I'm mentally waking myself up for today's exam which starts at 9.30 am. The exam is for confirming my spot as a government employee. Yesterday was also another exam day, an open book test morning. Despite having thick reference books scattered on my desk during the exam I half-heartedly believe that I did well in that test. Hopefully today's tests will bring a smile to me (have any exams made me happy before?) despite me being ill prepared.

My mind is smogged in 'ngantukness' aka sleepiness. Yesterday I wasn't able to sleep well. My evening nap was disturbed by a phone call from my next door neighbour. I tried resuming my sleep but couldn't and for the next hour I lay on my bed in half dizziness and full conciousness. I tried memorising my exam notes but could only imprint them in my short term memory.

Last night felt like I wasn't sleeping although the last time I looked at the watch it was 1.32 am and when I looked at it again, it was about 7.30 am. The perasaan "mengidam tidur" plagued me like a second shadow. How am I going to stay cognizant in today's exam. Hmmmmm..... I think I better consume some wake up drink. That is drinks containing .... ngantuness caused me to be wordlesss..... aiyoo