Curi lagi tag

Aku rembat ni daripada blog encik thoyol yang telah direkemen oleh Ny kepada aku. BebIda: Gua belum sempat membelek blog ini lagi.

1. Sign's you are in a bad mood?

Me in a silent mode with my normal coloured skin.

2. Sign's you are angry?
My nose will flare up and my skin colour darkens.

3. Signs that you are shy?
My skin pinks up and a silly smile appears.

4. Signs you are jealous?
My skin reddens and I will be sarcastic.

5. Signs you are sad?
My skin bluens and I will turn passive.

7. Signs you are happy?
I talk, laugh and interact positively to anything and everything around me.

1. What is the color of the shirt you are wearing?
Orange and Black.

2. What if you were a shopaholic, is this statement true?

3. What if you believe in love at first sight?
I'd be having a new relationship every other day. In contrary I believe in lust at first sight.

4. What do you want to do now?
All the questions and answers for Anusha's trivia tomorrow.

5. What is in your heart now?
Muscle, veins and blood.

1. When were you born in this world?
On a Saturday morning.

2. When is the best moment in your life?
When I realized my mother loves me very much despite me being the juvenile delinquent daughter in my teens.

3. When were you scolded by your parents?
The last time I went balik kampung.

4. When was the last time you ehem ehem?
Ehem Ehem? Which Ehem Ehem agaknya ni ya?

5. When will you get married?
Before my eggs dry up and while I am able to carry a baby. I hope my womb is adequate enough to carry a baby one day.

1. How do you respond when someone hurts you?
Mostly I will retaliate immediately but the severity of it depends on who that person is, like if its Ny then I will respond directly, if its my office mate I will do it subtle-ly but if its Shimmy the homemate I will do it behind the scenes only.

2. How do you react when people call you good looking?
Blush and say thank you. There is no use denying it because Allah cipta makhluk dia semua lawa dan cantik belaka dalam apa jua bentuk/rupa.

3. How do you react if your friend leave you out cold?
Ignore that friend as long as I can and as time goes by maka lupa la and be friendly again.

4. How do you react if someone does not like you?
If he/she is in my badass list I will hate him/her back but if we don't have any history whatsoever then just have to ignore it.

5. How do you react if you were surrounded by fire?

6. How do you react if you are alone?
React normally. Fill my aloneness with: talk to the plant, swim with the dead goldfish and reminisce old times with my late hamsters. Or I'd be reading a book, sleep and wake up at odd hours to watch tv and eat for survival.

Curi tag orang

What is your name? N@dhr@h
A four letter word: Nose
A boy's name: Nazri
A girl's name: Natrah
An occupation: News Editor.
A color: Nude
Something you wear: Neck tie
A type of food: Noodle.
Something found in the bathroom: Nail clippings
A place: Norway
A reason for being late: Nerd attack.
Something you shout: NO!
A movie title: Nemo (Finding)
Something you drink: Nira juice
A musical group: NewBoyz, No Doubt
A street name: Negeri Sembilan
A type of car: Nissan
A song title: Numb by Linkin Park
A verb: Nod?


Aku ingat kenangan silam ni dalam 80 peratus tu. Untuk mengimbas aku rembat ni dari ninie.

1. Who were your seatmates?
- Form 1 dan form 2 : rasanya takde
- Form 3, 4 dan 5: Hajar

2. Still remember your English teacher?
- Form 1 to 5: Ada Miss Ija, emmm emmm Cik Hasniza masa form 5 dan lain-lain lupa.

3. What was your class name?
- Form 1 and f2 - kelas lambang simpul, f3, f4 dan f5 - Beta

4. Made friends to the lower years?
- mesti la dah ngadap hari2 dan ada satu masa tu aku kumpul 5 adik pelbagai jantina

5. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- tak ade, bagus juga tak ada.

6. How was your table arrangement in class?
- duduk dua2 mengadap white board

7. Made any enemies?
- ade kot

8. What games did you play?
- brick game dan solitaire

9. Did you buy your lunch?
- kadang2, selalunya bila baru dapat duit dari mak dan nak makan lain drpd nasi kawah

10. Were you a party animal?
- tak langsung, event sekolah pun dalam tiga bulan sekali buat

11. Were you well known in your school?
- tak, tapi semua orang kenal semua orang

12. Skip classes?
- selalu je, masa form 1 aku selalu gi spital sebab demam la, scabies (euu!) dan alergi.

13. Did you get suspended/expelled?
- kenakalan aku tak de la ke tahap itew

14. Can you sing the school song?
- Biar ninie nyanyikan - Semangat Membina Sentiasa Maju

15. What was your favorite subject?
- English and Technical Drawing

16. What was your school’s full name?

17. Did you go to the dances?
- yes, pertandingan boria you maka wajiblah menari

18. Where did you go most often during breaks?
- class, canteen or library dan kadang2 hostel semasa rehat di bulan Ramadhan

19. If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
- mesti la lakukan semuanya kembali, apa yang jah6 dan jahBaik aku buat dulu semua mengajar aku untuk jadi lebih baik hari dan juga jahat pada hari ini

20. What do you remember most about 5th year?
- Tatkala mencecah kemanisan 17 tu tetiba rajin pergi study room dan mulalah serius pikir2 pasal rancangan pasca sekolah seperti bidang nak dipelajari di menara gading dan pilihan kerjaya.

21. Worst memory in 5th year?
- form 5 was my coolest year le, cuma horror sebab tak dapat tengok movie last di sekolah sampai habis uuuuuuuu. Masa tu ada beberapa budak pergi dating kat bandar (fly keluar pagar) dan dikesan warden jadi dia paksa kami keluar masa half way movie disiar untuk roll call. Sux!


