Salam. Semalam aku terbaca kawan2 punya komen di page Afdlin Shauki di FB tentang pemergian Yus kumpulan Jambu. AlFatihah kepada arwah dan takziah kepada keluarganya.

Kali terakhir aku nampak penampilannya di tv pada minggu lalu. Aku tak layan Juara Parodi, so aku tak pasti dia ada sertai atau tidak. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang beriman.

Ini membuatkan aku berfikir, sekelip mata sahaja kita pergi. Kita rasa kita masih muca, masih berdaya dan masih banyak benda ingin dikejar, namun garis penamat kita hanya Allah yang pasti.

It really hits me great as a muslim. That all that I am doing on this earth is just temporary, masa untuk audit kehidupan nampaknya. Semua di dunia hanya sementara, maka usah risau sangat ok diri aku, dan juga diri kamu.

Komik Kon Malaysia! Part 1, of my recap.

This is my personal opinion, I am not a spokesperson nor do I work for Komik Kon.

Komik Kon?

It's the first in Malaysia so I was anticipating it since about 5 months ago. All this while, I have been watching videos of interviews with casts of popular drama / science fiction series and movies, like The Avengers and Sherlock, which were held at Comic Cons. Therefore I thought unlike other comic based events I attended, it will cover a larger scope.

From what I gathered Komik Kon is a platform for comic, animation and live action artists, fans and wannabes like me, to gather and rejoice about all things geeky. From my past visits, Visual Arts Expo, and Animangaki seemed to be Japancentric but Komik Kon in Malaysia seems more influenced by the western side.

Me, a vendor?

I was in such a high spirit that I participated as a vendor, which was a very ambitious thing to do for me. I am in a wannabe mode since I was pregnant last year, wannabe tailor, wannabe artist, wannabe novelist, wannabe crafter... Eh I have been a crafter ever since my mom taught me to sew jelujur at around 8 years old ok. Well, I was feeling dreamy and in such a state of needing to achieve something, that I decided there and then to participate in it. Although I had no idea what I was going to sell. Lol.

Life as a full time worker and mom seems a bit dull, when compared to all my friends. That's what social media does to you, huhuhu. They tell you about what people are doing and it can poison your mind. Well that's not the sole reason, that's like the 12th reason. But couple that with a burning desire to create and be artistic, and it all came down to that.

Location, location, location.

Before I paid the fee, I found out that it will be held at MAEPS, which is way over in Serdang. Of course my car had to be in a not so healthy state, and so I decided my husband will ferry me there and asked my sister to chauffer me home. I didn't ask any of my friends to come along because I couldn't fetch them and I wasn't sure whether I will be there on the three days.

Clash of schedules

So I entered this competition at work and it was rescheduled to another date. Naturally, the last date of the competition coincided with the first day of Komik Kon. That made me halt all my efforts towards comic con just 2 weeks before Komik Kon happened. Firstly, I was stressed that I can't be at two places at once, since my partners were also working at last moment's notice, which means my table will be empty on Day 1. Secondly, all my efforts were going towards preparing for the competition.


Being a seller is not a new thing for me, but being a seller at a comic based event is. So I decided to sell many things at once, I decided to make animation cards, charmbracelets with animation influences, shoes with illustration. Wow, that is a lot of things and ambitious too. My husband said that he didn't actually see what my products were, and I was dismayed by his comment. But I guess it is a natural thing to say when people don't really understand things which you only recite inside your head.

When the day finally came, I marketed my shoes, sold some charmbracelets, keychains and necklaces. It covered my costs for a day's expenses.

Actually, what was more priceless was gaining direct feedback from visitors. They commented that I was doing a good job with my illustration, some were asking about the markers I use and how the illustration will stand up to the weather.

Looking back, I should have prepared some shoes to sell instead of just using them for displays. I should also collect people emails for sending emails or just making contacts. One girl was very interested in my Hulk shoes and I was rejecting her, when I should've taken her email or hp number. Haiyyaaa.


