No itch scratching... for the moment. Money went to repairing the car and a printer.

I am a loser in certain aspects, like I can't cook more than singgang (have to call my mom first for the recipe each time) and fried food. When I think about my past life I am a loser in many ways too, which in my adult days don't matter much. I was never an athlete except for a few running episodes during my secondary senior years, but that was ok for me.

I got number two in a 4x400 metres relay run.
I got 3rd place in a 800 metres run.
I got 12th in the senior category for a school marathon event.

I consider these events as average because most of my schoolmates are not that athletics. Heheh, school mates don't kill me if you are reading this.

My academic qualifications aren't that awesome either, save for straight As during UPSR and 7As and 1B during PMR, the rest like SPM and my CGPA for diploma are ok ok. They got me qualified as an officer in this government agency.

But when it comes to my child. I am so damn proud of him, even if he can't talk like some talkative almost 3 year olds. He understands me and I understand him, those two elements are enough.

Like this moment as usual he points towards the store and said "Nak Di". I knew he meant kedai. So I took his hands and we went to the shop while his dad heats up the car's engine. But on the way there he fell down and his jeans were torn. He said "tait" which means sakit, and seeing him in pain I asked again. "Nak pergi kedai ke?" He nodded and said something. So we went to the shop to get his dose of bread and chocolate / vitagen.

 I started bottle feeding him at home when he was 2 y 4 months and have regretted it ever since.
Making bottles and washing them are a bitch.

Anyway I am feeling a bit annoyed because people some people kept saying that his progress in talking is slow. Someone even mentioned he should be fed magpie's meat so he'd talk faster. Oh no. His father was a slow talker too, and was fed magpie's meat, of course la cooked kan. But his father didn't talk faster after eating, still his speech development was ok in his adult world. My father was a slow talker too, didn't say anything until he was 4. But he sure talks a lot these days, and my husband too. So now I just shrug these annoyance off.

 Posing for polaroids to give his grandmas.

He is so into Ultraman for a moment there. 

 After tapauing me for a pack of cars. I tapaued his dad for a pricey plastic cup of orange juice.

But receiving them every day is not awesome. But I realize there are a lot more communications going on between me and my son. Of course I can't call and have a proper talk with him when he is away his grandma's, but at least I can convey my love to him everyday in many ways. He knows what to do and say when he wants something or don't want something. So why does he need to know his ABCs as early as tomorrow. I admit that I let him play all the time and only 3 percent of formal learning everyday but he grows so fast and knows things quickly. Which makes me damn proud.

My 2 years and 9 months old soon. Soon he will be a big brother and I think when I don't spend as much time with him like now, when I have to divide my attention on two little people, I think his progress will much faster for my eyes.

Anyway. I actually rather have him as a slow talker now because seeing my instinct says that when he knows more words he will talk non stop like a parrot. So I best take it like now. Oh yeah.

Awesome pic at the end of a day. He doesn't nap anymore. Sigh.