*entry kali ini bukan ditype oleh tuan tanah kpd sesiapa yg pikir mizzyN ingin bergurau.


tadaaaaa....adiah besday bulan february utk mizzyN cutie. memandangkan beliau ini ingin menyambut besdaynye setiap bulan, jadi aku decide nak adiahkan skin baru utk beliau. Sesiapa yg x minat kaler pepel nie, tabahkan je lah hati , kerana tuan tanah sangat meminati ini color. Aku juga kadang-kadang terkujat jugak dgn kaler ini selain pink.

Anyway, happy 2nd month besday for u rara.

OUT OF MY MIND telah menceroboh blog ini. Atas izin tuan tanah (beliau hanya izinkan aku utk pimp her blog only). dan aku bukanlah hacker yg terer kalau tuannya tak bukak sndiri blognya sambik aku menutup mata dengan jari yang dijarang-jarangkan tapi tak dapat jugak nak lihat passwordnya...hehehehhe *wink *wink *wink.

Lanun pun ada blog

Aku baca blog obefiend dan tak sangka dalam dunia blog pun ada juga sang blogger yang plagiat posting orang (tengok yang bertarikh 13 November - So Some Fu***er Stole My Blog Content ). Bodo giler. Macam assignment pulak nak plagiat-plagiat ni. Aku kata bodo sebab walau se-tak best mana dan merapu pun seseorang tu memblog dia patut hasilkan posting dia sendiri. Kalau nak gak curi pun quote la dan bagi kredit. Ni la individu yang tak belajar sopan santun kat sekolah dulu. Blog aku pun tak best mana, ye la makcik banyak angkat bakul sendiri guna pam hidraulik. Tapi aku maintain mereka-cipta posting sendiri. Aku cuba jadi original!

Sebenarnya aku mahu bercerita tentang obefiend yang postingnya diplagiat oleh blogger lain. Posting aku belum pernah kena plagiat pun. Saje nak kongsi pasal bentuk penipuan seperti ini. Mahap atas apa-apa salah faham di sini.
Boleh baca posting obefiend di sini!


1.Blog 2.FB 3.Friendster

Can I live without my blog, friendster or facebook? Yes, I could but I assume the first six months of adjustment will be hard. On the other hand living without the Internet or pc will be a complete nightmare. I can't go back to scouring libraries for ten bibliographies that a report needs. Furthermore I have become attached to any comfy keyboard to write things and those small pocket notes are now replaced by my handphone.

An old classmate/friendster/FB mate comments to a friend that I have a lot of time searching for friends on facebook. Well Mr Sam, they are not that hard to find as I know their full names, had to memorize them a long long time ago. I know Sam actually wanted to say that I have so many free time to be on facebook unlike him who is a busy PR person. WHATEVER, as KL would say.

Last night I realized that blogging has become the popular culture, everybody has a somewhere. I created mine and its me-centric. I am happy that I can do whatever I want with it. A blog is a personal domain but read by many so I try to adhere to some aku janji I signed before and go where my moral compass points too.

As of this moment I am braving away from Facebook and Friendster. I plan to indulge them every three days unlike last week where I logged on FB three times on a day.

Since Saturday, I started resenting Facebook. I hate those threads in the message box where if we mistakenly reply 'to all' our message can be read by everybody in that thread. Usually its people who wants my address to send walimatulurus card who use this thing. I just discovered recently that everybody can see my address and the realisation and hate heightened when I received a chain mail. This chain mail exclaims first of all that he/she did not believe in MLM but he tried this chain mail method and was receiving thousands by the month. Modern day derma ikhlas wants me to deposit an amount into their accounts and I threw the proposition into the dustbin. To hades you go! Oh and I blame my ignorance of facebook that someone got hold of my address.

I love/hate facebook. My friendster remains my most non-offensive networking tool. But I am crazy about blogs. Better be reading someone else's online drama than gawking a half hour of screaming hysteric banshee, ladies with transvetite makeups and over the top gestures. Are all lady characters on television with heavy make ups emulating pondan?

I love my blog. I am obsessed. I am infatuated.

PS: I hate derma ikhlas escorts who guides the 'bait' from table to table but when he arrives at my table he quickly averts his eyes and turn ignorant. Konon wants to say "I am not involved so talk to this visionly-challenged guy and ignore me". Demn you, talk to me you man/woman! Look me in the eyes and read my lips "i decline to depart with my money, farewell." On another note, Beyonce seems like a Hollywood version of Tok Tie (Malaysia). Siti sings major tv drama songs, graces most award shows and so does Beyonce. Last year Beyonce is everywhere!

Sabtu Song

Aku gila piggy menonton Naruto beberapa tahun dulu semasa cuti raya sebab kakak aku bawak balik DVD Naruto beratus episod. Bila cuti dah habis aku copy scanimation Naruto ke dalam pc aku dan hari-hari merabun-dekatkan mata untuk mengikut kisah perjuangan budak musang ekor sembilan ni. Disebabkan tiap-tiap hari tengok Naruto Season 1 secara back to back dengan intensif maka aku pun jadi suker gila pada lagu temanya 'Haruka Kanata' by Asian Kung Fu Generation.


