Yuri On ice Season One : Finished already!!! An ode to Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri On Ice, YOI)

Hair blonde, eyes green, fifteen year old boy, currently Gold Medalist for Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, just because he wanted Yuri Katsuki to challenge him next time.

He isn't just a pretty and angry little blonde. He went after Victor to Japan and harassed his 'parents'. He should have a miniseries himself, like a back story of where his parents are. Why he is such an angry little boy and also how he first came to meet Victor.

Being angry after hearing indirectly from Victor that Yuri Katsuki would be retiring.

Yurio : thinking hard mode. A little angry and fired up.

Being angry right before his turn to skate.

Yuri came in such pretty colour scheme - pink and red, and also white.

Being angry before starting his performance, the thumbs up was for his new bff - Otabek Altin.

Comic Fiesta 2016 : My second anime / comic / games event for 2016

one for the album

My baes and the ticket to CF2016 taking space in my office.

The hidden doujinshi hall

Sasuke-chan and Naruto-kun!
Bought these for inspiration.
Hey, maybe I should go to an ACG event as Kyuubi, he's a cute furry thing.
And some cats - a badge and stickers because they are damn cute.

Awesome Madara Uchiha!
He's like Sasuke's great uncle or something.

Anyone knows what cosplay is this ?

This year I finally went to Comic Fiesta after missing it last year. i read online that people had problems parking, so I decided to ditch it. Since it’s my first time and I heard from a few people I met at a J-Fest event that the event is a massive one compared to Animangaki or others I’ve been to, so I decided to go alone. Actually going with a partner would be great, but since I left the kids with their daddy (Yes i am a mother of two) so no partner then. My soulmate isn’t really keen in anime/comic/games events but at least he lets me enjoy my late entry into the acg thingies.

So, the place where it’s held is situated about twenty minutes from my house but it took me an hour, what with no parking at the next door mall. I am such a loser when I am on the road. My waze wasn’t working with non-existent broadband, sigh. After several times going up and down three parking floors, my spectacled eagle eyes spotted some lady getting into her car from thirty metres away, so I managed to get a parking spot. Yipppee!

Anyway the entrance fee was RM25 (like 6 US dollars and 659 yen) and they used the first hall as a registration counter before visitors were directed (I felt like goats being herded to the barn when going down the stairs) towards a hall about 200 metres away.

So upon entering the first hall all I could see at the entrance were some big named company. Ignoring them, then I saw people getting upstairs to a small upper storey. Turned out that was where food were sold. There’s a few games booth along side the food stalls. So I returned downstairs and tried to search for the doujinshi / artists booths but couldn’t find any. Really I was only there for the doujinshi booths.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find them at first and I was fine about not buying anything. I went to browse stalls selling swords, katana, cosplays, t-shirts, bolster cases - like really non sexy dakimakura,  until I finished the usual merchandise booths which was like 40 of them and tadaaa in another much more darker hall was the doujinshis/artists.
So I got inside and this time browsed about 85 percent of them to my hearts content. The last time I was at one, I was carrying my one year old along and could only manage half of them. This time there’s like 50 booths of them and 500 people moving along. It was getting sweaty at times so I decided to skip some crowded tables for the next. Look what I bought.

I forgot to mention that I wore my new yukata which soulmate bought from Japan a few weeks ago. Man, I feel so pretty. But since my phone was almost dead I couldn’t capture a proper picture of myself.

Took only two pictures of cosplayers though I saw about fifty. The first thing I bought was the Sasuke postcard, since it’s right at the entrance and cost so cheap I bought it instantly. From what I saw, almost every booth had Yurii on Ice arts but I am not keen in buying them so I skipped them all. There’s like ten booths with One Punch Man arts but no Sound Of Speed Sonic at all. There only had Saitama and Genos, aaaahh. I think in the next event I am participating I am really going to sell some SOS things. I only grabbed some items because I am short of fund and my car needed refuelling.

I bought some Sasuke and Naruto things because they’re my go to anime. There were a few things not acg related and cute. I wish I could buy more. Maybe next time. I think I’ll skip Comic Fiesta next year and attend Animangaki instead.

I wonder why people could crowd to such places and pay RM25 (it’s quite hefty for me), but at some other place the entrance is free but people don’t come at all. It’s all tied to demands and supply. Really, Malaysians aren’t that poor, or at least some of us.

Anyway, got heaps of ideas from CF2016. Like I need to brush on my drawing skills, maybe perfecting my kanzashi flower skill - ok this sounded like I am stealing ideas from the booths there. Anyway there’s a tonnes of things to sell actually. I saw a small corner of hair / forehead / necklace fit for cosplayers. Maybe I could focus on that. I have tonnes materials lying around and they could see the world that way. You’ll die when you look at my craft stash, I am so bad at being a crafts supply shopaholic and then holding them hostage for months before making anything. I should make some things. 

On another note, I might just draw for my one self or just sell Speed Of Sound Sonic (One Punch Man) things and the rest, sell crafts disguised as ACG products. Like cats? I dunno. I need to take time with these things, maybe chuck my phone in a corner and start being serious about making things. I am a wannabe artist, but my wannabe game is strong, I am crying in my sleep. Ok bye.