By the way, a guy who sells Kluang Man merchandises, said he is interested at my thingies and will invite me to a local fest called AniFest Malaysia. I will be checking what it's about later.

Ok, that's all for the first part. See you all later.


How do you banish your sadness. You can't, because sadness is a product of your mind. Like say, after a few days of noticing that things don't go my way while other people seems to prosper, I begin to feel sad, then I looked at my pile of unwashed clothes and my broken lights, at my salary which is low compared to degree graduated friends and at my tudung which had holes in it because I forgot to adjust the iron's setting, just because I was running late the other day. All those came to my mind, like boom, boom, boom. When I am sad, of course I could only reflect on my sadness. Sadness attracts sadness and thus welcomes bitterness. When you are focusing on your negative state, you will not realize about your healthy children, your always supporting husband or the fact that you can afford to hail a taxi like everyday. Living in a city can melt you, and at that time you feel like crawling back into your mother's womb where you breathe your own shit. Lol. Life is stressful and shitty, but you thrive in your own way. Wake up and notice that the world does not evolve around your sadness, it changes every single day, and so do you.

#KomikKon Diary - 29 days to go


I have just gotten around to buy supplies for making my merchandises. I still have so many things to do and one of them is advertising / marketing my existence there. One of my preparation involves going to MGACE this weekend as it is not far from my house, and I will use it as a survey of what I should do on Komik Kon. Maybe more like getting myself more aware and psychologically prepared for the 3 day event. As a newbie and a wannabe I am so nervous. This is what one would call jumping head first,"you become involved in it too quickly, without having time to think about it carefully." I am still blur as to what I should do. I can't be drawing there as I feel that my drawing talent is too amateur.

Menjadi Paprazzo tak berbayar

 Apakahnye itu Paparazzo? Ia adalah sejenis pekerjaan buat jurugambar bebas, di mana dia kejar orang ternama untuk ambil gambar dan jual kepada majalah / media. Tapi aku kategori paparazzo pura-pura, kerana aku menghadiri majlis untuk mewakili bos aku tapi tetiba aku rajin nak snap gambar dan update di Instagram majikan aku. Ok baiklah, cukuplah membebel, mari kita tengok siapa ada kat majlis itu.

Pada Khamis lepas bos aku minta aku wakilkan dia ke program Jabatan di ECurve, program tu untuk para klien Jabatan aku la. Selain klien-klien ada juga jemputan program tu  dalam kalangan pelakon-pelakon, penerbit dan selebriti yang terlibat dengan program yang disiarkan di TV1, TV2 dan TVi. 

So aku yang tak betah berdiri nak duduk-duduk tengok orang sahaja, mengambil keputusan untuk merakamkan gambar-gambar di Red Carpet untuk akaun media sosial milik Jabatan. Tapi takkan la nak ambil gambar untuk kegunaan kerja je kan, haruslah selfie.

Dengan Nelydia Senrose.

Chef Adu Amran, ala MasterChef tu

Shukri Yahaya atau Shuk SYJ

atau Makcik Karipap
Aku nak ambil gambar dia kat red carpet, dia pulak ajak selfie.

Azrel Ismail, pelakon drama Fajar Di Bukhara

Rohana Jalil dan Salwa Abd Rahman

Aku selfie sorang kat luar lokasi

Nurul Alis @ Kiki, sangat peramah dan mesra. Tak sangka betul.

Dengan rakan sekerja, Renee Floretta dan Josh Sim, Renee ni DJ kat TRAXXfm dan Josh Sim ni baca berita + DJ. Aku hanyalah penolong penerbit :D. Dieorang ni antara 6 DJ yang mengacara malam tu.

Reen Rahim. Kecik je orangnya.

