I am back!

What a topic for a comeback post. Hi you all, how was your holidays and kids' school preparation. My child is only 2 years and 4 months so I have nothing to prepare for the new year or kindregarten. I may have to replace some of his day clothes as he can't fit them anymore and save it for the next child.

I have been shopping a lot latelay for two reasons. It is a surprise which I will reveal in the next month, because it is too early if I tell you now :)

BTW as January is my birth month this coming new year is a wonderful time for me. This year my birthday also falls on a holiday so I am going to have an intimate party with the husband and baby. I wasn't really celebrating my birthday these past few months, only a slice of cake and some dinner. This year I am thinking of going somewhere near KL to remember my 32nd.

Oh I am late for an event. See you all later.

PS: My NANOWRIMO wasn't a success but hey I tried. Maybe next year :P