fumikomuze akuseru kake hiki wa naisa sou dayo
youru wo nukeru
nejikomu sa saigo ni sashihiki zero sa sou dayo
hibi wo kezuru

kokoro wo sotto hiraite gyutto hiki yosetara
todokuyo kitto tsutau yo motto sa aa

iki isoide shiboritotte
motsureru ashi dakedo mae yori zutto sou tokue

ubaitotte tsukandatte
kimi ja nai nara imi was naniosa
dakara motto motto motto haruka kanata

fumikomuze akuseru kake hiki wa naisa sou dayo
youru wo nukeru
nejikomu sa saigo ni sashihiki zero sa sou dayo
hibi wo kezuru

kokoro wo sotto hiraite gyutto hiki yosetara
todokuyo kitto tsutau yo motto sa aa

iki isoide shiboritotte
motsureru ashi dakedo mae yori zutto sou tokue

ubaitotte tsukandatte
kimi ja nai nara imi was naniosa
dakara haruka kanata

itsuwaru ko do ni nareta kimi no sekai wo
murizubusu no sa shiroku shirou

Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki dan Sasuke Uchiha- dipaksa jadi satu team. Sakura suka Sasuke, Naruto suka Sakura dan admire Sasuke, Sasuke pulak tak suka sesiapa. Kakashi Hatake ialah cikgu diaorang nie. Masa nie tengah tunggu results periksa dari cikgu.

Bersama cikgu Kakashi berlari mengejar impian.

Kalaulah gua boleh lukis setere pelukis naruto nie Encik Masashi Kishimoto.

Versi moden Sasuke, Rock Lee, Naruto dan Neji Hyuga.

Nie la video klip versi panjang lagu temanya.

Lagu : Haruka Kanata Artis : Asian Kung Fu Generation

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Pagi ni kawan aku tanya dia dress up buruk tak? Aku jawab buruk juga la. Jangan kata aku laser sebab jawapan ini ialah mengikut polisi 'Honesty Is The Best'. Kawan2 masa se-dorm zaman dip macam E-a dan Ijg selalu kata aku komen laser. Aku bukan sengaja nak melaser tapi dah soalannya memerlukan aku jawab macam tu jadi takkanlah aku nak jawab samar2 seperti 'Mungkin', 'Boleh juga', 'agaknya' dan sebagainya yang safe-safe aja. Ko kena ingat (bak kata ny) bukan aku yang pergi pada korang dan kata baju kau buruk atau boyfriend kau jahat. Lagipun korang tanya aku dan maka aku jawablah jujur dan tulus, takde birokrasi pun.

Aku jarang nak pergi mengadah kat benda yang takde kaitan dengan aku sebab ia mengotorkan jiwa aku yang dah tak berapa innocent ni. Sekali-sekala aku nak mengadah ialah bila ia terjadi pada kawan-kawan dekat dan aku rasa aku nak tegor.
Contohnya satu kapel ni kat ofis lama aku, asyiklah melepak berdua dalam office tika lebih pukul 6.00 ptg. What the hell? Aku juga kemaruk masa baharu bercinta dulu but dah pandai dah dengan tidak menjalankan aktiviti cintan cintun dalam opis. Opp, opp, makcik still kedaraan lagi tau. Ok, berbalik pada story tadi... Masa 6 ptg tu majoriti makcik dan pakcik ofis dah balik dan yang tinggal selalunya anak bujang cam aku dan ny. Hheheh selit nama ny di sini.

So aku suarakan pada ny dan ny pun perasan benda yang sama dan kami suarakan pada rakan seopis dia, Puan Matahari yang juga kawan lama aku. Anyway aku rasa memang patut aku jaga tepi kain ni kali ni sebab -
1. Orang tau ko kapel so bila berdua orang ingat ko buat macam2.
2. Pintu dia ada cermin kecik yang kalau jenguk memang boleh nampak siapa ada di dalam.
3. Ramai makcik/pakcik dah tegow tapi buat bodos je rupanya.
4. Sekali tu dia tumpang cetak laporan kat mesin ny dalam pukul 7 ptg lebih dan aku ada gak di situ. Pastu dalam 8 lebih kami nak blah balik tapi cik ni tak datang ambil kertas dia yang selambak tu dan kenalah singgah ofis dia sebelum ke lif. Ofis dia ngadap lif je dan sebab tu aku suke jenguk ke dalam ofisnya sambil2 tunggu lif. Pintu dia tutup dan lampu terbuka tanda dia masih ada. Jadi Ny ketuk, masuk dan melihat ada dia dan pakwesnya duduk buat keje, bukanlah tengah berdrama ke apa. Tapi kamon la bebeh it's an office kenapa nak tutup pintu di malah hari kalau nak duk berdua.

Pada hari seterusnya Puan Matahari bagitau pada aku yang dia dah tegur rakan opisnya itu tapi beliau buat bodo aje. Rupa-rupanya ramai orang dah perasan tapi sebab tak kenal so cakap2 belakang. Aku dan ny je yang sergah secara terus guna Pn Matahari, part ni memang kurang ajar seket la kan ny.

Anyway aku ada gak fikir pasal betapa penyibuknya aku tapi selepas minta pandangan senior ofis ni, dia kata betul juga la korang sound dia. Baik la dia tau apa orang fikir pasal sikapnya itu daripada orang yang tengok2 pastu spiking belakang. Betul juga kata-kata anda Encik HB.

Selalunya honesty is the best policy sbb lagi sakit hati apabila orang yang tak kita kenal cakap belakang kita. Alih-alih sampai aje pada kita mesej itu dah bertukar rupa dan menyakitkan hati. That one lagi oh no. Mcm Ny, suka je nak melaser aku kerjanya ;-P. Katanya nasib baik aku beritahu kau, kalau aku senyap aje macam mana. Selalunya aku gelak bila dia komen dengan penuh perasaan dan disertai mimik muka dramatik mengkritis apa yang tidak digemarinya. Dia buat begitu kerana aku boleh menerima kritikan depan2.