Sebelah kiri tak kenal, sebelah kanan Kuna. Dulu masa dia muda2 dia selalu berlakon jadi heroin drama, dan dia sama popular macam kakak dia Kuna. Sekarang bawa watak mak atau nenek. Sekarang tengah muncul di TV1 dalam drama Kasih Malisa jadi nenek Zara Zya.

Anne Abdullah dan kiri dia tak kenal hihihi.

Dan the lovely Fasha Sandha, Aku malas nak selfie dengan dia masa ni. 

Ada beberapa pelakon lain lagi yang hadir tapi sorang kat sini, sorang kat sana jadi maleh nak panggil ambil gambar. Ada Nad Zainal yang sampai awal jadi dia dah siap-siap duduk kat satu sudut ni. Kamal Adli juga ada tapi dah awal-awal masuk panggung nak tengok video screening dengan plus one dia. 

Sesungguhnya aku bukan paparazzo terhebat sebab cepat terasa. Sedang aku memamggil-manggil orang nak bergambar. Kat situ ada beberapa jurugambar dan juga-juga tetamu-tetamu yang sibuk nak bergambar jadi memang aku selit-selit antara mereka. Namun rupa-rupanya ada juga di majlis begini pihak-pihak yang terkenal namanya tapi menolak nak bergambar di Red Carpet. Dahla cara dia menolak tu macam "go away, go away". Lepas tu macam jauh-jauhkan diri sembunyi belakang husband dia bila aku ada cakap dengan dia pasal sesuatu. Biarlah aku bawa nama celebrity ini ke liang lahad hahhaha tak mau mention sape. Cuma aku kaget juga sebab ingatkan mesra sangat macam dalam media sosial dan kaca tv, tapi rupanya boleh dikategori sebagai kerek. Tak tau la apa masalah dia. Aku tengok macam ada masalah aje hari tu, mungkin tak sihat. Mimik muka dia macam lebih rela berada di tempat lain. Tapi lepas aku dah lepak tepi aku nampak dia menyapa selebriti lain ok pula. So aku anggap je dia tak selesa dengan orang asing dan pilih geng-geng dia je. Hmmm. Aku teruskan kehidupan jugale buat apa fikir lama-lama. Bukan aku wartawan hiburan nak bikin gosip aje.

Dan tak lama lepas tu penganjur panggil kami masuk ke panggung untuk video screening, Seat aku sebelah ketua komunikasi sebuah syarikat besar ini. Waaa sangat peramah orangnya, terus terubat rasa kena dikerekkan tadi. Aku sedar first impression is soooo penting dalam dunia penyiaran ini. Sekali ko kerek, itu je yang kadangkala melekat. Ini pun reminder untuk diri aku. Ada orang kata aku muka sumbung. Chaitt. Anyway, kembali kepada kisah bertemu orang PR tadi, maka aku pun terus minta no telefon untuk hubungi. Yelah dunia penyiaran / korporat / komunikasi / kewartawanan ni kecil. Balik-balik orang tu juga yang kau jumpa dan temuramah suatu hari nanti.

Tak best pun kadangkala sibuk nak jadi photographer tak bertauliah ni. Kadang-kadang rasa nak gelak pun tengok banyak nye gambar berselfie. Tapi kalau dulu kan kutip autograph, sekarang gambar selfie blur-blur pun dah cukup suka dah. Oklah nak choww.

#KomikKon Diary : Preparation

Aku berangan nak buat komik, sedate dan semata2 untuk Komik Kon. Bissell wannabe kena try semua benda sekali dalam hidup, ada orang panggil bucket list, tapi aku panggil wannabe. Wannabe sebab bila aku dah buat sekali, belum tentu aku akan nak buat lagi.

Aku ada idea macam nak buat kompilasi. Temanya seram. Baru tadi terbayang pasal kisah balik malam2, ditemani gelap lepas tu ada peneman dari belakang. Tengok 2 member dia saje prank dia dari jauh. Tapi bukan member dia rupanya. Eee cerita pepagi buta ni seram pulak.

