Movie Sequels : What I think about em.

Since last year dok tengok sequel aje. Ok Boruto bukan sequel tapi anggap je la sequel.

1. Boruto (2015)

So Naruto and Hinata had a son and the name's Boruto. Ok, actually it's Bolt in Japanese form, like how Ahmad can sound different in different cultures, Ahmad / Ahmed / Ahmet. So Boruto aspires to get his busy Hokage's daddy attention so he cheated to win in the Chuunin exam. In the end he gets his Dad's attention and also get Sasuke as a sensei. The best part was seeing Sasuke mellow so much, after hundreds of episodes as an angsty teen. In here he and Naruto basically bromanced, yeah all the sentimental scenes were reserved for Naruto - Sasuke - Boruto. Sasuke's fight scene are all sooo damn good.

2. Captain America : Civil War

Another bromance. Ironman and Capt America vs Capt America and Winter Soldier. So Ironman was pummelled by Capt America, who ran away with Bucky. There's also Catman, revealed as Black Panther.

3. Finding Dory

Since Finding Demo is like a long time ago it was harder to warm up to Dory. Luckily Dory was played by Ellen and her voice is ubiquitos that you can't unremember Dory. So the forgetful Dory remembers her family, and searches for them herself. Martin gets schooled by Nemo for abandoning Dory, and feeling responsible dad and son go on a journey. It was a little slow at first but the laughs were aplenty. I almost thought that they'd make Dory's parents dead. Sob sob. Baby Dory was cuuuute.

4. Alice Through The Looking Glass

The first movie was epic and the second shoot straight for the lesson, you can't change time but you can learn from it. Sacha Baron Cohen turns out almost normal here as Time, and Mad Hatter was almost in the background. A few lessons about turning your upside down life into something when all is lost.

That's all. I'll update Sharingan episode 3 later.

ps: btw i removed Google Plus Comments, i just noticed that i hadn't be able to read any comments since 2016 arrived.