Kakak aku yang mulakan benda honesty ni semua. Suka aje nak mengkondem aku dari start bercakap sampai sekarang. Akak tenkiu tak berjuta, you reveal to me the harshness of the spoken words. Dan kerna akak juga aku jadi sarkastik cam eliana. Sebab tu aku pernah cakap dengan fizafeya yang aku tak gemar berkawan dengan orang senyap, kecuali diri aku. Yelah beb, aku takkan tau apa yang nak cakap padanya. Kalau aku berkawan dengan orang senyap cam encik A tu pun sebab dia kawan Ny, kalau aku yang secara natural nak kawan dengan dia jangan harap persahabatan itu mekar. Dan sebenarnya family aku memang jenis pok pek dan sarkastik, pagi petang siang malam kalau berbual direct dan terus ke batang hidung. Aku je yang naturally senyap sepi di first impression. Baru aku tau kenapa aku suker kawan dengan gegadis mulut pok pek sebab family aku pun macam tu juga. I love my family and my friends.

Tahun lepas aku baca buku kurang dari sepuluh.

Aku pergi makan pagi kat Kedai Roti Jala @ Pantai Dalam pagi ni dan tengok tv ada soalan, "Berapakah buku yang anda baca dalam setahun?" Well darling, mari belek buku yang makcik khatam dalam tahun lepas:-
1. Remember me - Sophie Kinsella
2. Thanks for the memory - Cecelia Ahern
3. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
4. Bindi and Bride - Nisha Minhas
5. Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella
6. Ada lagi dua tiga novel nipis tapi tak ingat pe tajuk.

siut, aku baca buku kurang dari sapuluh. o no!
tu belum masuk yang tak habeh baca.
1. Inheritance of Loss (dah jual balik)
2. Devil Wears Prada (terlalu wordy berbanding movie)
3. Diary of Anne Frank (lagi seket nak abis tapi story secara am dah baca)

Yang tak terbaca pun ada (senarai tertunggu hingga kiamat) yang bisa dijual balik selepas setel baca so kena cepat baca ni.
1. Alice in Wonderland dan
2. Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
3. Short stories Salman rushdie punya
4. tommyknockers - stephen king
5. aku, rhapsody dan biru's - ahadiat akashah
6. harry potter no 7 - jk rowling (0rang punyela)
7. Kembara Amira - Amer
8. Satu buku Paul Coelho
9. Buku Self Help The Leader in You - Dale Carnegie

Sekarang banyak sangat aktiviti nokturnal so kurang dah baca buku, tapi bertambah plak kuantiti pembacaan selain buku aku. Membaca tetap in my blood kecuali nak baca novel sastera melayu yang ayatnya puitis itu aku belum beran nak cuba lagi. Nanti makcik kumpol semua kerajinan dan masa yang patut difokus untuk tery baca novel sastera satu ke dua.

Thankful for movies

Thankful for movies. I am thankful that -

1. Most movies are permitted to be shown in Malaysia.
2. I have the time and money to watch new movies in the cinema.
3. Ely introduced me to movie watching in cinema when I was 21 (we watched Dark Water).
4. My dear bf joined me in watching some idiotic movies which dumbed me down but varied my movie scope (e.g:Skinwalkers)
5. NY promoted to me movies which I won't probably watch maybe two years later like Slumdog Millionare, Rabne Bana De Jodi, Benjamin Button and Vantage Point.
6. I once learned about Broadcast Critic and so had to watch movies for reference and subsequently made me watch movie quite religiously.
7. There will be a Harry Potter movie this year after last year's postponement.
8. People at the cinema ticket counter still mistook me as below 18 years old which made me feel young and awesome, although it might merely be a routine question for people who want to buy 18+ movie ticket.
Hari ni baru teringat kena tag dengan fiza-feya. Ini la dia.

The rules: Bold the statements that are true to you. Italicize the statements that you WISH are true. Leave the Fibs alone. Then, stab 5 guys to do the same test.

I miss somebody right now mum . I don't watch TV these days tv baru kena tgk la. I own lots of magazines cleo, female, time out kl, gempak, starz. I wear glasses or contact lenses. I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana. I have been in a threesome. I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy pahit mana pun. I curse sometimes bila marah. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year dah tua mestila. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me kena tahan polis nak cakap apa. I'm totally smart mesti angkat bakul. I've broken someone's bones. I'm paranoid sometimes paranoia sometimes help, but i no paranoid. I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free. I need money right now sebab tu kerja. I love sushi. I talk really,really fast. I have long hair penat nak bela rambut. I have lost money in Las Vegas. I have at least one sibling sandwiched by siters. I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past nak pakai bulu mata palsu. I couldn't survive without Caller I.D. I like the way I look God's gift. I am usually pessimistic. I have a lot of mood swings esp kalau bulan itew. I have a hidden talent hidden mesti la rahsia. I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar i have. I have a lot of friends aku merendah diri bab ni. I am currently single. I have pecked someone of the same sex apa feelnya agaknya ya. I enjoy talking on the phone actually lagi suker jumpa. I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants. I love to shop. I enjoy window shopping especially berjaya times square, midveli dan segala uptown/downtown/midtown. I would rather shop then eat. I don't hate anyone.I dislike them. I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother. I have a cell phone broke one last month. I believe in God WAJIB!. I watch MTV on a daily basis.

ooo ngantuk nak komen2 ni. Nah la baki tagnya dan tanpa komen banyak sangat.

