Kyoot Khamis : Name in a frame

I only noticed that I haven't been doing any Kyoot Khamis's these few weeks. I went to two courses in a span of 3 weeks so that kept me busy. It is time for my craft now. Here's one I made a few days ago.

Anyway a friend's daughter celebrated her 1st birthday last Sunday, so I made a handmade gift for her. It looks almost finished but it's not as I can't find my fabric glue. So the ribbon upper left is just just a poser. I should go get UHU glue for the time being. I lost my trusty fabric glue somewhere :(.

So right after finishing the present I made another one for my son. I realized I never make anything for him yet. I dreamt of making him a baby room with something like this as a decoration.

I used a frame from Ikea, but Ikea no longer sells these now. This frame was bought 3 years ago and was supposed to be used for my wedding decoration. But they were never used, and sat in a corner for months.

I used the cardboard which is the photo frame backing as template. I put it on a cotton cloth (you can use a decorative or plain paper) which I readily have and trace the shape. Cut the cloth and start decorating.

For my baby's first name I used three colours of embroidery floss and embroidered his name on the cloth. Then I glue the embroidered cloth on the cardboard. Make sure to check the placement of the cutouts of the stands (on the frame backing) before gluing so the cloth will look correct when the frame stands. As my glue is gone, I used a double sided tape as a last resort.

As the cloth has become thicker being glued to the cardboard, I can easily paste letter cutouts on it. The second and third name are made from felt. I used double sided tapes. Just cut small pieces of tape and use it everywhere to give the letters extra adherence to the cloth.

Then I put it on the frame and put a pair of felt shoes as decorations.


This is giving me a headache. A lot of things has happened and some are not so pleasant and some are soooo ordinary but they reveal to me where I would like to be in the future. In a nutshell I hope to retire when I am 45from office work, build my own business, a business which will ensure me to be at home while raising the kids.

"she likes me, she likes me not"

being a woman and wanting to get a guy's attention, you'll be like "i really like you, can't you read all the signs I'm giving you?". Telling the guy directly "I like you" is like "na ah, you're a girl and girls don't sell themselves cheap." Culture is like - be a lady and soon he'll notice, communication is like - communication is key, tell them straight to the point. But non verbal communication is what makes drama a serial, you have 13 episodes where the guy and girl don't talk one on one and pick up a flower from a field and be pulling each petal chanting "he likes me, he likes me not".... "she likes me, she likes me not"....

Anon oh anon, aku ada lagu untuk korang.

Selepas bertahun2 baca komen anonymous di dunia internet ini, aku ada lagu untuk kau. Nyanyi stail 'Nona Nona Zaman Sekarang' nyanyian R.Azmi.

Anon anon zaman sekarang
Tak boleh ditegur, tak boleh dilarang
Ayatnya merepek, gigih dikarang
Itu membuat hati jadi berang 

anon lah jangan bikin keliru
tidaklah kenal siapa kamu
ayatnya sinis mengata selalu
sekarang sudah jadi tak tentu

Anon anon zaman sekarang
Tak boleh ditegur, tak boleh dilarang
Ayatnya merepek, gigih dikarang
Itu membuat hati jadi berang 

dalam Internet engkau berkuasa 
suka menulis perkara tak sopan
dalam Internet engkaulah raja
Identitimu siapa jadi rahsia