16 years ago, and 16 years later

16 years ago, there were film cameras.
For those who don't own one, like me, we borrow from friends' whose parents have one and we share the film together. Taking pictures were once in a few months activities. Most of my pictures were taken during the year I took my SPM, which was in the last year of school.

Now, 16 years later. I have plenty of camera, 2 DLSRS, one manual Slr, one polaroid, one selfie digital camera, four smart gadgets between me and husband... but, we rarely get down for a photograph session.

Hmmm.,, I should herd us all into a shop to take group pictures once in awhile.

Things change a lot during those years, and taking a picture once in a while and comparing them makes my heart soft and tender. I was a student of 17 and young, now I am working and raising two tykes. Life moves on and photos freezes those moments into snippets of our life.