I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months. I've rejected someone before . I have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life. I want to have children in the future. I have changed a diaper before. I've called the cops on a friend before. I'm not allergic to anything. I have a lot to learn. I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger heheh lepak dengan sedara mara dan opismet kira been with someone gak kan. I am shy around the opposite sex mesti, aku penyegan. I have tried alcohol before. I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past. I own the "South Park" movie. I would die for my best friends. I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza. I have used my sexuality to advance my career takde pekdahnya, makin rugi ada . I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy. I watch Spongebob Squarepants and i like it. I have dated a close friends's ex. I am happy at this moment!! I'm obsessed with guys. I study for tests most of the time. I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met. I can work on a car kreta pun tara, motor sangat clueless. I love my job love-hate. I am comfortable with who I am right now. I have more than just my ears pierced. I walk barefoot wherever i can. I have jumped off a bridge. I love sea turtles. I spend ridiculous money on makeup. I plan on achieving a major goal/dream. I'm proficient in a musical instrument. I worked at McDonald's restaurant. I hate office jobs ni pun love-hate. I love sci-fi movies. I think water rules. I went college out of state selangor. I like sausage. I love kisses likes giving them. I fall for the worst people. I adore bright colours. I can't live without black eyeliner. I don't know why the hell i just did this stupid thing. I usually like covers better than originals. I can pick up things with my toes. I can't whistle lidah keras. I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither.I have ridden/owned a horse. I still have every journal I've ever written in. I can't stick to a diet diet amendanya. I talk in my sleep orang kata. I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions. Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time. I have jazz in my blood. I wear a toe ring. I have a tattoo. I can't stand at LEAST one person that i work with kenapa agaknya. I am a caffeine junkie coffee!. I have been to over 15 conventions semua karena kerja. I will collect anything, and the more nonsesical, the better. I'm an artist harap-harap dalam 5 tahun ni. I only clean my room when necessary. I like persons of the same sex all the ladies in my life say heyyyy, yes I am surrounded by girls. I love being happy melangok dalam mzerie pun best gak. I am an adrenaline junkie kalau tak de drama atau gosip hangat dalam seminggu rasa tak keruan.

Ok, setel. Aku tag mak, abah, akak, Ulul dan encik Rizal


ok, aku dah dapat attention ko. Ko dah tengok ni? Khas for you.


No V Day for me. My fishes died this morning.

This is the only surviving one.

Unbest of all, I bought it yesterday.

Freaky - Cooking by the Book @ Lazytown

Recently I found this in Like cakewreck said, I was also mesmerized by the puppets (geli la) and the pink haired girl. Watch it.

I’ll pile on the candy,It’s such a pretty sight
It makes the food taste dandy But my tummy hurts all night
I’ll put in some ingredients But keep the rest for me
I’m not just disobedient I’m careful, can’t you see?

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is hazy,
You gotta do the cooking by the book
You know you can’t be lazy
Never use a messy recipe,
The cake will end up crazy
If you do the cooking by the book,
Then you’ll have a cake
We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it’s time to make a cake!

Making food is just like science,
With tools that blend and baste
And every fun appliance
Gives the food a different taste!

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is hazy,
You gotta do the cooking by the book
You know you can’t be lazy
Never use a messy recipe,
The cake will end up crazy
If you do the cooking by the book,
Then you’ll have a cake

We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it’s time to make a cake
We gotta have it made,
You know that I love cake
Finally, it’s time to make a

‘You gotta do the cooking by the book!’

Tengok la aku beraksi di !!!!
Juga di

Macam bush people berlari pula aku rasa. Teknik ambil gambar berikut diberi nama panning ye kawan-kawan. Guna aperture 7.1 dan speed ... a tak ingat. Aku panggil2 ny kat hujung sana dia tak nak layan. Marah kot aku kata dia kameraman amatur. Ala bebeh aku pun tak terer. Aha!

Welcome mzerie

There are times when I feel like being a biaaatch all day long, so sorry ladies and boys as I unleash my mzerie (birthname:misery)

“Kiss me under the milky twilight”
Hoi apa main cium-cium ni, pergi ambil wuduk solat maghrib nak masuk dah!


I was invited for lunch (makan-makan event yang best ni) at my friend’s place (Kenapalah rumah ko jauh sangat Su) after the Eid holidays last year. She is my co-worker and we also went to uni together. So me and ny (terjebak juga) came and ate. In the eating scenery were:-
The ladies: Me, ny, the lady host, her two other friends whom I never met, her mother and older sister.
The kids: A 1.5 year old girl who belonged to the host's friend and her sister’s baby. Meanwhile, the host's daughter was sleeping at one side.
The others a metre away: The host's husband, the 1.5 year old girl's father and the host's friend and his fiancee.

So we talked while eating. The conversation was mixed at first, I asked about who else promised to come and also about old classmates. Then the children started playing with a toy. The baby was holding the toy first and was later joined by the interested girl. Soon the other ladies quickly focused the conversation towards the children playing. They cooed about how the children interacted, how the toddler was battling for the toy from the girl, what their expressions were, about how cute and how old they are. In my mind I was focused on how bland the conversation was. About half an hour the topic revolved around kids. In fact I even joined by commenting on how determined the little girl was in getting the toy. (Garangnya dia!) Hahaha.

Frankly my dear, I gave a damn about this. I was actually annoyed because it made me think. Is that all women ever talk about when we have kids? My kids, your kids, their kids? About less than a metre away were the fathers who were talking about other issues. Frankly I wish I was chatting with them . Why do ladies who don't really know each other at an intimate gathering talk about babies 24/7 while men talk about world issues. Are we that preoccupied with children that these are the only topics that we can talk about?

Okay, there are mothers who can converse about other things too and there are also mothers who made children their alter egos. In friendster I can't stand people who rarely post pictures of themselves online but when baby comes all baby pictures are uploaded into the web. Your child is an individual who have their own privacy rights, so don’t go pasting close ups and blur expressions of them in the place where I want to see you first and foremost.

