What not to eat

Advices can be a source of vice

People are giving me advices on breast feeding here and there about breast feeding diet: The what not to eat. So far today the what nots are:-
1. Pineapple - used to love but haven't been eating it since pregnant except the cooked ones on pizza
2. Iced water - drank 7 glasses of cold water so far
3. Spicy things - I am a mediocre fan of spicy food so I don't really care at all if they wanna give me only a spoonful of chilli for a month.

There's this someone who told me to not do this or that for baby but later he puffed on a cigarette and smoked a metre away from baby. But I can't say much since he is a 'father figure' here, if it's my place I can voice out my concern there and then. Holding my tounge for awhile now.

Today is my second day of post confinement, baby's 46th day. Am counting to the day I am heading back to KL home sweet home. My 3 month holiday will end on the 5th of October but I think I'm taking a few days leave so I could sort some things first and spend some extra days with baby. After that it's weekend and evening till morning with baby aje :(

If only I can make money from home. Hey, don't tell me to leave my day job ok.

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azieazah said...

Kalu takda baby sekalipun, memang merokok tu bleh beri effect pada orang lain jugak.

nooreen.rahman said...

tak bestnya smoke kat baby. huu, anyways selamat merdeka n raya mommy rara! maaf zahir batin!

Au and Target said...

Eat what you like, darling, your body will tell you what it needs. Mind you, I'd go easy if you have a craving for twenty packets of chocolate biscuits!

Sherry said...

how r u

Sherry said...

your baby direct breastfeed x? mine x nak la.. kena pump