whilst his dad and bro went to roam the shopping center.

There were so many people there. I estimated around 2500, and you can easily spot a cosplayer there. Maybe a cosplayer for every 20 normal clothed person. There were plenty of activities there like game demonstration, anime screening, cosplay competition and artists parading their wares. You can find button badges, stickers, figurines, anime/manga characters on pillow cases, bags, shirts, keychain and many more. 

The event spread on two floors is an annual event, but this was my first time there. I learned about it at Visual Arts Expo, and the next event will be Komik Kon Malaysia at MIECC in Nov and Comic Fiesta in Dec. You can search for photos of the event on Instagram using the hashtags #amg2015 #animangaki and #animangaki2015. Enjoy the pixes.

Here's a video I found on AniManGaki account on YouTube.

Visual Arts Expo 2015

The day I spent at #visualartsexpo2015 was worth it, though the kids don't actually enjoy it. Hehe, they were here and there and everywhere. Anwyay, it was my first time at an event where everything visual arts related converged.

Actually, I am almost clueless about anything animated except maybe Naruto, Gantz and a a smidgen about Death Note. Oh and that manga involves a lot of big boobs. Oh and enthusiasts create these 2d animated into vinyl dolls, and very brave people cosplay wear a costume to mimic, play a character, whether manga or anime characters. Mostly I gleaned these infos from #GempakStarz mag. And then I spent half a day at #vax2015 and now I know a bit more about who's who in the cosplay scene (ladybeard) and singing voices (aimee b). I was clueless among fanatics.

By the way with such well known guests (Aimee B, 3884 likes and LadyBeard, 60,087) #vax2015 was a much more smaller event than I imagined, but the people there were happening and the atmosphere and camaraderie made the event a success
LadyBeard and Aimee B, pic taken from Aimee B FB page.

There are also plenty of cosplayers around. But most of them came during the evening. Cosplayers are a bunch of confident people and events like these are their haven. Where on earth can you go see people in costumes walking around confidently, and photograph them without payment. I love their enthusiasm and confidence. I heard there's an event called #animangaki this weekend, so hope I can go there too :-)

Here's a photo flood of the event.

There's this website

A newborn website where you can sell your artwork, put it on merchandise like bags, caps or shirts. The web people get some percentage and handles the posting and production stuff, while you don't have to worry about posting and producing products or webmaking. Good for newbies. But I haven't tried it.

#copypaste from my  instagram

creativeunited stuff


People have to pay RM30 but I got in for free because I won tixes from GempakStarz

Ok toodles.

Updated : I just found a video on youtube about what they have there.




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