I like to see them ... (Part 1)


Naha... almost a month since I last posted. Here's my June post, about the anatomy I like looking at most.

I like watching female's breasts, they are so cute sometimes and they are wonderful. I don't like to see them naked because in au naturel, it's all the same and they sag. They are most glamorous when bunched up in corset or paraded in neck plunging blouse. It's just a human quirk I think, this past time for me, like how we loathe watching gruesome accident scene but still look at those forwarded e-mails of torn flesh images. Hate em, but still watch em and forward them, or maybe delete them.

(Suddenly I am all open and frank in here, I thought that a blog should indeed be my frankness field, at least I am almost anonymous here)

With breasts come the brassiere, or locally "coli and sometimes sarung kopek". My eyes are attracted to the rear images of people who wear white shirt where we can easily see their bra. People wearing thick bras seems grannysh, and to me small thin straps are sexy. However on second thought if the breasts are probably bigger than 36C, are thin straps suffice to carry the load. I think not.

My ultimate bra would be the push up bra. They make breasts look perky. Thankfully I have my own to be proud of and ogle at sometimes, but never to be paraded to the mass.

Let me tell you more later, why I just love them.