Kyoot Khamis : Bracelet from Shoe, DIY yo!

I love this craft. When I make them, I aim to adorn it with feather or crystal beads.
Whatever looks awesome together. I love quirky cute stuff.

Here's a how to make it. It is similar with a previous bracelet how to video I posted a few weeks ago.


Beginnings and Endings

In my office there's a senior employee who will take her last off days before retiring and there are 8 practical students having a taste of what it's like working in an office. These are people at the beginning a point in their life and also at the end of soemthing. For the to be retiree, her service as a government employee will end soon and life as a retiree begins. For the students life as a worker bee begins and the final years of their studies. There is always an end to a beginning, and a new beginning to every end.

5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women


5 Rahsia Wanita Bergaji Paling Tinggi atau DiBayar Paling Mahal

1. Always be yourself.
Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's Indian-born chief executive and the nation's top-earning female CEO, wore traditional saris to her early job interviews. These days she routinely wears them to corporate events. "

1. Sentiasa menjadi dirimu sendiri
Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's Ketua Eksekutif yang dilahirkan di India dan juga CEO wanita paling tinggi gajinya di Amerika, memakai sari tradisional semasa temuduga kerjanya. Hari ini beliau sering memakai sari ke majlis-majlis korporat.

2. Your name is your brand, so guard it with your life.
"I am very careful with the brand itself. The pots that I put my name on — I designed them." —Top-earning chef Rachael Ray

2. Nama anda ialah jenama anda, jaga ia dengan nyawa anda.
"Saya sangat berhati-hati dengan jenama ini. Dengan periuk-periuk yang ada nama saya - saya yang merekanya" — Chef bergaji tinggi, Rachael Ray

3. Don't waste energy combating haters.
"I can't expect everyone to love everything that I do." —Top-earning musician BeyoncĂ© Knowles

3. Jangan buang tenaga dengan melayan orang yang tidak menyukai anda
"Saya tidak boleh berharap agar semua orang menyukai apa yang saya buat." — BeyoncĂ© Knowles, pemuzik paling popular abad ini.


4. Make sure your man is fully committed to you — and your success.
"I would come home from a meeting and I'd say, 'Sorry I'm late,' and [my husband] would roll his eyes.... I got a much better husband the second time around." —Top-earning Wall Streeter Sallie Krawcheck

4. Pastikan pasangan anda memberi komitmen sepenuhnya kepada anda  — dan kejayaan anda.
"Saya akan pulang daripada mesyuarat dan saya akan kata padanya, 'Maaf, saya lambat,' dan suami saya akan menjeling kepada saya.... Saya mendapat suami yang jauh lebih baik untuk kali kedua pula." —Wall Streeter, Sallie Krawcheck

5. Position yourself for the job you want.
"When I was working my way to the top of tennis, I didn't say I was number two. I said I wanted to be number one." —Top-earning athlete Maria Sharapova 

5. Sediakan diri anda untuk posisi yang anda ingini.
"Semasa saya sedang berusaha untuk menjuarai dunia tennis, saya tidak mengatakan bahawa saya ialah nombor dua. Saya kata bahawa saya akan jadi nombor satu." — Atlet hebat, Maria Sharapova

I thought I'd blog but I got carried away in YouTube.

This is a 'battle' between
Selena Gomez
Ariana Gradne
Ashley Tisdale
Miley Cyrus

Kyoot Khamis : Love Necklace, can be made from shoe lace.

I am still digging for crafts from shoe laces. This one is a neat idea.
The writer suggests using suede as it will look nicer. Anything that's a cord is ok.
Photo screen captured from

Here's the original link.

Songs from the yonder years

Suddenly teringat lagu zaman-zaman separuh umur sekarang.  
Lagu empat beradik Moffats. Abang dan adik kembar tiganya. Zaman-zaman rambut separuh kaler lain, separuh kaler lain. Sekarang orang kaler lambut ombre style, secara gradation la.  
Lagu jejaka yang cantik sangat sehingga disangka wanita. Ia menampilkan adik Aaron Carter sebagai gadis yang diminati dan featureing Moffats. Aku pasti lagu ini masa aku 14 atau 15 tahun circa 1995-1996. Masa ni aku dapati wajah Gil macam Krisya pula, sorang lagi penyanyi wanita tahun 1990an. Dormmate aku dulu sepupu dia, tapi dia kata tak rapat.  
Lagu sekeluarga yang ahli bermain keluarganya sangat cantik sehingga disangka wanita. Waaaa zaman 90an semua jenis comel lote ke penyanyi-penyanyi lelaki. 
Mbbop versi 2013 oleh adik beradik Hanson. Aku bersetuju dengan komen seorang user ini "Walaupun mereka sudah dewasa namun saya masih tidak faham apa yang mereka nyanyikan."

