I drew this - fanarts

These were just some doodlings i did on a weekend.

Some drawing + colour pencil and a touch of water. A genderbend of my otp. I accidentally smudged my ink lines when i was adding water. Pardon my skill, I am amateur in drawing and colouring.

There’s nothing wrong with this crush?

Sasu x FemNaru Fiction One Shots

There’s nothing wrong with constantly being head over heels with boys you just met, Sakura told Naruto. It’s normal, Ino said. But never confess, Hinata stressed. Being sixteen and always in love Naruto didn't quite heed her friends advices all the time and that costed her a reputation. She confessed that she liked Sasuke to her best friends and someone else heard.

“How dare she dream of Sasuke-senpai as her boyfriend, she’s not that on par with him in the looks department. He’s the prince, she a pauper,” Megumi told Naruto while they warmed up for a netball match. It’s not Megumi’s own words but of another junior, someone who heard Naruto's confession. That foul mouthed person and Megumi were Naruto’s junior by three years. “I heard she said it over the long table at recess. I almost choked on my nasi lemak, but actually the nasi lemak ended up on her lap and my cup of milk chocolate on her hair, Kushina-sensei made me clean the table after the fight. I can’t stand when they belittle you. I told Kushina-sensei but she said I should be the bigger person in such cases, even if the one insulted is her own daughter.”

Naruto sighed, now her mother a disciplinary teacher and the Form One Supervisor also knew about her crush. But that was the least of her worries as her mother had always been open minded about such things. She wiped away the sweat trickling down her forehead and then her fingers trailed on her faint scars on her cheek, the result of an unfortunate accident a decade ago. Three horizontal scars on each cheek which earned her the nickname…

“Kyuubi, game’s starting. Let’s go,” Sakura her teammate urged. The fourth formers were having a friendly netball match with the second formers and as Naruto slid a headband over her head to keep further sweats away, she glanced at Megumi who had moved away to her team’s side of court, she shouted. “Tell me more later! Right now, head on the game.”

Naruto breathed deeply and waited for everyone to take their places on the netball court. She shoved the gossip aside and concentrated on the game. There’s nothing she could do to shut the gossips down, nor the negative comments strangers threw around about her. They were taking things too seriously, not that Sasuke would ever think of her as more than a schoolmate. He’d never be more than to her, and they weren't even friends.

It started at thirteen, four years ago when she was in Form One, Sasuke saw Naruto and told her that she had her school skirt tucked in the back of her panties when she took off her coat upon entering the class. At the time Naruto was really thankful that someone actually cared to tell her, usually people would just talk behind her back except for her childhood friends, Sakura and Hinata. She was not close to the rest of her batch until senior year when she was much more courageous in speaking her mind and breaking the ice.

Since then Naruto had placed Sasuke on a pedestal, boys have always been awkwardly awful to her including Sasuke during her early years. But he never talked to her and usually ignored her after that day, and from then on he only spoke to her about school until they transferred classes earlier this year. Sasuke entered the Science stream class while Naruto chose the Art stream class with her posse of close friends. During senior years, of form four and five teenagers mature a little so schoolmates were no longer evil to Naruto but when it came to liking Sasuke but the other students especially in the lower forms were horrendous and vicious in their comments regarding it.

The netball match continued on and Naruto managed to defend the goal as needed, but as soon as the finishing whistle sounded her eyes swooped onto a figure she saw sitting far off on the bleachers. She hadnt’t noticed him earlier as she was engrossed in the game. She usually don’t regard the spectators as her friends rarely stay back for friendly matches since they all have part time jobs in the evenings. This was only one of the warm up matches before they train for the regional championship later in the year.

Megumi patted Naruto on the back, “You ok, senpai?” She frowned at the gaping mouth of her senior whose eyes were watching something other than their cheering teammates and solemn rival. The usual spectators were their new players who came to train after the match so Naruto staring at them was odd. Maybe Naruto was saddened by the gossip Megumi thought, suddenly she became a little apologetic about relaying the gossips today. She should have waited to tell Naruto during a more relaxed moment, but she hadn't been able to meet Naruto on another time apart from during netball training and matches. She didn't live in the hostels unlike Naruto.

“Ah.. yes, definitely” Naruto said. She quickly took of her soaked headband and tucked it into her shorts’ pocket.