Nanowrimo 2016

Working Title : Life and Death


A white character who defines light. Let people live and think of positive stuff.

A black, dark character who lives in the underbelly of greys, feed on darkness, checks on death of suicide.

A love story between the two never really combinig, never really loving, a poetry of two sides, yin and yang.

The supporting characters.

The murderer who kills people.

The poor suffering people, is death the answer.

The cancer patient on death sentence. So positive.

The able bodied but is crippled inside.

The one who watches them all.


1st to 30th November, 50,000 words. Go go go!


This is the fanart for my 'Finding Hinata'. There's a scene in chapter six where Hinata Hyuga walked upon Naruto kissing a blonde woman. Hinata dyed her hair in this fanfiction.

Diwali commercial.

As always Petronas festive ads are always attention seeking, or what you'd say these days, trending.

Happy Diwali to anyone who is celebrating it. 

See you all after the short Diwali break.

Naruto Shippuden 479

The end of more than a decade chase. Finality of frenemies.
The beginning of a new cooperation between

the future Seventh Hokage or Nanadaime Hokage

and his future
Shadow Hokage
Wielder of Rinnegan and the last Uchiha (before his daughter was born)

or as the fandom know as SasuNaru. Lol.

Rumours said despite the epic battle the studio which produces the animation will animate the light novels and some pre Boruto comics titled - the Naruto Gaiden, Sasuke Shinden, Shikamaru Hiden, Sakura Shinden and etc2. It explains how Naruto met Hinata prior to Naruto The Last. 

I bought some old copies of Naruto comics the other day. Lol. I feel so childish and giddy all at the same time :D for owning a piece of a long running anime/manga.

Water Colour : Speed Of Sound Sonic

Water colour is a really entertaining media. Somewhere I read that if water colour is cheaper than copic. This is only my second time using this #mariespaintingcolours and its really delicious to use. I feel like a professional already. Lol. #Speedofsoundsonic #speedosoundsonic #sonic #onsokunosonic #watercolour #onepunchman

Animation : New Animation 'Nanbaka the numbers'

Inktober 11/31, #Nanbaka character #Jyugo. I have only watched two episodes of Nanbaka and I found the anime engaging. The protagonist are four breakaway prisoners named Jyugo, Uno, Niko, Rock and the prison officer who monitors these delinquents, Hajime Sugoroku. The cutest character which tugged at my attention was of course Jyugo. I couldn’t tell from first glance that he was 16 and that’s a minor agen character. 

I became intrigued to watch Nanbaka when a post labelled Jyugo and Hajime as SaiSonic ran through my Tumblr feed. Yeah Hajime looked like Saitama with a scar. The prison officer is a man of professional qualities and have made it his job to watch over the mischievous quartet. Go watch them yourself since it’s only two episodes so far.

Some of the main characters for #NanbakaTheNumbers

Hajime Sugoroku




 Jyugo or Prisoner no 15


He's 16 and it's quite awkward to fawn over a 16 year old

He's a guy but designed feminine, or what they call these days - agender

From the webcomic

My #INKtober entry

My #INKtober entry

Assholes in the city, but all the heartache soothed by angels in disguise.

Everyone has an asshole, it's a natural thing. If you don't have the doctors can make for you. I'm sorry if this offended you, but I am tired of assholes. I might be an asshole sometimes, this isn't referring to the channel of stench and ewww, this refers to acting selfish and without consideration when it comes to others.

I was an asshole since I only posted a free knitting package of yarns yesterday though the receiver had banked in the postage money right after National Day. Oh man. I need to upah someone next time. I was being an asshole when I failed to pay some people a few hundred ringgits debt. Damn, but I blame it on shortage of fund and the person whom I owe money still owe me a few hundred ringgits for a job. Maybe I should pay little by little then. The reason that I am telling you all of this is because I am in awe when people start being assholey to you. Don't you reflect on yourself and be patient for a minute.

Sometimes waiting for slow and slothlike people are boring. The thing is when things like this occur, the selfish part of my mind always groaned and say things in my mind like 'Why is this thing happening to me?' Anyway I met a few assholey people when we went out for a spin yesterday.

The first asshole was someone who wanted us to move lanes, turned out he only wanted to fill his car at the less than 20 metres away Petrol Station. He honked us a few times and my driver always taking the slow way only turned lanes within a few seconds. The asshole sped forward until he was in line with us and gave us a glare. It was like "WTF were you honking so rudely, the station is like metres away only.

Then later we went to eat and when we were exiting I held the door for a couple, maybe they were around thirty year old but without any child in tow. The man looking every inch a laidback city guy with coloured hair said thank you to me. A simple thank you can work wonders. I wasn't expecting it at first just didn't want the door to swing back on anyone's face. And I get a thank you for that. He made me feel warm inside.

