Hello and welcome back

Hi u oll

I am back from my baby holiday so basically I have been domesticated for 3 months. I was away from my usual daily habits such as reading newspapers and reading books but now I am back.

Yesterday (Friday) I was supposed to start work but I deferred it to next Tuesday. I am so excited to be back at work but at the same time apprehensive about leaving my baby at his nanny's house. As a working class mummy I'll just have to bear with it and go on with life :) . Thankfully I took 3 months baby break instead of the usual two so I have watched my baby from a crying wrinkly baby to a baby who replies my smile and melts my heart away.

I can't wait to resume my place at the office. I'll still be doing the same thing designing promos, maybe organizing meetings and doing the minutes, taking pictures at official events which is my most favourite task - moving around is good for me to burn the post partum kilos.

Heck, there's also a new routine I am adding into my office hour which is pumping milk for baby. So I'll be a full time working mother and part time pumper. May God let me provide milk for my baby until he is 6 months the least and we'll see from there (Hopefully until 2 years old).

I just found out recently about the existence of a batch of super mothers who exclusively pump for their baby. Their babies could not latch or suckle from their mom's breast although the moms have plenty of milk. So what they do is pump their milk and feed their babies.

The babies couldn't suckle for many reasons; one is that they are premature babies. Second, the newborns are admitted into the intensive care unit and bottle fed - usually this happens at unfriendly baby hospitals. At baby friendly hospitals they feed baby using cup, spoon or syringes. So when baby became regular bottle drinkers they will reject the mother's nipples and refuse to direct feed.

However some mothers also exclusively pump so they can move freely around. Some decided that they want their babies to have the benefits of breast milk without having to be tied down and feeding baby on demand.

Ok, see you later.
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Au and Target said...

Wehey! Nice to see you back! Pumping sounds painful. No doubt about it, kittens are easier :-)