Off for some me time

I think I am going off to do some soul searching this weekend, plan out some important stuff for February and later update my SasuNaru fanfic afterwards. I wrote an outline getting until chapter 15, but I don't really have a strong or solid idea where this 'Gerimis' story is heading.

So far I tried establishing character A and character B present situation, then I need to make them interact a bit, then introduce some heavy background stuff of character A and character B. Then choose an epic scene which binds them in emotion, make them wanna wallop each other or crush each other, make them fall for each other and then offer some complication and offer a resolution.

That looks easy in my head but spelling it out is unheaven. Well gotta go.

Fanfiction Finally - SasuNaru 3 chapters

Writing fanfiction is much much more difficult than it seems. I got to chapter three and then did an outline and reached Chapter 15, but it does not really have this oommmph to it. I think I have to revert back to my old script writing notes, like when to reach the climax and some high points of stories so it would not be a bore and slow moving one.

Ok to read it follow this link at fanfiction. Do leave a comment. Tocie : Gerimis

Say bye bye 2015

2015 was a good year, but bye bye.

Since I have about 2 minutes to recap 2015, I'll do it in a jiffy.

1. Art and stuff!

I discovered, Visual Arts Xpo and from there I tried going to all similar events, and I managed to go to Animangaki and participated in Komik Kon. I didn't make it to MCAGE nor Comic Fiesta. Sobs sobs. I hope to go to a Singapore event this year, well since Singapore is next to Jay Bee and it'll be like a balik kampung thing :D

These events are soo geeky and full of unchartered territory for geeky nerdy me that I could cry at any of the events. My Komik Kon thing was a disaster because I could only embrace half of it. I should acquire a partner next time, definitely to cover for my poor ass of a wannabe artist.

2. Going artsy

I did some inktober, got my lazy ass to draw something for the annual thing which I also recently discovered. I also discovered people actually like my shoe art although I had no customers yet. It's been a year of discovery.

3. Discovering that life is what you make of it

Well, now I know why my life, career, marriage, children are like these. I am not the richest, succesful, worst, dreadful, unhappy person there is, but I can be better or at least happier in my own skin. I discovered the answer to happiness or at least being comfortable in your own skin a while back, but I have yet to embrace it. Slowly, sometimes it's on and sometimes I'm too scared of unnecessary things. This damn cocoon of sorry ass is hard to break. Life is what you make of it after all so I should start rehabiliting myself for a greater good. Yes, this is a cryptic paragraph. Don't assume, just go on with life. Bye, hello, see you later :P

4. Listening to radio

I love listening to songs, some djs blabs on evening talk shows in the car. I don't listen to radio enough growing up and now I listen all the time and even managed to  catch up to some new songs. Of course they play the same thing all day long on hits radio.

5. Made some artsy new friends

I made some new friends last year, and one or two at Komik Kon.  Saying that, all my friends are the same since 2014. So far I have no apparent enemy yet, as I have decided to downplay my aggressive defensive habit. BTW I had no fixed companion for lunch at work, always eating with someone different or eating at my desk come noon, while spending dinner with the kids. I also managed to have occasional lunch with the husband when he is available, that's a good thing since we are at different energy level come night. Two kids and no exercise made me lethargic at night. Yeahh, my kids are my constant companionship throughout 2015. I love them to bits. Thanks Allah for giving them to me, a bit of new friends and a bit more family members. 

Well, hi 366 days of

Fanfiction project - essence of SasuNaru

Hi again. I am still plotting my fanfiction plot and outline. So here we go. As I mentioned before, I am writing a Sasuke + Naruto fanfiction, but it is not yaoi at all aka gay love. it's about friendship between two very polar opposite personalities who have something very much in common.  

First of all to me the essence of fanfiction, although it may be set in AU Alternate Universe, or that the characters may be OOC or out of context, is to never stray far away from the actual characters. Especially the main characters, physically they must retain their physical characteristics and habits. But for minor characters, you can just program anything within that character and run wild with your imagination. I noticed some fanfic author sometimes use a small character to serve a purpose to the storyline, for example Genma and Raidou who serves as friends to Kakashi in some AU fanfiction. 

An example of not straying too far is maintaining Sasuke's black hair and black eyes with his pale skin and Naruto's blue eyes and blond skin with his tan skin. Many of the fanficitons also establishes Sasuke as broody, popular, asexual and has no friends while Naruto is a talkative, pervy because of his sexy jutsu, likes to friend people and is a prankster. 

BTW, I  still wonder why Naruto has very tan skin when even Minato and Kushina have normal coloured skin. Hmmmm

Ok bye

Video - Speed Drawing by Mayara Rodrigues

Ok, I have a crush on this drawing. Haha. I noticed that she did the shadowing and highlight parts before filling the spaces with solid colour. 

