Kalau ada wifi i will blog.

Helo semua. Aku nak pergi kursus nie. Kalau ada wifi kat sana I will blog. Kalau takde see u on Monday!

My current favourite - 50mm lens.

I am so in love with my 50 mm lens. This is because my external flash is unsatisfactory (I got the flash along with my scond hand camera so it's cikai) and the 50mm lens can go as far as aperture 1.8. The smaller the number the teranger (brighter) the pic.

Right now I only use the auto focus thingy on it and had not experimented with the manual focus ring so sometimes the autofocus gives some weird dreamy results. Here are some of it.

Chicken Rice

Roses are white

Kill the bad guys

A fighter jet

Using a 50mm requires a lot of walking to capture different image sizes. One photographer calls it 'Zoom kaki' or Walking Zoom.

Hari ni mcm job terakhir bulan nie je.

Kalau minah tu tak call maknanya wiken depan free. haaaa.... sleep time.

Face book dan Muka ke Muka

Dunia Facebook (FB) dah bercantum dengan dunia realiti apabila orang mula mengingati aku dengan nama FB aku yang bengong itu berbanding nama gelaran biasa. Semasa aku berjumpa tunang kawan aku (sejurus sebelum menjadi laki orang di luar masjid tu) dia boleh panggil aku dengan kuat 'Lempeng Nara" (nama FB aku versi rekaan) daripada jauh dan amatlah tergezut aku sebab aku pernah jumpa dia dua kali sebelum ini tapi tak pernah borak pun. Tetiba dia panggil aku dengan nama itu ciss.... Tapi orangnya peramah dan rilek rupanya.

Bulan nie aku slow down sikit berfb, memanglah sambil online update web aku akan selit2 ke ke fb. Ok pe, boleh cari2 kawan kat unit promo minta pic dan logo yang diperlukan. Tak yah nak angkat telefon dan cari orangnya. Dulu aku rajin sepai orang dalam fb. Sepai nak tau siapa gf dia, bila dia tunang dan lain2 info untuk menyetelkan sifat ingin tahu aku tu. No wonder dorang takut bila tau orang2 FBI dan segala biro penyiasatan negara luar guna FB untuk mengintip orang. Oh, dah tengahari dan rayau hour, let's go makan dude. Tetiba posting aku berakhir dengan lajunya.

3 visitors at the food place

When I eat out at stalls or open air restaurants (which I do 300 days a year) I meet a lot of visitors aiming for my ringgit. If in certain countries people are annoyed because sales people call homes during dinner time to sell products, in Malaysia the product comes straight at you when when you are eating.

First is the common 'Derma Ikhlas' who are usually visually challenged and arrives with his or her partner. The partner is supposed to be the guiding eyes, but usually when they see me they will always divert their eyes somewhere else as if acting ignorant. But last night's seeing partner looked at me eye to eye.

These people are doing a seemingly 'Halal' job but they are also a doubtful lot. There were accusations that they are being transported here and there by someone who will pocket their earnings much like a manager. How do you explain them being able to move here and there so quickly sometimes especially in the hustles and bustles of a town? I am sometimes ashamed when I think that they may be part of a begging scam when they are individual operators, but I just can't help thinking. Sometimes if I stay long enough at the 'kedai makan' I will meet three pairs of them and they make me feel guilty for spending my money on that top which I haven't even wear yet when they go from stall to stall to earn rice money.

There are also the other kind of 'derma ikhlas' people who are very golden aged uncles and aunts who do not speak a word but jingle their empty cup at me. They are more insistent as they will stand almost a full minute waiting for me to give them something. So if they stand any longer I will begin to feel like a fool.

Secondly is the makcik keropok. They remind me of my mother because they are all wrinkly and dressed in baju kurung. Sometimes I wonder how much do they earn selling their kerepeks (crackers from flour/potatoes) around town. I am not a very keen keropok eater, the one I liked most are mostly pinched from my mom's collection. Sometimes I do buy the keropok bawang which is round in shape and has swirls like the inside layer of an onion. But I am not a huge cracker eater so usually I don't buy from them.

And these makciks surely knows how to make me you feel quilty. Some will sell their crackers purely business style but some use the magic word 'Please buy for the sake of my children'. Haiyyoo... I will continue to ignore them if they push me further and I grit my teeth to prevent me from going over the top. I just can't be kurang ajar can I?

Thirdly is the DVD peddler. Ok, to be continued....

"Water Conservation Initiative".

Katztales tagged me in a meme.

She said "Water is precious, yet it is being wasted or poorly managed. You can help promote water conservation by sending on this meme. If you do, simply follow these rules:"

While I said, I am fortunate enough to live and bathe in clean water everyday.

If you wanna join the meme, the rules are.
1. Create a blog entry entitled "Water Conservation Initiative".

2. Post the Water Initiative Network's Water Facts in your post.

3. List 3 things YOU will do to save water.

1. I am going to repair the leaky toliet flush soon.

2. Use rain water to wash car in the future.

3. Stop using plastic! It's also a way of saving water or

4. Add in the photo above, or any photo you have taken of a waterfall, river or lake.
5. End with the line: "Find out more about water conservation and good governance by joining the Water Initiative Network on Facebook! Visit us here at: Water Initiative Network!

Water based pic!

