me not an individual enough?

Am i not individualistic enough? I am so sad that people can't see that I am my own person. Eheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Wonder Ten Year Old Boy

I just read about this boy Yeap Jia Hui who lives in Penang practically home alone. His mother visits him every two or three weeks and he has an elderly grandmother who lives several aparments below. I am in awe of this boy's ability to live alone and lead a normal life despite the lack of parental guidance. Fortunately his maternal grandaunt is going to take care of him from now on.

You can read the story at this link -

April shower bring May flowers

Hye, Langkawi’s great and I am already looking forward to my Sibu trip later this month. I have been a bit gila nak travel lately. That is ever since I realize that I won’t be travelling for work more often now. My goal for these few years is to travel Malaysia until I get my passport, which god knows when. Afterwards maybe I’ll have a chance to pay my cousin in UK for a visit.

Cuti-cuti mesia, seeing with my own eyes the places I only read about before.