What happened in January?

Hello. I've been buried in work and motherhood starting 2016. And now my car is in the workshop and we have been doing this juggling thing, with the hubby's one and only car to send the kindy kid and everything else. I've lived 26 years without a car but when I finally own and drive a car, it feels a bit awkward having to rely on public transportation. Either way I still have to pay the monthly installment, and with the added public transportation I am currently on shopping hiatus :(. But I still grab the kids clothes, they grow them out in only a few months and I don't like seeing my kids wearing oversized clothes :P

By the way, while I lull in the world known as reality and some in fanfiction dot net, here are a few artworks I've done. It's a mish mash of computer graphic, I am a wannabe artist. I use pens, markers, inks, colour pencils, on papers and arcylic and markers on canvas.

That's me

markers all in all

markers on shoes

markers on canvas

work in progress



colour pencil


Meanwhile, I have updated my hetero Sasunaru fanfic - Gerimis with chapters 6, 7 and 8. I even wrote another Fem!Sasu and Naruto Multichapter titled - Win My Heart. It's hard work writing I say you, but it's a great escapism route.