“Here’s some water! INCOMING!” Sakura shouted from afar as Naruto caught the bottle of water in her hand and turning towards Megumi. She grinned, downed a quick gulp of water and screwed the bottle cap close back. “I am not affected by them nor the comments, anyway great game. I need to meet someone now, excuse me.” She patted Megumi’s shoulder and moved away towards her teammates.

Naruto quickly shook hands and hugged her teammates and juniors before moving on to the spectators, she high fived some teammates and nodded to her seniors who had taken time off study to support them, all while wading her way through an air of awkwardness towards the unexpected spectator. Not that anyone needed to have an invitation to be here in the evening,  way past school hours which ended 3 hours ago.

“Hey, thanks for coming.” Naruto said as Sasuke still sat on his seat quite far away from the crowd sitting near the court.

“Great game, the soccer coach said I should start supporting the school’s other team like they do ours,” Sasuke said as if he had always been on casual speaking term with Naruto.

Naruto raised her brows and leaned against the chairs a few seats away. “Alone?” The most popular sport with the highest spectators were the soccer games so Naruto could understand Sasuke’s reason. But he was alone and she never saw him anywhere alone. There were always his teammates who were all his classmates flanking him around anywhere on school so him being alone was strange.

“Kiba and Chouji got part time jobs, but I just quit mine. My mother wanted me to concentrate on studies, first and foremost, but I told her sports helped in the long run. So here I am doing sports.”

“I’m sorry about the gossips,” Naruto said. She thought them being alone far away from the school would be an ideal time to straighten things between them. “I am sure girls liking you feels normal, not like I am that into you,” she continued.

Sasuke stood abruptly and his hands quickly tucked into his pockets. “Gossips are cheap, you should try asking the source. I don’t mind anyone liking me, especially if it’s you.”

“Eh?” Naruto was taken aback by Sasuke’s revelation, she didn't see this coming.

“So nothing awkward here?” Naruto dumbly asked, she needed confirmation.

“No…. YES! I mean, no.” Sasuke spun around and heaved before he turned around again with one hand flailing in the air. “I’m sorry about the gossips, I should have done this a year ago.”

“Do what?”

“Have dinner with me this weekend,” Sasuke blurted these words so fast that Naruto thought that he might mean to say something else.

“Uh? Dinner?” Playing dumb was her immediate reaction whenever Naruto was taken by surprise.

“I liked you for years now, but we’re students now so I thought maybe later. But when the gossips turned vicious, when it touches on physical features you can't help have… And they are wrong about me, I am not a prince, I’m just me.”

Naruto’s hand unconsciously stroked one of her scars while Sasuke’s eyes followed her hand’s movement.

“I want to set the record straight. So, are you free?”

Naruto blinked at Sasuke, she was going away this weekend to her Godfather’s house about half an hour from here. Her mother had given permission, sSo she might as well accept the invitation to have lunch with Sasuke on the way there, or bring him along if he wants. Naruto did not think it was that awkward as it was only her Godfather and it is vastly different than bringing him to meet her parents though he did meet her often enough on a teacher - student capacity around the school.

But Naruto still felt confused so she asked, “Is this just about sympathy?” She had seen plenty of people sympathizing her for her scars, could Sasuke be one of them?

“No, I like you, I really like you for you. We should send some gossips to the guillotine. This can be discussed later.”

It took sometime for Naruto to reflect on the meaning of guillotine before she grinned and blushed.

“Sure,” Naruto blinked as Sasuke smiled and relaxed. Both his hands out of his pocket and a  hand reached out for a handshake.

“I’m Uchiha Sasuke and I would like to bring you to lunch, or dinner, whichever you prefer?”


Some doodle I did two days ago. It's back to art school tomorrow. 
I should prepare some pencils and papers tonight!

Nanowrimo 2016 : Fire : Chapter 20

Half an hour passed, or so Sonic thought, they were still blasting the distracting monsters with chakras. Their blue bubble like shields have cracks on them and Sonic wondered whether the creature were actually weakened. Did the cracks let the monsters be open to a powerful sever attack if they tried. Sonic did not have a bigger chakra powered weapon so she couldn’t do anything than slightly attacking the monsters and defending their attacks. The others who had bigger chakra weapon were now starting to hit onto any coming monster with much more vicious blow than before.