Tag 5 or more blog/FB friends. Be sure to copy the rules, okay?

You, you, you, you and you!


1. Of every 100 drops of water on earth, 97 are too salty to drink, 2 are locked in ice and snow, and 1 is fresh water.

2. The daily requirement for sanitation, bathing, and cooking needs, as well as for assuring survival, is about 50 litres per person.

3. Reducing shower time from 20 mins to 8 mins saves up to 360 litres of water per shower.

4. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 75 litres of water a day.

5. Two thirds of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom. To flush a toilet, we use up to 9 litres of water.

6. Water-efficient toilets and washing machines are good ways to save water.

7. A low-tech way to save water is to form the habit of turning on the tap to low flow and turning it off when the water is not needed.

8. Non-revenue water (i.e. stolen or wasted water) constitutes 36% of water 'used' in Selangor, Malaysia, and this raises the cost of water for everyone.

9. Water supply infrastructure cost billions of ringgit. This money could be spent in more useful ways.

10. Large areas of forests are cleared to make way for water supply dams to accommodate our soaring demand for water. These forests and their wildlife represent our natural heritage.

Last word copied and pasted from Katztales : Find out more about water conservation and good governance by joining the Water Initiative Network on Facebook! Visit us here at:!/group.php?gid=282587736385&ref=nf

Happy Tiger New Year


ps: YeyYey! Cuti!

The huge Bali from my little lens

I was away ke Bali a week ago. On my vacation I only brought along a 50mm lens which proved to be a hindrance when photographing vast landscapes, and believe me Bali has a lot of beautiful landscapes that is worth digitizing. The 50mm is itself a portrait lens and why I only brought one lens there was because I thought that it would be easier - small camera, foreign country. But with mobility comes limitations.

This was at Pura Besakeh. All the clouds and the building just begs to be captured.

At Kintamani, I think the black area was part of a volcanoe.

On the way to Pura Besakeh . The greenery freshens up my eyes.

Paddy on a hill at Kintamani. This was at dusk hence the orangy colour.

Ok more pic coming up. All from my 50mm lens (ok la bukan lens tapi kamera)

Rumah blog baru

Tak lama lagi aku nak cari rumah baru. Maklumlah dah berapa tahun pakai rumah nie. Warna macam kanak-kanak, biru dan oren terang nak mati. Semua kerana aku nak elemen tiga baris dan latar putih senang nak baca. Dalam benak aku nie ada perancangan nak mengilham sendiri rupa bentuk blog aku nie. Tapi kena minta tolong budak2 yang pandai design blog la. Nak mintak tolong budak2 IT office aku pulak, dieorang sibuk lagi2 bila website dah mula jalan maka busy la jadinya. Haih.... bila la nak berumah baru nie.

Men with wings

In the past few week I watched two movies of men with wings. One is about an angel who chops of his wings to save humans and another is of a human who gain wings for dismissing the ideas of tooth fairies. The movies are Legion and Tooth Fairy.

Legion is disappointing at first as the huge billboard by the road side shows Michael in his glorious wings while in the movie the first thing he did was cut his wings and became a gun toting angel. Luckily there is Gabriel who swoops in to torment the humans while showcasing his wings of steel.

At some point in the movie I felt like watching a movie adaptation of a graphic novel where the back story is often fast cut to get to the action parts. I am wondering about the function of the neck brace which Michael throws away when he cuts his wings. If a human wears one will he become an angel? Or does it give angels special powers? There was no clear explanation there.

Nearing the end the movie smells like Sarah Connor tale of a couple who unites to save a Chosen One. I am thinking should someone name his/her son Chosen One. Very Unique name indeed.
And surprise surprise the meek one turned out to be the prophet and which prompts a question. Will there be a sequel?

Tooth Fairy showcases The formerly known as Rock's (Dwayne Johnson) very cardboard character. He acts like a bimbo here who always flares up when something goes wrong in his life and never even pause to think before he speak, hey he paused once. It was before he told his girlfriend's son about hope and What If?

Dwayne Johnson plays a ice hockey player who is over his prime and is comfortable in being in his own state. I think with his very huge muscles he is bound to play tough guy roles for many years to come. And also like Game Plan he is reduced to playing a self centered guy who went through some life changing events which eventually changes him.

The darn thing about movies is when one guy did wrong to another person, the wronged person life then goes downhill and the doer gets all the blame. Like when his character Thompson degraded his future stepson Randy about his guitar skills, he was all blamed for the boy's sadness. When in reality you shouldn't bow down to people when sometimes all they ever said were some nonsense which was out of place and definitely out of their mind.

Now I sound like a motivational speaker. Ok. Listen to Tooth Fairy and you will be set for a lifetime supply of puns. "You can't handle the tooth?"

Lirik hari ini

Tutur bibirku bukan mengikut dialog mu
Hendak hati aku bukan menuruti niat hati mu
Aku bukan kau dan kau bukan aku
Aku bukan patung dan kau bukan ventriloquist ku

Siapa-siapa nak sumbang lagu?


Meh pergi my kedai blog.

Tengah mula membuka kedai kembali.

It's been one week since you look at me....

Hi blog. I miss you so much. Right now I am still basking in my holiday mood. There are tonnes of work at the office so I'll be back later with more juice.


ps: Malaysia, Koi sayang Aok!