Seken pasal kisah kemanusiaan, pasal kecik-kecik parents ko drop ko kat nenek ko dan menjauhkan diri. Ni inspired by cerita2 kawan aku. Tapi part fiksyen dia ialah kau menjadi seorang tough di luar dan x confident di dalam bila hal bab kasih sayang antara manusia. Biaselakan kena ada klise. Kisah cinta la yang pastinya. Ibarat macam you love me enough to break my tough exterior. Tapi dia punya resolusi belum ada.

Kemungkinan besar aku buat tema seram kot sebab aku memang ada bakat nak melukis makhluk huduh ni. Cuma nak cari satu je lagi cerita. Ok bai nak tido.

Ditulis pukul 2 pagi tadi. Zzzzz

Inktober #1 - Drafts

Inktober 2015. What is that? Read here

Ia adalah bulan untuk melukis menggunakan pen dakwat. Melukis kan ada banyak stail. Maka di sini aku baru buat draf, siap ada tarikh untuk mewakili setiap hari Inktober yang dah terlepas.

Aku lukis pakai reference, the internetto! Rasa tak konfiden nak lukis daripada imaginasi. Maklumlah enjin baru nak start setelah lama berhibernasi daripada dunia melukis selalu ni. 

Atas kanan tu konon aku la. Potret diri.

 Atas kanan tu Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, tapi tak berapa jadi.

Jom join Inktober. Satu hari satu lukisan. Pedulikan pasal teknik sebab kalau banyak sangat fikir kau takkan melukis punyalah. Biar mula-mula lukisan huduh tapi asalkan berlatih melukis. Tadi ada officemate aku ni duk menceceh pasal teknik lukisan la, pasal aku okla, melukis ada rupa kira okla. Peduli apa aku lukisan aku bentuk apa, aku nak berlatih je bukan nak kejayaan cemerlang pada saat ini. Maka aku akan melukis in private je supaya tak ada yang mengomen banyak time aku tengah nak santai ko sibuk menceceh pasal benda teknik la.

Throwback Sunday

Throwback Sunday. Catatan masa last day sekolah, time student junior dah balik tapi sebelum SPM. Aku memang patut jadi novelis tapi liatnya nak start. Nama2 berkenaan diblurkan untuk melindungi bekas schoolmate yang dah beranak pinak.

Ps: Husband I dah izinkan nak share in case ada orang wondering.

8 minit

8 minit
shut down komputer
7 minit
kemas telefon dan wallet masuk beg
6 minit
membuang air tin ke dalam tong sampah
5 minit
menukar selipar yang lebih selesa untuk berjalan pulang
4 minit
berjalan dari pintu pejabat ke pintu keluar pejabat
3 minit
tiba di hentian bas dan teksi dan buka aplikasi Uber
2 minit
Kereta Uber sampai
1 minit
Musykil nak naik ke tidak

Dah dua kali aku naik Uber ke pejabat, namun aku masih was-was. Namun aku naik kerana lebih murah berbanding teksi, Hmmm entahlah.

Talking to the MIL- using the 5 Wives and a husband

As a media practitioner I am obliged to write any text, copy, article, caption, note using the 5 wives and one husband method, which is actually the who, what, where, when, why and 'how'. After 15 years of learning about it, it has practically been ingrained in me. Sometimes even when I am chatting, I collect info like a police investigating a case. I just can't process certain information without knowing the details. In fact I have decided to tell people things in that very 5 questions arrangement.

Let's say I was informed by my boss that I have to work for four days in Kedah, so i will ask my MIL to take care of my babies like this "Mom, I have to work from Sunday to Wednesday next week. So can you take care of the babies, for five days, because i also counted the day after I arrived back here. Please take care of them at your house, we will send them the day before. 

Yeah, like a long list of what to do should you be able to help us. Lol.