Sonic spun around to search for the lavender eyed girl. She spotted Hinata crouching behind a wall with a man in white spiky hair with one eye hidden behind some kind of cloth. They were deep in conversation which ended as quickly as Sonic’s eyes laid on them. Hinata came back running to Sonic while the white haired man in green army clothings did some hand signs and his arms emitted blue electricity or lightning like something and pointed at the monsters.

“Chidori!” The white man called out as the blue electric blasted out of his hand and into the cracks on the monster’s shield and instantly cracked it wide open. Then two other person jumped out of his sides and attacked the now exposed monster with their chakra katanas and split the monster’s flesh into parts. The monster screamed while the its counterparts screamed and then in seconds moved their direction towards the white haired man to attack him.

Hinata gripped Sonic’s shoulder and said urgently, “We have to be on attack mode now. As soon as Kakashi blow them apart, we will attack the exposed monsters. Just hit anything.”

Sonic nodded and they parted to areas which aren’t covered by anyone. Sonic watched as the monsters reached for the white haired man which she realized was named Kakashi and waited for his attack. Meanwhile Kakashi continued on his next calculated attack while all the monsters zoomed in on it. Sonic waited breathlessly for her cue to attack.


Meanwhile in Sasuke’s and Naruko’s dream.

Ino came out and babbled about wanting to spend more time with Sasuke and suddenly stopped as she walked to the dream couple.

“You know, for a couple you both don’t really sit like a couple. I read that if you sit not facing each other you’ve got a really big problemo, right? I like to read all these chic mags, they teach me a lot about reading people,” Ino said knowingly at them.

“It’s not like I ever need to convince anyone that I am in a relationship,” Sasuke said with an in denial tone, though he shifted from sitting facing the other side to slowly moving towards Naruko.

Naruko who was sitting facing the opposite side quickly sidled towards Sasuke though still not playing into Ino’s words with huge affection actions. She sighed dramatically before placing a hand on Sasuke’s legs, “Yep, Sugarpie and me don’t need to display our relationship. Our family and friends know it and that’s all important.”

Ino nodded in agreement and then sat at the edge of the sofa. “Well, you guys started any plans on the wedding?”

“Not at all, just enjoying it for as long as I can.” Naruko said as she patted Sasuke’s knee. “My mother said we shouldn’t rush it just because we are engaged, she wanted the time to be just right for me. This engagement was a surprise and I did not even realize that I wanted him to propose until he popped me the question at the lake.”

“Oh, you proposed to her by the lake, how romantic!” Ino squealed. “I wish Sai would do something like that, we have been together for eons now, but even admitting we are a couple took him some months to admit it.”

“Yeah he sat a picnic mat by the lake o the grassed and told me it was for our second anniversary. I thought it was just us celebrating that and he was on his knees after our meal, it was rice and fish - he made it. I cried…” Naruko said dramatically. Meanwhile Sasuke’s smile was growing tighter as the story went more elaborate.

Sasuke had a sudden idea bursting into his mind as he sidled closer towards Naruko and placed his hand around Naruko’s waist. The single lady who had never had a man ever hug her like that, almost jumped from the touch but froze as she saw Ino’s smile widen at her story. By the time Sasuke’s hand was planted firmly on her waist Naruko was unable to continue her story. She blinked owlishly as Sasuke placed his other hand under her hand which was on his knee.

Ino's eyebrows shot up at the gestures and exclaimed excitedly at the couple. “That’s more like it Sas, your mother would be proud to know that you’ve overcome your allergies towards PDA. You guys should do this often in front of a lot of people we all know. Then they’ll stop hunting you and respect your fiancee too. Your parents are going to be proud!”

Sasuke tried his best to school his face which was best described as having a fake smile plastered over an enraged face. He took a deep breath before speaking to Ino, “Well I think it’s best that we get home before my mother arrives. She said she is on her way home.”

Ino jumped to her feet before replying, “Oh yes, she told me she went out for some cake tasting with her friends. Said she was having some cravings and also to help you along the way. It’s never too early to prepare, right?”

“Come on Naru, let’s go home. We can wait at the back while they arrive in less than 5. Thanks Ino for your hospitality,” Sasuke said as he released his hands from Naruto’s and instead gripped her hand and pulled her up. They both walked quickly to the front door and opened it. Ino was happily escorting them home and waved them off. They bounded down her patio and along the pavement while Ino shouted at them, “Make sure to keep the PDAs on.”

