Fanfiction - SasuNaru - Chapter 4 and 5

Hi. I have updated my fanfiction multichapter story, so you can check
Chapter 4 and 5 here

Synopsis : Sasuke, a child soldier with CHUNIN (Children Unit Intelligence) under ROOT, a secret army operative, meets girl Naruto. By skill and compatibility, he is suited to his fellow soldier, Sakura the pink medic soldier. Will Sasuke be with silly and full of surprise Naruto, or head into the sunset with smart and sexy Sakura who has saved him many times during operations?

I think I am going off to do some soul searching this weekend, plan out some important stuff for February and later update my SasuNaru fanfic afterwards. I wrote an outline getting until chapter 15, but I don't really have a strong or solid idea where this 'Gerimis' story is heading.

So far I tried establishing character A and character B present situation, then I need to make them interact a bit, then introduce some heavy background stuff of character A and character B. Then choose an epic scene which binds them in emotion, make them wanna wallop each other or crush each other, make them fall for each other and then offer some complication and offer a resolution.

That looks easy in my head but spelling it out is unheaven. Well gotta go.





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