Hi, can I be your friend?

Truthfully one of the things which kills an artist is criticism. It's one thing to receive criticism, but to brace yourself to receive it and use it to improve yourself is another. I think most of us, especially when you hit your thirties are more relaxed when it comes to receive criticism.

I was rebellious when I was younger. I was not loud or doing any thrill seeking activities, just really quiet, introverted and 'weird'. Those are all really how people perceive me, someone said I was a wallflower. I think that is something each of us do in the company of strangers, just be in the background until you are sure how the situation should be handled.

Anyway I went to an art bazaaar and met a wonderful 48 year old artist and we talked for forty minutes. I estimated that it was that long because I arrived at 6.45 pm and was out by 8.00 pm. I only took a quick stroll across the four rows of indie products and her stall was in the third row.

At first it was more like a seller attending a prospective client. I was attracted to a clay camera earrings. Even if you wear hijab you can still wear modified earrings as a hijab pin charm. Anyway I talked and she responded, it was so refreshing. I kind of expressed how I felt as an artist by asking her questions about how she felt about her art, like does she ever felt that her art is never perfect? It was really deep stuff, things you don't talk about with your office mate, and only your spouse usually.

I asked her if she ever went crazy, because I have met an artist who told me that she went crazy and had a bout of insomnia to produce her arts. Lol, she said there's a glint in my eyes which told her that I was kind of wish I could do that. I told her there's a truth in that, but I couldn't since I have a baby and a husband. I can't go crazy for art's sake even if I am being paid. Like on of those artists painting at 3 am when the inspiration hits you. Anyway not all artists are like that, I'm just thinking of this niche.

At the end when her family was packing her stuff, she gave me her phone number and we hugged. It was nice. Maybe the fact that she was 14 years older made us connect better. It was nice to talk about my qualms which was actually normal among artists and middle child, yes she's a middle child too. Basically the solution is time, so the next time you're having a hard time just remember that time will heal all the pain away. Inner peace is like ten years from now, lol.

Anyway here's a pic from last weekend's #artforgrab at The School Jaya One. Bye bye.



Leather stuff with free name stamping 


Clay based jewellery

Brooches and hairbands

Hand painted glass wares



I bought the left one. Hadn't converted it into an earring yet.

So many pretty drawings but I only managed to snap these.


Cut and fold tenuks / cipans / tapirs

Jeans covered cut out tin cans 

Fanart : One Punch Man

It's been three weeks since I drew something. It's been a long two weeks without any drawings. So I whipped this up.


Simple inking. I know the anatomies are wonky, but I'll improve on this later.