Mmmbop turns 20 years old.

Anything which turns 20 years old deserves to be placed in a museum, not for the reason being antique, purely to preserve it for the next generation. A museum should not be seen as a place of pasts, or merely to house of relics from the forgotten era. It should be made into a school of life where people come to learn about the favourites of past - like the trends and for old people like me to walk down memory lane. Hahahha.

So the song Mmmbop by Hanson celebrated its 20th anniversary recently, I don't know when the actual date was, but it was a song of memory for people in the 28 - 34 age range. I can still remember the questions we were asking whether the three blonde guys were actually girls.

Happy 20th Birthday Mmmbop. Here's the original version. 

Here's some good cover version for your enjoyment.
I don't know the cover artist.

These girls are cute. I like their chemistry while performing.