Sasuke pulled Naruko along the way until they reached the back of his house which was a small field of neatly trimmed grass with white patio chair and table. He let her hand go as they reached the area out of Ino’s sight. Sasuke promptly walked to the chair and sat down. He sighed audibly and palmed his face, mumbling into his hand incoherently as Naruko watched him blankly from afar.

Naruko sighed as she followed him to the chairs. “Sorry about that, I was just play acting, or whatever saving ourselves back then, I think?”

Sasuke let go of his face and shook his head. “What the hell was that, I can’t even understand. I just wanted to be out of there, everything is weird.”

“Well, since we don’t know what’s happening might as well do that. I have wondered about you, Sasuke Uchiha the heir? I wondered why people wanted you. Your looks? Ino, your friend seems like heads over heels over you though she said she has a boyfriend.”

Naruko stood as she rubbed her own face. “I don’t know what to do either, do we wait for your dream mother?”

“More like nightmare,” Sasuke replied. “We need a plan of action here. Maybe find some kind of meaning behind all this, I am interested in what you were thinking before all this happened. Sit down.”

“Be nice, I am your fiancee here.” Naruko said as she chided Sasuke. She sat down as Sasuke watched her.

Sasuke wasted no time to continue talk, “Ok, so you wanted about me. I… I had an epiphany about finding a wife before all of this happened. Is this a reflection of that?”

“Wait, I wonder if I can wake up from this dream. Let me do something first,” Naruko said as she pinched her hand before screaming in pain. “Darn, that hurts.” She looked up at Sasuke and pinched his thigh this time.

“Damn, it what… it hurts you…” Sasuke gritted his teeth before he rubbed his pinched thigh. Just then the roar of a car’s engine was heard as the vehicle was pulled into somewhere nearby and the engine stopped.

“Sasuke honey, you’re home?”

Sasuke and Naruko’s head automatically spun towards the voice’s direction as a woman in a floral dress and sunglasses walked towards them.

“Baby, you’re home. It’s been a month and Naru dear, give me a hug. It’s been weeks,” the woman said.

Sasuke was in awe at this person who looked like his mother. Still he stood up and looked at Naruko decisively before she pulled him towards the mother for hugs.

“Well, let’s get inside. You didn’t bring your keys again this time is it? I told you last night before you get up to get Itachi’s keys before he left this morning.

Sasuke made another confused face. “Well, you’re here. So all’s ok?”

“If it’s your own apartment, you’re in big trouble young man. If she works out of town, you have to come home whenever you’re locked outside. You have to start being cautious about things like that, if you have a baby one day, you don’t want to lose things like that. My poor grandchildren. But you have to be able to have your own space when you get married, so better now than later.”

Sasuke eyebrows frowned at her words as she dragged them inside. It seemed like even this weird reality-dream mother also wanted him out of the house too.

“Well, you lovebirds go change and we will get lunch outside. I need to attend a function and you’re both my plus twos. Go change.”

The mother pushed Sasuke inside the house and they both stared at each other in confusion. The mother stared at them and frowned, “forgot your way to the bedroom?”

Sasuke quickly pulled Naruko upstairs and entered his ‘room’ before shutting the door behind them.

Naruko who was speechless the whole time sat down on the bed, “Is she like your real mother, she is pretty. So you inherited her looks.”

“Yes, thanks. Almost the same. I think?” Sasuke said as he paced the floor.

“Hey,” he asked Naruko. “I think I want to try one thing.”

“What?” Naruko looked at him in anticipation.

“If this world really wants us to be together, we should give it us being together. But it seemed to not understand that we don’t, I mean are not actually together. Like when we are at Ino’s house playing a couple, everything was going ok. So, I want to try one thing.”

“Is it dangerous?” Naruko asked as she crouched further from Sasuke.

“Nope. Come here.”

“Ok?” Naruko said as she stepped carefully towards Sasuke.

“You know how Ino was going on about PDA and such, let’s maybe try something. I want to ...kiss you,” Sasuke said hesitantly. “If you want to?”

“Umm,” Naruko jerked back. Sasuke quickly took her hands and pulled her towards him as they stood in the middle of the room.


“Umm, I’ve… no…” Naruko was contemplating whether she should tell him that she had never kissed anyone apart from some ridiculous truth or dare childish pecks which lasted not more than a second.