#KomikKon Diary - Brianstorming for my steampunk cosplay : planning in my head

At this stage, I haven't received any confirmation email from Komik Kon regarding my payment for the booth. I think there may be like a hundred booths so they must be busy, what with the upcoming holiday anyway. So I will totally go worried next Monday before I email them later.

Anyway I have been planning to do some lightweight cosplay at Komik Kon, maybe on day two and three only because I think I can't be wearing the same clothes for three days straight even in an air conditioned room (which will get warmer as more people enters). I am also not planning to spend much on cosplay when I need to cover the costs for merchandise (i haven't started on anyhting yet, Ya Allah I am such a poor planner and business woman :()

Anyway, I want to talk about my cosplay plans. I plan to use existing clothes and just alter them to steampunk fashion or add some things here and there.

My first plan is to find my long lost bolero.
It's black in colour and I think about adding some trimmings like this olive bolero.

Olive bolero with trimmings.

Then I can add on some armyish details like the thing they put on top of the shoulder.
I also have lots of chains and charms and can do like this.

This bolero can be worn when I walk around the event hall,
so maybe I can wear it throughout the 3 days there.

I have also thought about searching for a hooded shirt and converting it into something like this with lace applique or something.
Hodded sleeveless bolero.

At this point I want to buy a pair of boots, but a pair costs like RM60 and I need about RM400 to prepare for the merchandises. Hmmm...

Anyway about the rest of the costume. There are a few props that one can complement on the whole steampunk cosplay look. But as too much accessories can make you look messy, I'll just pick two maybe. Some of the props are.



Utility belt

Gun tutorial here

Bracelets / Wrist Cuffs

Top hat. Tutorial here.

Ok that's all.

Fesyen ibu-ibu?

Sebelum beranak dua fesyen aku terdiri daripada t-shirt short sleeve, blouse short sleeves, inner macam-macam warna - hitam, ungu, turqoise, oren, coklat, putih, jeans, skirts, baju kurung dan sehelai jubah hitam. Namun, setelah mengandung kali kedua aku banyak beli T-Shirt dan blouse lengan panjang stretchable, jeans pelbagai saiz, jubah, khaki pants, dress dan skirts. Aku dah jarang pakai t-shirt lengan pendek dengan inner kerana aku rasa tak sesuai dah dengan kerja aku dan juga aku rasa panas pakai berlapis-lapis.

Ok, ni latest aku pakai inner hitam sebab kononnya masa kerja kat lokasi ni kena pakai t-shirt lengan pendek daripada sponsor. Tapi rakan-rakan sekerja aku tak mau pakai t shirt itu. Kata mereka tshirt tu tak ada lambang organisasi kami yang punya acara, tetapi cuma ada logo syarikat depan dan logo acara di belakang. Maka aku teruskan la pakai t shirt putih yang aku pakai daripada rumah sebab dah selesa. Acara pula buat dalam kawasan dewan maka suhu kejap sejuk, dan bila ramai orang sedikit suam tapi tak panas kan.

Masa ini aku kembali berjinak-jinak pakai sneakers. Selalu aku pakai kasut flat, tapi bila pakai kasut flat, banyak plak bunions maka aku sengsara. Maka aku belila kasut North Star harga RM70 yang lelaki punya, yang pasti dia kalis air. Kira kalau setakat pijak lopak sikit tak kotor la kaki.

Tudung pulak pakai tudung instant. Belit sekali, kemaskan pakai brooch. Kalau berkenan bolehlah tengok di @KarlaScarves.

Gambar ini masanya lebih kurang 8 bulan selepas mengeluarkan anak kedua. Aku pakai baju mengandung lagi masa ini, jimat dan selesa. Maklumlah selepas beranak ada lebih kurang 10 kilo maintain dan nak hilang tak la secepat mana. Aku mana bersenam dan jaga makan :P  Baju-baju mengandung aku semua spesis stretchy kat perut, aku beli kat Scarlet Plus, ada jual kat Jaya Jusco. Masa aku shopping tu ada sorang minah plus size ni duk membeli jugak, aku pun apa lagi join la. Sehelai dalam RM40 la average dia. Yang atas ni aku beli RM30 sebab sale.

