Levihan : Reminiscing the past while fitting for the new uniform

So I did an art exchange on Tumblr and this was my contribution for the other person. Next, I have two art exchanges which I hope to do this week. One is Levihan, while the other one, I asked for Hange x Armin as student and sensei. The other person asked for Riren (Levi x Eren) in exchange. I'll probably not do some shipping art since I don't ship Levi with Eren, as I ship him with Hange.

The context is that right after the fitting of their new uniform, Hange gets emotional watching Levi sporting the Wings Of Freedom cloak. So they absconded to a discreet part of the walls, right after confirmation that everything fits and everyone’s ok with their uniforms. They’re venting their hearts out here.
Hange : The cloak looks good on you.
Levi : I know, I’m glad you agreed that I wear it. I need my Commander’s blessings. *Smiles into Hange’s eyes*
Hange : *instantly melted at the smile, omegawd* It’s… It’s a symbol of our freedom… It’s…
Levi : … it’s also so much more than that… Hey did you bathe today? You smell so good.
Hange : Yeah, used some soap i snitched from you utility drawer, is it for me? it’s nicely wrapped. *Waited nervously for Levi’s answer*
Levi : I knew you’d find it there, I didn’t manage to give it to you before I head to the SC road tour with Jean and Sasha. How are you? I missed you for a week.
Hange : Me too, I missed you too. I’m happy…. (With how things are going, and also seeing you here, in that tight ass uniform)
Levi : Me too. (I ordered a custom leather eye patch for you, but I ain’t mentioning it here)
Hange : Erwin will be happy with what we’re doing.
Levi : He better rest in peace knowing we’re doing everything for humanity
Hange : Damn right
They lean deeper into the forehead touch as Hange relaxes against Levi. His touch reassures her, and her presence soothes him.

I'm fangirling over my own drawing. Love love love. I wanna draw this a few more times until it looks perfect.