Salam. Semalam aku terbaca kawan2 punya komen di page Afdlin Shauki di FB tentang pemergian Yus kumpulan Jambu. AlFatihah kepada arwah dan takziah kepada keluarganya.

Kali terakhir aku nampak penampilannya di tv pada minggu lalu. Aku tak layan Juara Parodi, so aku tak pasti dia ada sertai atau tidak. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang beriman.

Ini membuatkan aku berfikir, sekelip mata sahaja kita pergi. Kita rasa kita masih muca, masih berdaya dan masih banyak benda ingin dikejar, namun garis penamat kita hanya Allah yang pasti.

It really hits me great as a muslim. That all that I am doing on this earth is just temporary, masa untuk audit kehidupan nampaknya. Semua di dunia hanya sementara, maka usah risau sangat ok diri aku, dan juga diri kamu.

Komik Kon Malaysia! Part 1, of my recap.

This is my personal opinion, I am not a spokesperson nor do I work for Komik Kon.

Komik Kon?

It's the first in Malaysia so I was anticipating it since about 5 months ago. All this while, I have been watching videos of interviews with casts of popular drama / science fiction series and movies, like The Avengers and Sherlock, which were held at Comic Cons. Therefore I thought unlike other comic based events I attended, it will cover a larger scope.

From what I gathered Komik Kon is a platform for comic, animation and live action artists, fans and wannabes like me, to gather and rejoice about all things geeky. From my past visits, Visual Arts Expo, and Animangaki seemed to be Japancentric but Komik Kon in Malaysia seems more influenced by the western side.

Me, a vendor?

I was in such a high spirit that I participated as a vendor, which was a very ambitious thing to do for me. I am in a wannabe mode since I was pregnant last year, wannabe tailor, wannabe artist, wannabe novelist, wannabe crafter... Eh I have been a crafter ever since my mom taught me to sew jelujur at around 8 years old ok. Well, I was feeling dreamy and in such a state of needing to achieve something, that I decided there and then to participate in it. Although I had no idea what I was going to sell. Lol.

Life as a full time worker and mom seems a bit dull, when compared to all my friends. That's what social media does to you, huhuhu. They tell you about what people are doing and it can poison your mind. Well that's not the sole reason, that's like the 12th reason. But couple that with a burning desire to create and be artistic, and it all came down to that.

Location, location, location.

Before I paid the fee, I found out that it will be held at MAEPS, which is way over in Serdang. Of course my car had to be in a not so healthy state, and so I decided my husband will ferry me there and asked my sister to chauffer me home. I didn't ask any of my friends to come along because I couldn't fetch them and I wasn't sure whether I will be there on the three days.

Clash of schedules

So I entered this competition at work and it was rescheduled to another date. Naturally, the last date of the competition coincided with the first day of Komik Kon. That made me halt all my efforts towards comic con just 2 weeks before Komik Kon happened. Firstly, I was stressed that I can't be at two places at once, since my partners were also working at last moment's notice, which means my table will be empty on Day 1. Secondly, all my efforts were going towards preparing for the competition.


Being a seller is not a new thing for me, but being a seller at a comic based event is. So I decided to sell many things at once, I decided to make animation cards, charmbracelets with animation influences, shoes with illustration. Wow, that is a lot of things and ambitious too. My husband said that he didn't actually see what my products were, and I was dismayed by his comment. But I guess it is a natural thing to say when people don't really understand things which you only recite inside your head.

When the day finally came, I marketed my shoes, sold some charmbracelets, keychains and necklaces. It covered my costs for a day's expenses.

Actually, what was more priceless was gaining direct feedback from visitors. They commented that I was doing a good job with my illustration, some were asking about the markers I use and how the illustration will stand up to the weather.

Looking back, I should have prepared some shoes to sell instead of just using them for displays. I should also collect people emails for sending emails or just making contacts. One girl was very interested in my Hulk shoes and I was rejecting her, when I should've taken her email or hp number. Haiyyaaa.


By the way, a guy who sells Kluang Man merchandises, said he is interested at my thingies and will invite me to a local fest called AniFest Malaysia. I will be checking what it's about later.

Ok, that's all for the first part. See you all later.


How do you banish your sadness. You can't, because sadness is a product of your mind. Like say, after a few days of noticing that things don't go my way while other people seems to prosper, I begin to feel sad, then I looked at my pile of unwashed clothes and my broken lights, at my salary which is low compared to degree graduated friends and at my tudung which had holes in it because I forgot to adjust the iron's setting, just because I was running late the other day. All those came to my mind, like boom, boom, boom. When I am sad, of course I could only reflect on my sadness. Sadness attracts sadness and thus welcomes bitterness. When you are focusing on your negative state, you will not realize about your healthy children, your always supporting husband or the fact that you can afford to hail a taxi like everyday. Living in a city can melt you, and at that time you feel like crawling back into your mother's womb where you breathe your own shit. Lol. Life is stressful and shitty, but you thrive in your own way. Wake up and notice that the world does not evolve around your sadness, it changes every single day, and so do you.