Selain daripada pakai tudung instant, fesyen aku juga lebih kepada pakai tudung Syria. Senang sarung sahaja. Tudung syria pilihan aku sekarang banyak beli daripada Renee, ada kat Temerloh outlet dia. Tapi dia dah tak keluarkan lagi tudung syria fancy schmancy, so aku dah kebuntuan nak beli mana tudung syria yang affordable dan comel.

Ni masanya lebih kurang 9 bulan anak kecil aku usianya. Masa ni aku malas nak beli baju baru sangat sebab dalam proses turun berat badan, walapun sebulan turun 500 gram aja. Aku beli dua helai daripada kawan aku punya koleksi pakaian second. Sehelai RM15, boleh la buat pakai time balik kampung husband.

Masa ini berangan kat padang pasir. Aku sanggup berjalan lebih kurang sekilometer sebab nak berangan duduk kat desert. Tinggalkan husband aku dengan anak-anak tidur dalam kerete. Ni kat Klebang, Melaka sebenarnya. Masa ni anak aku kecik lagi, dalam 6 bulan kot. Selalu kalau tak pregnant aku pakai baju saiz M, tapi masa ini semua baju aku pakai L-XL. T Shirt jejaka kat Brands Outlet dan Padini ok jugak, corak2 nya basic tapi cantik-cantik. Tudung tu koleksi lama Renee. Sekali lagi aku kata, aku kecewa Renee's tak keluarkan lagi tudung Syria baru.

Ini gambar raya puasa baru ini. Aku ada cuti sehari, aku pergi jalan-jalan kat Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi dalam 2 jam tu, tengok2 baju Soda dan Padini banyak cun-cun. Tudung ni beli kat opismate. Aku saja jadi macam pokok masa ini sebab asyik-asyik baju aku, ungu dan pink, putih, solid colour, dan gelap2. Sekarang ini aku suuuuuuuka sangat Steampunk so aku tengah emulate secara sedar dan tak sedar ke arah warna armyish macam brown, tan, khaki.

Kadang-kadang survey la bahagian lelaki punya baju sebab ada yang menarik dan yang penting long sleeve pun banyak. Ok, bye.

#KomikKon Diary - Doujin! Bucket list no 12

What is doujin? Click here please for the definition. A lot of doujin centers on fanart but I am attempting to do a one man original doujin. I haven't started anything yet, just a mishmash of ideas floating around. I am also torn between doing a single story comic or 3 short stories in a single comic. Then there's the online publishing and there are also printing. Everything either takes up cost or time. I hope to accomplish something in this two months.

Ok before I ramble on I must tell you that I have a lot of ambitions growing up. So in my head it's more like trying to cross off an item off my bucket list instead of trying to attempt something life changing or do a career crossover.

I want to try my hands at comic drawing at least once. If it turns ok then I can do more, but if isn't that ok, then I can go on and do some other bucket list item. And then a few weeks ago I came across doujin. At AniManGaki and Visual Arts Expo, I saw a few doujin tables but didn't know what they were there for. At the Visual Arts Expo I walked past a few seminar room and saw a 'How I became a cartoonist' topic and decided to join in. The lady who gave the talk said she had only started her comic at age 35. The only thing stopping anyone from pursuing their dream is self doubt and fear, so I should cast them aside and just plan and draw. If I start now, and try and try, things will happen eventually.

Anyway, I have been thinking for a few years now about doing some comic thing. I did a one page comic when I was in secondary school, I think I was in form two then. But it never went to print, even in the school magazine. So now is my time, although 20 years too late maybe. I want to challenge myself by participating in my first ever Doujin event at Komik Kon. I have send in my application and paid the fee although I haven't heard from them yet about table confirmation or anything.

