Under The Sea

My parents came to town recently and me and my sister brought them to Aquaria, KLCC for the first time. The entrace fee is RM28 for a Malaysian MyKad holder and if the individual is 55 years above they only pay half the price. The exhibit consists of marine animals, reptiles, arachnids and amphibians.

Upon entering Aquaria we were greeted by ikan tomans and a petting zoo of small sharks, hermit crabs and starfishes. We got our hands wet holding the starfish and hermit crab whose itty bitty legs felt like my hamster’s small clawed paws, but less sharper.

The star attraction was a huge tank where we get to see all the big fishies of the ocean such as sharks, rays, turtles and eels. Looking at the sharks swimming over us was fantastikalll. Apart from them there were also huge ikan sela which has faint yellow vertical stripes on its sides. Back home, we occasionally had the market-bought small ones for lunch and dinner.

This aquarium’s wall was labelled with 'objects seen are 30 percent smaller than actual size'. In one section visitors could sit down and look into the huge aquarium which resembled a computer screen saver. Peering into the man made 'sea' we saw all the fishies ignoring us when a huge blue fish swam by. This fish, less than a metre long swam close to the glass and looked at us humans. Then it made a u turn and swam to the center of the glass and landed on the sand on its side. My siblings wasted no time getting a canon moment. I can't recall the fish's name but in National Geographic the fishes are shown hovering around the coral reef and letting curious divers pet them. This blue fish lepakked on the sand for a few minutes while I said cheese with a turtle nearby.

Another interesting exhibit was a tall cylinder tank which is equipped with bad weather simulation, but I only paid attention to the audio and not the sight which was very rugi la. Hence I can’t review this exhibit in depth.

Next to this tank was a display of Arapaima Gigas, Giant Ikan Keli(s) and some other fish. In Giant Shah Alam, there was this pet shop which has a display of two Arapaimas and I always pay them a visit every time I go there, so Arapaima’s are a norm for me. As for huge Ikan Keli-es, I am awed by the huge Masai catfish which I have only seen from above before this. Looking at it from the front was an entirely new experience in itself.

Back to Aquaria, my say to would be visitors, please be equipped with a camera that can capture clear photos in low light as flash in Aquaria is a no, no. Camera flashes blind the fish causing discomfort and may scare them. The Aquaria itself is a dim place to simulate the animals’ habitats which is naturally dark.

As for me after Tour De La Aquaria my eyes were ‘sakit sebab tak cukup cahaya’. While hyper-photo-capturing, I blinded some fish when taking pictures because I forgot to turn off the flash after I changed the camera’s pic settings .