Hey there, here's for artistes

Hey this is nice for artists - painters, sculpters, the synonyms and photographers. Deadline is 31 st August 2017. Log in at (don't ask me how, I am not sure how you sign in)

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I just knew about this a few hours ago and still figuring how to download the form. :(

Aktiviti tukar hadiah RM10

I like my recent mates at a recent course I attended. We couldn't get sponsors for events so we turned it into a personal thing by each providing a RM10 mystery present and then picking numbers randomly and assigning the list names to the number.

We had the course at Langkawi, a duty free island famous for cheap chocolates, compared to the Peninsular Malaysia price, so I bought chocolates amounting to RM10 (around USD2.30) and send it away to the new owner. Incidentally my best friend got it.

My mystery price was easily recognizable as a picture frame inside a plastic. But it was no ordinary frame, it held a picture of the boat I traveled in when we were on a mangrove trip earlier that day, luckily I was in the pic so the prize was really personal. The other course members told us that the gifter bought it at the jetty of the boat, well I did not notice that they were selling merchandises. It was a great day.

Some other gifts exchanged was a soft toy from Kaison, a mug, a bottle of bath gel with a RM10 note because the gifter thought that the bath gel was too cheap, souvenier keychain, beauty soap, jewellery box, and even a 3 day 2 night stay at Bandung, Indonesia (3 months prior booking).

Clearly the gifts' price did not matter, what mattered was the receiver was happy to receive them and that made the gifter very happy in return.