How do you banish your sadness. You can't, because sadness is a product of your mind. Like say, after a few days of noticing that things don't go my way while other people seems to prosper, I begin to feel sad, then I looked at my pile of unwashed clothes and my broken lights, at my salary which is low compared to degree graduated friends and at my tudung which had holes in it because I forgot to adjust the iron's setting, just because I was running late the other day. All those came to my mind, like boom, boom, boom. When I am sad, of course I could only reflect on my sadness. Sadness attracts sadness and thus welcomes bitterness. When you are focusing on your negative state, you will not realize about your healthy children, your always supporting husband or the fact that you can afford to hail a taxi like everyday. Living in a city can melt you, and at that time you feel like crawling back into your mother's womb where you breathe your own shit. Lol. Life is stressful and shitty, but you thrive in your own way. Wake up and notice that the world does not evolve around your sadness, it changes every single day, and so do you.