“If you are worried about inexperience, well, I’ve only ever kissed a girl because I did not want her to cry. So in the experience department, none. Well?” Sasuke asked.

“If you think it would change things here, and we should definitely try kissing each other.” Naruko scrunched her face at her own words. “I am never this desperate i tell you.

“Whatever,” Sasuke said as he attacked her lips.

It was only a few seconds touch, brief, no tongues, no saliva at all.

Naruko blinked owlishly again, she was indeed taken aback. Sasuke looked at her and then their surrounding. The room vibrated and the furnitures whitened out into a blinding white blur.

“What the?” Sasuke shrieked.

“Sas!” Narula's unfinished call.

Best video for me this week

I did a lot of watching videos, it's like I have been watching Youtube for the first time in years. Here are some of the best videos for me this week.

5 Seconds of Summer acoustic performance of their own song Voodoo Doll. This video is from 3/4 years ago and one comment said that they looked like they were dancing with their instruments. These lads are talented though I found their voices quite pitchy, well they are teenagers at this time.

Well, they made school instruments sounded cooler than we remembered.


I also watched Sisters Slam Dunk or Unnies Slam Dunk season 1 and two and they were fun. Through these videos I found more about Korean's biggest female acts, and Minzy from 2ne1. The program was fun and very revealing of South Korea's many crews behind the scene team.

You're beautiful - a rewatch

I was contemplating doing homework but was so sleepy that I decided to rewatch this video instead. Lol. I missed the overly dramatics of a drama series and now taking too many away time from assignmenst alamak!

So I started rewatching from episode 10. Hey let me describe this chapter by chapter.

Episode 10.
Where the bratty popstar He-Yi threatened MiNam/MiNyeo. She demanded that MiNam confess her true identity as a punishment for liking Tae-Kyung. So defeated MiNam/MiNyeo dressed as a girl and tried to tell the truth about herself and their situation at a press junket. She walked into the theatre while the lights were off but the moment the lights went on, Tae-Kyung locked eyes on her and she was instantly pulled into an embrace by Shin-Woo. So with her face pressed into Shin-Woo's shoulders the press couldn't see who it was and Shin-Woo immediately admitted that the girl was his secret girlfriend. Shin-Woo immediately pulled her into the make up room away from the press and their manager.

Episode 11.

Basically the episode where everyone is okay with MiNam being a girl without asking for an explanation. Ok the explanation was that MiNam/MiNyeo's twin who is a male named MiNam was supposed to be the one in the band but was MIA, so a manager with the company asked MiNyeo to take over his place. Therefire MiNyeo assumed MiNam's identity here and began the charade. So MiNyeo was about to go meet Shin-Woo's supposed girlfriend but was held down by Tae-Kyung who in a fit of emotional outburst kissed her. lol. Drama right.

Episode 12

So they kissed but the kiss was awkwardly ended and they both went home light headed. MiNyeo then oveheard Tae-Kyung confessing to He-Yi that she was nothing to Tae-Kyung. Obviously Tae-Kyung the no nonsense guy was telling lies to He-Yi. the singer was nothing to him and he gained nothing by telling her anything. The silly but cute scene in this episode is the scene where Tae-Kyung escorted Mi-Nyeo up to her room. The silly girl had some lotion in her eyes and was unable to look even after washing her eyes with water so had to be escorted to their room upstairs.

That's all I had the time to watch in fast forward and then lunch time ended.

The Hmmmmms

All drama have these elements which makes it endearing, scary, make people connect to it. My grouses when it came to this drama are :-

Why MiNyeo is subjecting herself to Tae-Kyung and agressive approaches. Was not she attending a convent which must have somehow teach her about bullying or something. Also why she let He-Yi bully her into all sorts of things. Why is she so submissive because of her love and awful brother?

He-Yi is so one dimensional and that's not a good thing. She was the only true villain in here, apart from the clueless press photographer bent on finding the mystery girl, and Tae-Kyung's mother who is selfish in everything she does.

Shin Woo's character could be better expressed. Jung Yong-Hwa actor who is a member of band CN Blue is quite wooden in his acting, unless he's angry. He's quite expressive and frightful in the scene where he was angry at Mi-Nyeo for deserting him at their supposed dinner/date.

Why are all the kissing scenes between MiNam/Mi-Nyeo and TaeKyung looks like they are all one sided. Maybe they were portraying MiNyeo's innocence, who was educated in a church.