Please post your pictures first before you paste your babies pic all over the world. If my mum did that I'd cry although me at one month old looked the same like any other babies. Furthermore posting only baby's picture as the primary photo will confuse people into thinking that one is befriending a baby and not you the mum or dad!

Luckily no one in facebook posted their baby pic as the primary photo like in friendster. When I have a baby, I prefer to keep my baby in a different realm. I'll post like five photos of me and only one of baby. Help me remember my resolution God! I don’t want future me to annoy the present me.

ps: MamaZara and MamaQisha, bagus korang tampal muka korang sekali dengan baby. Tak macam ada orang duk menampal muka baby aje padahal muka dia sembunyi belakang tiang. Cittt, sian baby.


Among my siblings I was the quiet one, most timid and very shy. When were very young at ten years old and below, my older sister (Akak) and my youngest sister (Ulul) argued a lot (sampai sekarang pun). Akak claimed that Ulul likes to hit her behind my father’s back, but when Akak told my father about this he said she’s just a baby after all so she's pardoned. But at times when Akak couldn't stand it she would hit Ulul back and being a baby she would wail out loudly. My younger sister was around 3, me 5 and Akak 7.

One day after school hours Akak sat down with me and Ulul on the living room floor to play some games. I was doing my own thing when Akak and Ulul argued about something. Soon they started hitting each other, Ulul cried loudly and just then my father arrived at home from work. Tired and annoyed he told us to stop and whacked Akak, Ulul and me. Dear readers, I was doing my own thing there waaaaaaaaaaaaaha! My mother who sat nearby quickly berated my father for punishing me too as I was only an innocent bystander. My father said everyone was included in the punishment. But from his face I can see that he only realized then that he had hit the wrong child.

I cried silently. Thanks mum.

Ulul rarely got hit by father because she was the youngest and therefore somehow deemed the most precious. My older sister and me had our share of our own nostalgic punishments. Akak had serious asthma when she was young. One day at nine or ten years old she pushed my father's angry button and was gifted with several rattan lashes. Crying and in disstress she suffered a severe asthma attack and promptly my father stopped. The next day Akak's condition still has not improved and so mum dragged her and us along to the hospital the next day.

My mother is a super hero! My father and emotional wreck that day.

My most illogical punishment was because I hold my pencil to write in a way that was deemed weird. Those days when you hold a pencil in a weird way or use the left hand to write surely your bosses of the house will punish and rehabilitate your fingers. My mozac classmate told me he was punished for being a lefty. Ok, so my father made me write using the ‘correct’ method and if I failed he flicked my fingers with his fingers which was very painful. I think they call it ‘titik jari ko’. But unfortunately my fingers prevailed its way so I am not 'cured' at all. With the advancement in pc/laptops and sms, writing faced evolution. I can’t think of memorable punishment from my father towards my youngest sister. My mother was the only one who performed balanced punishment on us three. She usually flicks her rattan on us whenever we became quarrelsome.

My fathers punishment on me had at one time made me think that he must have hated me so much to do those things on me, but no lah bila fikir balik actually Akak suffered more being the oldest and most defiant. When I left home and attended boarding school my father never hit me anymore. A few years ago, Father commented on my weird pen holding style and I retorted back that all his former rehabilitative efforts at resetting my fingers were after all useless and being a bit kurang ajar, I laughed hahhaaha defaintly at him.

Air kiss my father for his rehab efforts.


I throw tonnes of rubbish each year but I throw them in the right places. Ok, I am not a green person but I detest those car drivers/passengers who threw rubbish from the open windows of their cars. This usually happen and I only notice them when traffic is slow. These people have no qualms about polluting their streets. Come on guys, there is no one there to sweep after you. Are you paying a special fee to throw things away and let them be others’ eyesores?

One female threw away her cigarette pack after fishing out the last stick.

A man threw away used tissues.

I threw a glance and seethed inside.

In and around the country they did this. No wonder our country is full garbage even on a nice sunny morning. Well, you should see the parks after some festive celebrations. If I were to charge a rengget for each rubbish I picked up, I’ll be a rich person by now. Please don’t litter and don’t blame it on the migrants too. We as locals are guilty too. So please if you want to pollute your country do it with grace. Let the rubbish/litter bin be full and let the streets be clear. I’m all for recycling but not now dear, later later ok.

Kiss the cleaners for doing what they do

BuRsT oUt!

I am naturally a very docile person.How did I become so docile? Maybe because I have a very domineering older sister (although I rarely obey her) and I am the middle child.

Google search revealed that docile means:-

Willing to be taught, led, supervised or directed - Yielding to control or supervision, direction, or management; Ready to accept instruction or direction - The trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable -
However, I also burst out sometimes. My first public burst was at a hypermarket in 2003, (ely, u were there.. ala mesti tak ingat). I wanted to buy this foot pad for shoes but there was no price tag on it. So, I asked a nearby female employee. She told me that all prices are already stated on the racks. The foot pad was hung under a rack with 7.90 on it and so with her answer I assume that was the price. After that I went to the cashier, and to my surprise the foot pad was actually priced 13.90. I was angry as I felt I was being misled. But I still paid for my purchase. Exiting the hypermarket I quickly dragged my friend to the customer service counter and in a flurry told a lady about it. The lady listened to me intently and asked whether I would like a refund? I said Yes because I was angry. The foot pad might be measly priced but as I was ‘bengang’ I asked for my money back.