As I get deeper into this art / drawing thing, I noticed that there are no wrong or right technique to colour drawings. Just do what you feel right.

Another account on Youtube to follow. Hey maybe I should post my drawings on Youtube.

sasunaru fanfiction idea

Hi. I'm still trying to wake up from my deep non-post slumber and I see that I have lost 4 followers. It seems some of my followers do actually read my blog. I thought they were long gone by now.  Anyway, what happened to me? December is where I plan things for January, things like researching the most logical kindergarteny/preschool option. 

Anyway apart from life and reality as a mother, wife and full time office worker I have been reading a lot of fanfictions this month and I am thinking of jumping into writing fanfiction. I had this idea where writing for fanfiction will eventually lead to writing an original novel and actually launch myself as a writer on the way there. 

I read a lot of SasuNaru fanfiction. I don't want to go there because the territory comes with yaoi stories which are very cringeworthy for some people. I just read it because some of the writers are very good and most are school / college going students. 

So while I was answering nature call, I got an idea for a SasuNaru fanfiction. Wait, I wonder why I always have ideas in the toilet. Hmmm. Maybe because when your mind wanders, it can hatch something creative. Let's jump straight to the idea.

So my SasuNaru will be a lot about close friendship between two very opposite characters. I can't and won't do yaoi because it is againts my beliefs, so the only option is friendship. As anyone who saw Naruto will see that Naruto is a very cheerful person, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, his complexion is also very tan. He is full of pranks, what with his jutsu which turns him into a naked girl. On the other hand Sasuke is a very broody guy, with black bluish hair, eyes so black, and skin so pale. He is also very serious and hardly smiles, only smirks. He is one emotionally constipated guy. The creator of Naruto, Kishimoto stated that Sasuke is created as an exact opposite of Naruto and opposites attracts.

Ok here's my idea. It is based on Cinderella, Naruto's father is a widower, he marries Mikoto Sasuke, who's a widow with two sons, Itachi and Sasuke. They wil eventually go to a ball held by Sakura, the daughter of the town's mayor and attended by the town's aristocrats and rich people. Minato is a businessman who acquires the uchiha's business, which was on the brink of brankruptcy and engages with mikoto.

Mikoto's son, Itachi and Sasuke at first opposes to her marriage with all their efforts, sabotaging their dinner and holiday together. then when they realize that their mother was actually in love with minato they let her marry. but that's when naruto comes back from his sabbatical year to return to college. Naruto was hoping to meet with his step brothers, but they couldn't accept her into their little bubble of broodiness.

So they all went to a local school, naruto opting to stay in the hostel on weekdays because he couldn't wake up on time. 

Maybe I should make it that Itachi comes late into their life. Or someone else from the Uchiha clan to arrive later and burst their new Naru-Sasu family bubble.

Well, Itachi hatches a plan to disrupt Naruto's life when Naruto inexplicably ruins something for him, like maybe 

1. Slip an examination cheat into Naruto's wallet while the latter wasn't looking.
2. Put sleeping pills into Naruto's food / drink, haul him into a dormitory and plans on calling the teacher, so Naruto gets red handed watching porn videos. My school evicted some students who broke into a viewing room and watched a porn video.
3. Slip Naruto inside the girls dorm maybe and accuse him of snooping around.
4. Eh i don't have any idea about what pranks students do in school. I'll have to do some digging for this.

Well, they all went to some social dinner, Itachi and his gang trying to get the mayor's daughter and Naruto into a hotel so Naruto will get sent away or something. 

Itachi's motives -  a few ideas
- He is a very protective bitch and conditioned Sasuke to follow all his doings, he blackmails Sasuke, makes Sasuke feels unloved or that they need to honour their late father.
- Their father died while they were barely out of diapers, so the uncle took care of them while siphoning money from the company. Mikoto had to go to university while she was in her late 30s so she could learn how to better manage her finances, meets Minato and as friends decided to spend their lives together even if love wasn't the first thing which connects them.

- A happy kid but always thinks he needs to gain people's approval. It's not about being popular, but it's about being accepted by people. His moral compass veers towards goodness but he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the wrong place and the wrong time is where Itachi is. So Itachi thinks that naruto is someone who steals his place as the favourite son of his mother, when his mother out of frustration compares him with naruto, her stepson. Naruto isn't just setaling his place in his already growing family, but also at his school.

Sasuke is someone who at first just go along with Itachi, but he receives a scholarship from a college and during his 15-16 years he goes for an internship / exchange program in a neighbouring state. 

Wow, this idea sounds a bit complicated. I think I have to draw it down like a a map. 

That's all bye. 


It's new year and my eldest son is going to kindergarten. Touched, happy, anxious and wow.
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