Tae Kyung is one sob, when it came to dissing the girl who had nothing to do with his mother.

The cuteness

Park Shin-Hye has great comic timing and she is a dramatic artist. She is like a girl next door and I adore her acting.

The inclusion of fanfiction in episode 14. Tae-Kyung mentioned that their fans would be writing about love triangle between him, Shin-Woo and Jeremy. Lol. I cringe at this as I am also guilty of creating a non-canon relationship between two characters.

Tae-Kyung being confused about his emotions, but evolving along the way. I find it a little odd that all the brainy characters are male while all the females are clueless, too innocent and too submissive. Yes I was looking for that word exactly.

Shin Woo was pining and it was cute while it lasted.

The three die-hard fans who provided the other perspective of how fans sees their idols falling in love and their reception of their fave band's new member.

If this was made in 2017

Jeremy wouldn't be having problems with himself having feelings for MiNam whom he knew as male.

They would probably have real fb page and accounts, it's the era of social media.

That's all I got on a sunny Saturday. I'm scheduling this for later tonight. Have a nice long weekend.

Hey there, here's for artistes

Hey this is nice for artists - painters, sculpters, the synonyms and photographers. Deadline is 31 st August 2017. Log in at (don't ask me how, I am not sure how you sign in)

Link :

I just knew about this a few hours ago and still figuring how to download the form. :(

Aktiviti tukar hadiah RM10

I like my recent mates at a recent course I attended. We couldn't get sponsors for events so we turned it into a personal thing by each providing a RM10 mystery present and then picking numbers randomly and assigning the list names to the number.

We had the course at Langkawi, a duty free island famous for cheap chocolates, compared to the Peninsular Malaysia price, so I bought chocolates amounting to RM10 (around USD2.30) and send it away to the new owner. Incidentally my best friend got it.

My mystery price was easily recognizable as a picture frame inside a plastic. But it was no ordinary frame, it held a picture of the boat I traveled in when we were on a mangrove trip earlier that day, luckily I was in the pic so the prize was really personal. The other course members told us that the gifter bought it at the jetty of the boat, well I did not notice that they were selling merchandises. It was a great day.

Some other gifts exchanged was a soft toy from Kaison, a mug, a bottle of bath gel with a RM10 note because the gifter thought that the bath gel was too cheap, souvenier keychain, beauty soap, jewellery box, and even a 3 day 2 night stay at Bandung, Indonesia (3 months prior booking).

Clearly the gifts' price did not matter, what mattered was the receiver was happy to receive them and that made the gifter very happy in return.

Boruto Series : My Review

Boruto the tv series was fun to watch. I thought it would be traumatizing to watch thinking that it'll be like filters in the Naruto Shippuden series but actually they are good and intriguing. Since it’s a continuation of an anime which affected my early adulthood, I was apprehensive at first about watching it. But Sarada was intriguing to watch though she came in small doses at first.

I loved and hated Naruto anime but I think Boruto was good from the start. Ok, not counting in Sarada's short dress though. It’s nice to see a mini me version of Naruto having a sister and mom unlike his orphaned dad. I have no opinions when it came to Hinata and Himawari so far so I won't go there.

Anyway I love Sarada’s no nonsense attitude and the use of tech in the ninja world. Hopefully in the future Naruto will have positive screen time with his son to continue his story here. It would be a shame to paint him as a very ambitious child dreaming about being a Hokage who changes the world only to fail miserably as a parent. A parent is not perfect but he/she is not made up of failures, even if you lived with your parent for a day there should be something he gave you - something small, something precious. Ok this talking about Dads who actually takes care of you even for a day. Anyway some screen caps from the movie.

Thankfully the Boruto art is different from the manga ones.

Sad Boruto is sad.

The first foreshadowing of Sarada and Boruto's eventually being teammates.

Inojin and Shikadai, with Metal and someone else as background.

I love ChoCho being very reasonable when Boruto .... ok no spoilers.

Badass kunoichis, I don't know who the extras are. 
The pink one is ChoCho - Chouji Akimichi's and Karui's daughter.

Using ICT in ninja world. Cool.







Suddenly a wild Mitsuki appears.

While Orochimaru ran around with Tenzou, his child was snooping on Boruto and gang.




Mereka Menyinggah