How to parallel park

I found two spaces to parallel park today at the office. But since I am a probationary driver, and they teach you parallel parking at driving school with a formula that can only be used at the school's parking space, this seems like a huge problem for me. What is easy as ABC for experiencec driver is mighty hard for me. So after 5 minutes of reverses and forwards, I eventually drove around and parked at the parking space, 5 minutes walk from my office.

Here's an easy way I found on you tube. I paraphrase it according to my undersatdinh.

How to parallel park

1. Turn your signal on. Let's say you are parking on your right, turn your right signal on.
2. Check whether your car will fit in the space.
3. Drive forward so your seat is aligned with the seat of the car in front of the empty space. Stop there.
4. Roll down the window. Adjust the side mirror all the way down so you could see your car's position better.
5. Reverse the car so your rear tire are parallel with the back of the car's bumper. 
6. Crank your steering wheel to the right and rear away into the space.
7. When the center pillar of your car is even with their back bumper. Straighten your wheel and back away.
8. Just before your right mirror is passing the rear of car, crank all the way to the left. Watch for the curb, the car behind you and everything else.
9. Adjust the car so you'll be in the middle comfortably.