The second burst also happened at the same hypermarket but this time in a different location. Anyway I wanted to spend a 20 worth of voucher in this store. Just before paying I showed the voucher to the cashier who was not even smiling. She took the voucher and put it aside, after scanning the items and stating the total I gave her the voucher. She looked at it and said, “You can’t use the voucher here as it has the name of another outlet stamped on it.” I said, “The terms and condition on the back says that it can be used at any outlet.” She answered “No, only at this outlet” while pointing at the voucher. So, I paid with cash and went to the customer counter to complain. At the counter I showed the service lady and asked the same question. She said that I can use voucher there, but I asked why did the lady at the counter said I can’t? With a smile while gesturing to her friend that the counter was their friend’s counter she said to me, “Maybe she was busy?” I said No! I told the customer service officer that the cashier told me matter of factly that the voucher can only be used at the stamped outlet. The stamped outlet was indeed merely the voucher provider and the terms and conditions stated clearly that it can be used anywhere.

I was very angry.

Then the other service lady approached me and said that I can still use the voucher at a later date. I said ok, but I told the ladies that she should tell her friend, the cashier, that she just made a customer very very angry. The face of the smiling-and-taking-my-complaint-in-a-laid back -manner customer service lady changed and it was priceless. That must have been how I looked like when told that my voucher can’t be used. Luckily I have 30 cash to spare at that time. Citt.

Talking about hypermarkets I remembered one store of a different kind. Me and my friend had piled our staff into a shopping trolley and approached the nearest empty counter. However, this cashier guy said with a very straight face to us ”Sorry, we don’t accept trolley at this counter.” It was very unkind of him as there was no one there except us and the trolley counter was like ten metres away. He could at least decline us with a smile and apology for the inconveniences. Customer are always right, that is even if they are completely wrong. I think most customers are quick to be polite when service staff handle them correctly and with dignity. Well, there are those rotten apples who think that everybody owes them just because they have a lot of cash. But the rest of us customers are normal, your everyday customers. I know because I worked in the service industry sometime ago.

One funny anecdote was at another store with a very grim cashier. She was sitting down and attending to customers. I noticed that she barely looked at the customer in front of me and when it was my turn I spoke to her. "Why so grim, please smile." And with that her cloudy expression sunnied up. It felt like watching the brightest smile of the moment. Before this when I was a cashier in a department store, I also get a lot of comments like this. It's time to return it back.

Air kiss the customers!

My first art post in here! : I draw princesses

I can't remember the first time I started drawing, maybe from the time when I can hold a pencil with ease. But my first and last public foray into drawing was when I was in kindergarten held in the Johor Bahru Zoo. Me and several kindy mates were entered by our dear Cikgu Azizah and Cikgu Rubiah. I used crayons to draw two tigers in a zoo compound with a brick wall in the back and some trees. My teacher made me pratice drawing the tigers everyday before the competition. And everytime I drew them I think it came out looking different.

During those times me and my younger sister also have a huge interest in princesses and we drew a lot of princessess in our unused exercise books. Do you remember the paper dolls which were sold for 20cents a piece which has a huge collection of clothes to wear? My inspiration for the princessess gown also came from these dolls' dresses. Their dresses have a lot of ribbons and lace motifs and the colours are vibrant.

I drew this in Paint an hour ago. This lady's dress is plain because it's hard to draw using the touch pad of a laptop. I hid her hands behind her dress because I don't know how to draw hands/fingers.

Imagine, I last drew something on a computer like 10 years ago. On paper? Kadang-kadang when the mood comes.

Semua Dalam Satu

Bermula daripada hari ini aku nak try berblogging satu blog aja sebab aku dapati senang nak concentrate. Ini juga adalah kesimpulan daripada apa yang telah dibincangkan secara warung kopi dengan kawan blogger lain dan pengalaman saya.

ps: hari ni aku baru tahu yang triad maksudnya ialah kumpulan yang ada tiga member. Jadi triad yang diguna untuk refer kepada geng gengster itu ialah bahasa slanga rupanya. anyone beg to differ? Aku belum tengok kamus lagi so aku pun tak tahu lagi betul ke tak.

Aku dah nonton The Curious Case Of Benjamin

Benjamin Button ialah filem pasal pertumbuhan rohani dan jasmani dengan peredaran masa. Ahahah sucknya nak tulis dalam bahasa malaysia asli. Gua bantai bibahasa a.

Ok pasal benjamin button. Filem ini memang ada banyak unsur pembelajaran pasal nak menua dan memuda. Antara yang aku agak ingat ialah pasal

  • kalau dah tua dan dengan latihan dan kemampuan yang cukup mesti boleh menyeberangi sungai yang luas
  • keluarga ialah perkara yang penting dalam hidup termasuklah mak angkat yang jaga kita daripada kecil
  • komunikasi adalah penting
Ada beberapa lagi yang lain tapi aku tak ingat la apa. Nanti kena buat repeat viewing ni. Later bebeh.

Aku nak nonton The Curious Case Of Benjamin

Malam esok aku nak menengok The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, oohoho tayangan pertama lagi. Sebelum Brad Pitt melekat di pinggang Angie ni aku tak pernah nampak dia sebagai sex symbol atau jejaka impian. Masa zaman sekolah dulu dan ada kawan-kawan yang suka sangat tengok dia dalam Legends Of The Fall aku maintain tak heran aja. Malahan masa tu aku geli napa orang suka Brad Pitt, Aaron Carter, David Beckham dan lain-lain hero yang aku tak ingat.

Cuma masa pakcik Pitt dalam Interview With The Vampire aja aje yang membuatkan aku macam agak terpesona dengan dia. Masa tu tengok dalam kelas pendidikan seni Allahyarham Cikgu Nordin "Main warna"... ooo baru terasa kehilangan cikgu nordin. Oklah, aku agak terpana tengok pitt digeget oleh tom cruise, ahaha nampak macam laki beromen.

