Yuri On ice Season One : Finished already!!! An ode to Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri On Ice, YOI)

Hair blonde, eyes green, fifteen year old boy, currently Gold Medalist for Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, just because he wanted Yuri Katsuki to challenge him next time.

He isn't just a pretty and angry little blonde. He went after Victor to Japan and harassed his 'parents'. He should have a miniseries himself, like a back story of where his parents are. Why he is such an angry little boy and also how he first came to meet Victor.

Being angry after hearing indirectly from Victor that Yuri Katsuki would be retiring.

Yurio : thinking hard mode. A little angry and fired up.

Being angry right before his turn to skate.

Yuri came in such pretty colour scheme - pink and red, and also white.

Being angry before starting his performance, the thumbs up was for his new bff - Otabek Altin.