9 days of confinement

Aloha. I gave birth to my dear second son (DS2) on July 17th. It was a normal birth compared to my first baby who was delivered via caesarian section. So here I am now at my Mom In Law's (MIL) house recuperating.

Normal childbirth is painful but the soreness which came after is more annoying. But Alhamdulillah it gets better. The pain at the place where they cut me to ease baby's exit was painful at first. But at 9 days post date it has become kind of annoying, painful at times but bearable. I hope I will feel more ok by Hari Raya. Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayer to have a normal birth and a little earlier than my due date so I can be more ok come raya.

Well. I will be posting non regularly of course. Confinement is a time to think about one's body and baby only, or at least the majority of the time. I still have aches on my body especially when I stand too long, sit too long or bend too much. So to help me recover MIL got me a confinement set to use externally and some traditional herbs like Manjakani and Sepang to drink. She bought me a confinement set and found me a lady masseuse to massage my aches away and so make me feel better. The masseuse told me she even massaged my MIL more than 3 decades ago when MIL gave birth to my husband.

I'll update when I feel not too sleepy. See you all later.

July Give Away

Ok. So I just got this sewing machine and spent like every hour dreaming about sewing. This morning while waiting for my laundry to finish, I spent about 10 minutes sewing a pocket for you my lovely readers.

For a chance to win this t shirt with an animal motif pocket, you must go to my Facebook page here and like it. Heheh, hey nothing is for free ok. After that comment here, where you'd wear this to? The best answer to me will win this shirt. It is M sized and black in colour.

The shirt.

Close up of the pocket.

If you win this give away but am particular about the pocket design, because it has piggies on it. I will sew another one if I have the time. If not, you'll get what you see here.

Have a good day!

38 weeks and 3 days

Physically I feel ok, emotionally I feel like crap. 
I don't mind getting attached 24 hours to an infant again but I mind that when I give birth it's almost raya time.
So many people will be visiting and I will have less me time with babe. 
I adore my privacy, more so when I am in confinement.
Confinement is full of physical pain, pain where the baby gets out - be it via the vajayjay or via caesarian hole.
Pain free confinement to me only comes after a month, so i am hoping for a VBAC - vajayjay birth after c sect.

My first born is so ready to be a big brother soon.
I told him baby will play with dad and I will play with him.
They said if we promise baby that his baby brother will soon be a play mate for him, that's a bit cruel as a baby usually takes a year to walk and interact with older kids. So I promised him that as soon as I finish my confinement I will spend time as usual with him.

My son is going to be 3 years old this mid month so I can just let him run around while I do things.
Right now he is totally like a best friend rather than a son. 
I can understand 60 percent of the things he says.
He even attempts at making simple jokes now. Like when someone farts, he says out loud. "XXX yak" which means "Mummy takes a dump." And he follows that up with "Pa yak" (Dad too) "Nenek Yak" (Granny too) "Tok Yak" (Grandpa too). Lol. He even makes believe feeding his soft toys when I feed him rice.

He also understands when he I can't pick him up, especially when my baby bump is tightening at that time(Braxton Hicks, as they call it. It's like the muscle practicing for actual labour). I also started referring to my baby bump as baby to him and whenever there were babies around I pointed it out to him. But i don't actually know whether he understood that the baby in my bump is going to be his partner forever. Hope he understands it instinctively.