Cuma sejak dua tiga tahun ni aje baru tarikan minat terhadap pakcik pitt dan mana-mana artis lelaki yang dulu aku rasa geli nak suka aku rasa dah boleh suka. Adakah aku punya keminatan dah cenderung ke arah lelaki tua? Tapi adakala aku suka gak kat anak-anak ikan nie, eyyy suka tengok aje. Nak tackle? Hahaha, lepas kot sebab ada yang tanpa segan mengatakan aku 18 tahun atau student lagi. At least kat kaunter wayang la...

My Pes Time Keluar Malaysia, Bangkok

Cuti raya cina yang baru ni aku gi jalan-jalan ke Bangkok menemani klien aku sorang ni. Sejak bila tah dia appoint aku jadi akauntan dia, sangatlah pandai aku membelenkan akaun orang kan. Aku memang teringin nak ke negara orang dan semestinya negara sendiri juga. Dalam Malaysia ni aku teringin nak jejak Kelantan. Aku tak pernah jejak Kelantan kecuali Gua Musang, itu pun lalu nak ke Besut dulu.

Ok la, jadi aku pergi Bangkok dengan Cik Ny dan Cik JellyQueen. Hehe, ni la mispronounciation namanya oleh satu travel agent ni. Aku guna nick ni untuk ko iye Jac? Izin diterima? So sambung cerita, maka terbanglah kami naik kapal airasia ke sana. Sebelum tiba set masa satu jam awal dahulu.

Tempat pertama kami lawat ialah Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) yang namanya sempena nama bandar kat India, Ayodhya. Check out wikipedia nye artikel ini. Bayaran ke sana sorang 800 baht (RM84) dari stesen Hualumphong.

bukan poseur tau.

Kitaorang sakan betul bergambar daripada lokasi pertama ke lokasi kedua dan seterusnya. Berbekalkan kamera Canon comel aku dan juga kam power Nikon Cik Ny, inilah antara hasil kepoyooan kami di sana.

Multi Still Camera Production versi Multi Camera Production pegun. Best pulak buat cenggini. Next time nak guna 3 ke empat kamera sekali. Kalau le ada 300 biji kam ala matrix mesti cun giler.

Jac, ko pergi sana aku ambil pic ko dari sini ye. Maka berlarilah Jackie J .
Kat Ayutthaya pun ada CCTV, tapi dia nye gambar kaler2 la... Canggih!

Sawadi, adorable remaja Thai.

Oh ya masuk tempat-tempat ini kena la bayar dalam 20 ke 50 baht. Kalau korang local free aje aku rasa. Macam kat Malaysia lah, ada mykad murah sikit cajnye.

Esoknya pula kami pergi floating market. Cajnye sorang 1050 baht (ala-ala RM110).

Kalau nak beli barang dinasihati tahu harga barang itu dahulu supaya nanti bila tertahu harganya di tempat lain takdela rasa menyesal beli. Maklumlah, aku beli kicin rege 100 baht kat sini padahal kat pasar chatuchak hanya 80 baht ajerrr. Rugi 2 hengget.

Kewl tak?

Hanya selepas settle melawat ke sana sini Bangkok baru la last day tu kitaorang pergi jenguk pasar terbesar Thailand, Chatuchak! Sini teh tarik pun ada tau. Kaya abang ni sebab teh ais dia seunit 30 baht. Pasar ni tutup sekitar 7 petang. Kitaorang pergi daripd pukul 12 tengah hari sampai dia tutup pun tak sempat nak jelajah semua.

Tae Ta Re

Setiap malam sebat pergi pasar malam lak. Ada satu pasar malam ni jual maggi goreng tak de rasa. Aku and geng duk menambah cili, kicap dan sebagainya dari gerai tolak dia tu. Di suatu sudut lain pula ada akak foreigner ni menawarkan khidmat melukis body art secara percuma. Masa dia duk melukis ni kami pula sibuk berphotoshoot kat sebelah ala America's Next Top Model dengan berlatarbelakangkan dinding bergraffiti ni.

Dragon kat bahu

Inap di mana?

Di hotel selesa ini hasil rekemen rakan sekerja kami yang selalu ke sana.

Perkataan Thai yang aku asyik sebut kat sana Khob-kun-Ka (terima kasih) dan Sawadi. Tapi bunyinya lebih kepada Khap Khun Kap. Orang sana juga selalu menganggap kami orang Thai, dan selamba aje salesman/girl tegur-tegur dalam bahasa Thai. Aku dok ingat dia nak jual barang aje so buat dono je la. Lepas tu ada pula yang mengecap kami local sombong.

Selalunya juga di kalangan aku, ny dan jac selamba borak dan of course umpat-umpatan dalam bahasa Melayu. Tapi awas sebab ada juga orang selatan thai yang boleh bertutur bahasa Melayu kat sana so kena manis bicara dan testing-testing suara dulu ya.

Lagi satu ada sa perkara yang salesman Malaysia selalu buat dan aku rasa tak logik, tapi bila salesman Thai buat aku rasa memang logik. Contohnya setiap kali aku beli telefon kan, aku tanya la orang kedai tu berapa dapat kurang harga handphone tu. Dia akan selalunya fikir-fikir dan menekan nombor tu dalam kalkulator dan tunjuk pada aku. Tapi lepas tu boleh deal dalam BM plak. Kalau kat Thai, ada salesorang yang fail englishnya dia akan guna kalkulator untuk beritahu kita harga barang yang kita nak. Ini sangat logik!

Bangkok Dangerous: No one dead, No one die...

Alhamdulillah kami selamat pergi dan pulang ke negara orang. Wahahaha, cuti nanti bolehlah aku jejak Singapura yang sangat dekat tapi main cak-cak aja selama ini.

Baby, you ikut I ye. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!