I used to write
All that is locked in my heart
Letters to friends
Written and typed
But then I stopped

I used to draw
Ladies in lovely clothes
In full blown ala Gone With the Wind gown
With hands behind their hips
Because I never mastered drawing hands
But these too halted

I used to cut papers
Create collages for cards and calendars
But these days I buy papers and they all collected dust

I acquired new hobbies
New things to do
Instead of typing/writing letters
I blog and express things publicly
Confess my feelings, kinda like wearing my heart on a virtual sleeve
Instead of drawing or cutting up papers to form collages
I use photoshop to edit pics and create collages but only for work

But once in a blue moon
Those hand written letters
Those ladies in fancy dresses
Plus those odd calendars & cards from glossy magazine pages
Do make their appearances 
I feel like a girl from an old forgotten realm
Before electronic gadgets became my obsessions and public phones was the medium I used to call my mum to ask her what to buy when a particular item she wants is not available
When life was much simpler
And age was a much less figure


alia zainol said...

uniknya nama blog :)

Au and Target said...

More talk and less communication.