The problem with such a jaded modern city person like me who had been stepped on too many times, the statement 'faith in humanity restored' rings through my mind. I am like the cliche stressed over little things mother of two kids, lol. I worry about too many things at once. It doesn't help when you are cooped up in a house and don't meet new people often and then thrust media social which is often more about theories, opinions and cooked up scare tactics rather than actual humanity. You must shake your booty to experience the reality of the world.

The conclusion to my rant is that whenever an asshole tries to trip you, remember that there will always be another who will be good to you. And just because you have been cheated on, treated unfairly or feel like the world is on to you, don't let it drag you down. The world is only doom and gloom if you let it be.

Now I wonder if I say the things above to those people who are being repressed and being victimized, would they believe me and trust me that the world is not just evil and gloom.

That make me think about another opportunity to rant.

Hi, can I be your friend?

Truthfully one of the things which kills an artist is criticism. It's one thing to receive criticism, but to brace yourself to receive it and use it to improve yourself is another. I think most of us, especially when you hit your thirties are more relaxed when it comes to receive criticism.

I was rebellious when I was younger. I was not loud or doing any thrill seeking activities, just really quiet, introverted and 'weird'. Those are all really how people perceive me, someone said I was a wallflower. I think that is something each of us do in the company of strangers, just be in the background until you are sure how the situation should be handled.

Anyway I went to an art bazaaar and met a wonderful 48 year old artist and we talked for forty minutes. I estimated that it was that long because I arrived at 6.45 pm and was out by 8.00 pm. I only took a quick stroll across the four rows of indie products and her stall was in the third row.

At first it was more like a seller attending a prospective client. I was attracted to a clay camera earrings. Even if you wear hijab you can still wear modified earrings as a hijab pin charm. Anyway I talked and she responded, it was so refreshing. I kind of expressed how I felt as an artist by asking her questions about how she felt about her art, like does she ever felt that her art is never perfect? It was really deep stuff, things you don't talk about with your office mate, and only your spouse usually.

I asked her if she ever went crazy, because I have met an artist who told me that she went crazy and had a bout of insomnia to produce her arts. Lol, she said there's a glint in my eyes which told her that I was kind of wish I could do that. I told her there's a truth in that, but I couldn't since I have a baby and a husband. I can't go crazy for art's sake even if I am being paid. Like on of those artists painting at 3 am when the inspiration hits you. Anyway not all artists are like that, I'm just thinking of this niche.

At the end when her family was packing her stuff, she gave me her phone number and we hugged. It was nice. Maybe the fact that she was 14 years older made us connect better. It was nice to talk about my qualms which was actually normal among artists and middle child, yes she's a middle child too. Basically the solution is time, so the next time you're having a hard time just remember that time will heal all the pain away. Inner peace is like ten years from now, lol.

Anyway here's a pic from last weekend's #artforgrab at The School Jaya One. Bye bye.



Leather stuff with free name stamping 


Clay based jewellery

Brooches and hairbands

Hand painted glass wares



I bought the left one. Hadn't converted it into an earring yet.

So many pretty drawings but I only managed to snap these.


Cut and fold tenuks / cipans / tapirs

Jeans covered cut out tin cans 

Fanart : One Punch Man

It's been three weeks since I drew something. It's been a long two weeks without any drawings. So I whipped this up.


Simple inking. I know the anatomies are wonky, but I'll improve on this later.


I am on tumblr and devianart. Man, I have so many media social but so far I managed to update all with at least a pic of my sketches once a week. Saying that, I am still taking this blogging thing slow too. Blogging is like a part time job, you need to sit down properly and write things at least 200 words in a few hours, thus to write longer is not a thing I can do now. The most I can manage is half an hour of sifting through pics, cropping and upgrading the quality and then construct some paragraphs. But since I have like 2718 readers each month, even if they land here by some random key word, I am going to continue writing.

Ok here are some sketches from this week and last week. My sketches they are prettier now and a lot consistent.

Update for my Gerimis fanfic, Naruko Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.
I spent 15 minutes getting the girl's face younger, erggghh. i guess teen girls should be drawn
with less voluptous lips.

This is Naruko Uzumaki, a genderbend of Naruto. Why this one look teen, unlike the above?

A fanart of my pal, Elle Az.

It took me three tries to get Fem!Genos's face like that. Oh and I have joined the blue pencil league. I noticed that they use blue pencil, apart from wanting to feel an increase in my skills, blue sketches are also easier to erase. Black pencils are too much to erase, of course if you use 2B pencils. If you use 2H then it's lighter but it has no umpphhh in the feels. I spent two years during my school year sketching with a 2H pencil and then lining with a 2B pencil for my Technical Drawing subject.

Left to right, I genderbend them - Speed O Sound Sonic, Saitama and Genos.

Full version. I googled female assasin, female bodybuilder and also
One Punch Man official art for references. 

Some random sketch.

Some random sketch 2. 

I am such an addict now that I'd rather spend RM10 buying a sketch book and pencil to pass the time, rather than a magazine. Still, I think I need to buy magazine later because googling for references just adds up my internet bill. Ok, bye.