Boruto Series : My Review

Boruto the tv series was fun to watch. I thought it would be traumatizing to watch thinking that it'll be like filters in the Naruto Shippuden series but actually they are good and intriguing. Since it’s a continuation of an anime which affected my early adulthood, I was apprehensive at first about watching it. But Sarada was intriguing to watch though she came in small doses at first.

I loved and hated Naruto anime but I think Boruto was good from the start. Ok, not counting in Sarada's short dress though. It’s nice to see a mini me version of Naruto having a sister and mom unlike his orphaned dad. I have no opinions when it came to Hinata and Himawari so far so I won't go there.

Anyway I love Sarada’s no nonsense attitude and the use of tech in the ninja world. Hopefully in the future Naruto will have positive screen time with his son to continue his story here. It would be a shame to paint him as a very ambitious child dreaming about being a Hokage who changes the world only to fail miserably as a parent. A parent is not perfect but he/she is not made up of failures, even if you lived with your parent for a day there should be something he gave you - something small, something precious. Ok this talking about Dads who actually takes care of you even for a day. Anyway some screen caps from the movie.

Thankfully the Boruto art is different from the manga ones.

Sad Boruto is sad.

The first foreshadowing of Sarada and Boruto's eventually being teammates.

Inojin and Shikadai, with Metal and someone else as background.

I love ChoCho being very reasonable when Boruto .... ok no spoilers.

Badass kunoichis, I don't know who the extras are. 
The pink one is ChoCho - Chouji Akimichi's and Karui's daughter.

Using ICT in ninja world. Cool.







Suddenly a wild Mitsuki appears.

While Orochimaru ran around with Tenzou, his child was snooping on Boruto and gang.

Aesthetics of Yuri Plesetsky in black and white

I loved ice skating shows when I was a kid, around 9 to 12. So when YOI / Yuri On Ice came out I caught on every episode whenever I could. My favourite character is the Russian Fairy - Yuri Plisetsky.

He is 16, so I guess it's ok to add some holes. Cough cough sex appeal.
Baby grew up already!

Dem shoes with glitter.

Fanart : Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club, of course it's gonna be RinHaru first and foremost

Sometimes I draw fanart. I have like 30 drawings to do but I have done only three and those are rejected. They're all exercises from drawing class. I better start tonight.#freeiwatobiswimclub fanart. Genderbend #nanaseharuka #matsuokarin

Wadah blog

Ok aku perasan wadah blog ni tak sesuai nak letak fanfiction. I know right, dia macam berkecamuk nak baca sebab dia ikut tarikh dan bukan bab 1 sampai bab x. Well, I don't have the patience to menyusun dia ikut chapter lagi. Maybe when I am free one of these days, haha. Yolah tu. So kalau kawan-kawan nak baca secara teratur semua cerita fanfiction I, ada kat wattpad ok. Semua yang I bubuh kat sini ada di sana. Boleh tengok kat desktop, smartphone rasanya desktop version pun ada.

Selamat membaca.

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