Time to upgrade meself

On March 2013 my Department published new designs for all our websites. I added a column in the page that I administered, it is titled "In The Media" which contains articles in the media about the tv channel. It was also supposed to be a vehicle for me to write articles about the programs that aired on  the channel, or issues related to the channel.

I hope to write at least two article a week. So that I have something else in my skills list apart from photography. Next is videography but I must upgrade my equipment first of all. I need to pay microphone so the audio will be more clear and clean.

Well the hubby has called. Bye!!!

Kyoot Khamis : Bracelet from Shoe Lace

I bought 10 pairs of shoe laces last week, I don't know what came on to me. I just felt like doing crafts from shoe lace. So I bought ten, a pair was RM1.20. Her is an easy way to make bracelet from shoe laces.

Ramadan Kareem

Selamat bersahur
Selamat berpuasa
Selamat berbuka
Selamat beramal

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It's easier to be an asshole these days

You know how these days Facebook has become a huge part of our lives. According to, "We have around 800,000 active users as of December 16, 2008, in which 45% of them are male, 51% female and 4% unstated."

The most recent update of Malaysians in Facebook is from "13,589,520 Facebook subscribers on Dec 31, 2012, 46.6% penetration".

I think there are 15 million Internet users in Malaysia now. More and more people are immersing themselves on social media and getting connected to their friends, office mates and families. Pages for business, companies and personalities are being created each day. 

Heck, I have 2 facebook accounts for work and private matters. It used to drive me crazy that I have to do this and that for the organization that I work with. But these days, it's just a matter of doing what feels right at the time. I just removed several facebook friends and add them to my other account. Some barely comments on my facebook so I don't think we should continue this facefriendship anymore, some don't even talk to me when we see each other in public.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night just to answer Facebook messages which are sent to my inbox. This was way before smart phones costing rm500 existed. And I am administrator to several pages... sigh.I should stop going online at home now, my baby is learning to recognize things and refer them by a specific name. So I better spend time teaching him.

Anyway, I think it is easier to be an asshole these days when you are on facebook. Especially those who rant to anonymous people on their Facebook pages. Altough you are referring the status to yourself, other people will treat them as if you are talking to them directly. It doesn't help that people are tuning on to Facebook using their mobile phones which is a totally personal gadget.

I am an a**hole on Facebook when it comes to grammar. Just now I read an ex schoolmate's caption "The thing I have to face at home now" showing a picture of her older son riding her baby son, they were only a year apart. A girl/woman comments "things? They are human not things". I just feel like faceplaming myself.

I was an asshole in Facebook groups too especially the "Mama's Milk Support Group", I can't name the group here but it's one of the popular ones. Anyway, I love to quash the mommies who are over the top about breastfeeding that they feel formula is scum, evil and unnecessary. There are some formula feeding mamas who are a bunch of too sensitive bunch too there, so sometimes they fight and I'll be like fanning their rage there. Haha, I know that I can be a dick too, even if I don't have one. (Actual I used to have one, when my baby was in me, bad joke. :P)

Well, I try to be more friendly and less assholey these days. I have other things to do to hang around those groups anymore. Sometimes seeing the same person hogging the timeline ain't fun too, but just click hide and they will all disappear. 

Well time is here. I dreamt of writing a super long entry today but hey it's time to go home now. Will blab more later.

Kyoot Khamis : No sew headband Holder

My shop Gobox is a month old now. But I still don't have a proper place to display my headbands.
Before this they were floating away in a box and a few days ago I hung them on a mug holder. But I just found out a very interesting way to display them after this. Of course the thing must be a diy project.

Source here.

My boy's firsts

My boy is turning two this 18th. 
As a tribute to him being a baby no more, I am compiling his firsts.

His first attempt at crawling.

His first solid food at 6 months. I was baby led weaning him.
But his food ends up on the floor.

His first actual unaided steps at his grandma's house when he was a year old.

How time flies like yesterday was only a minute ago. All the phots are stills taken from mobile phone videos. Maybe I should do more video recording than photo taking because he sure moves fast these days. I will elaborate on the photos later. Bye.