So ou of sheer wannabeism, I bought this book at Kinokuniya. My officemate had some work over at KLCC so I went there to visit. On my way back i thought to browse books, because Kinokuniya has some really rare books like this. So for a book nearing RM80 I hope this will be my answer to being a comic artist. Well, i hope to document my journey here.


Haze Haze Go Away.

It's on hazy days like this that we wish upon days like the above. Sometimes we are too critical of those good clear days when we have them but then when we lost them, we miss them badly.

Last night the Air Pollution Index reached almost 200, so today the Education Ministry announced that all schools in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor to be closed. Some kindergarten closed too, but some reopened after parents complained. As parents, it is our first and foremost responsibility to be available to our kids, but when you work it kind of slipped into two priorities. Kids are ok, you work. If kids are not ok, you take a break. If kids really need you, then you just quit work and doa for some other source of income while tending the kids at home. Yeah, I am babbling because I am about to go home while thinking that I feel bad about not being home with the kids in this bad weather, but also need to work. Hmmm. :P

Me and Cosplaying

Mengapakah dah tua-tua baru nak cosplay? Tanya suami aku pada aku dua hari lepas. Sebab dah usia gini baru jumpa orang-orang sedemikian kan, masa dah tua ni la ada duit dan kelapangan. Lagipun masa tua ni la baru ada perasaan nak mengejar semua cita-cita lalu. Dia macam life begins at 30 plak.

Sebenarnya, kali pertama aku ternampak orang cosplay masa aku google pasal Naruto tahun 2003 macam tu. Masa tu aku baru je habis melayan marathon Naruto zaman kanak-kanak so aku google la pasal naruto kan, dan aku ternampak ada mat salleh berpakaian macam Naruto. Aku korek2 rupanya cosplay. Masa tu keongkosannya kan limited so takdela fikir panjang nak mengcosplay bagai.

Makanya, dua minggu lepas aku ke MIECC untuk event Visual Arts Expo dan aku terjumpa dua ketul belia memakai baju cosplay tengah jalan-jalan. Dorang kata dorang cosplay Kojou Akatsuki daripada manganime Strike The Blood dan Aha Kushina daripada K Project. Yang cosplay Ana Kushina ni rupanya ahlil hijab cosplayer, iaitu perempuan2 berhijab yang memperagakan fesyen lolita dalam berhijab. 

Maka aku berconnect dengan mereka-mereka ini dan terpanggil untuk bercosplay. Semasa AniManGaki yang baru ni kat Sunway Pyramid aku pakai headband telinga kucing dan topeng mata, sebab nak cosplay lite-lite jadi CatWoman. 

Aku google baru ni, kalau cosplay jadi Jesse from Toy Story ok jugak. Akak tak kuat nak join lolita sebab akak rasa akak dah tua dah. Hahha. Kalau aku cosplay jadi lolita pun mungkin aku pakai gaun labuh sajor. Baiklah, wa cao dulu.

#AniMaNgaki 2015 day 1

I paid RM20 for a day's pass and brought along my baby son for the ride, whilst his dad and bro went to roam the shopping center.

There were so many people there. I estimated around 2500, and you can easily spot a cosplayer there. Maybe a cosplayer for every 20 normal clothed person. There were plenty of activities there like game demonstration, anime screening, cosplay competition and artists parading their wares. You can find button badges, stickers, figurines, anime/manga characters on pillow cases, bags, shirts, keychain and many more. 

The event spread on two floors is an annual event, but this was my first time there. I learned about it at Visual Arts Expo, and the next event will be Komik Kon Malaysia at MIECC in Nov and Comic Fiesta in Dec. You can search for photos of the event on Instagram using the hashtags #amg2015 #animangaki and #animangaki2015. Enjoy the pixes.

Here's a video I found on AniManGaki account on YouTube.