I want to scratch that itch, but can I?

I have a major itch to buy a sewing machine this week. I have the money but it seems like I will need to pay for something else first rather than splurge all this money on a sewing machine.

Last night I was just a click away from buying a sewing machine from LSN. They have a mahcine under RM500, but it seems like buying a slightly pricier machine from Singer would be better. Why do I greatly need to buy a sewing machine?

1. I need to learn how to sew now.
I am already 32 and I haven't inherited any of my mom's sewing skills at all. Now is the right time, before the second child comes along.

2. I am tired of hand sewing big items.
I remember hand sewing the broken elastic of a blouse. It was before I got married and it felt like a long time ago. It is time I learn how to use a machine.

3. I want to start my creative career now.
I have always been sewing things since I could thread a needle. I used to make my own dolls when I was younger, I even made a drawstring bag for my then boyfriend with KLCC on it. Oh and don't forget the teddy bear with a heavy head I made for him.

3. I just want a sewing machine.
Ok I am a craftaholic and a shopaholic. I want a sewing machine because I can't take my mom's now because they are broken at the moment. My mom has two old portable sewing machines and none are working. The solution is.... buy my own la.

That's all. Thank you.


zuhannisa said...

Better late than never...Good Luck!(^_^)