My life and then hey what's this? Fanfiction?

Ok, if you are a regular reader of my blog you would notice that I have substituted posting things about my life with fanfictions. I apologize for anyone who found this to be awkward since this blog was originally something about lifestyle and suddenly I'm going fanfiction all the way. I had a sideblog for writing stuff but since I started writing fanfiction I did not have time to keep up with that blog, so I thought I'll delete that blog (It was titled LukisTulis, since I mostly post my fiction and drawings there) and just stash everything here.

Well, I have been writing Jan 14th, 2016 and that's a year and a month ago. I don't write all the time, but I when I write it's 2-3 days of typing and checking. Sometimes I go for a week to three weeks not writing anything if I have other things in life like my kids falling sick and or if I am on holiday mode. Since writing fanfiction is more like unpaid work, rather than hobby to me, I try to write when I am only feeling it. A fanfic writer don't profit from fanfiction writing, so we all must fulfil our normal responsibility beofore we update that story.

I have five short stories, and ten naruto / drabble / free multichapter. I am trying to finish them by March as I be busy starting this April. Most of the ideas were a 2-3 day thing churning in my head and when I get free time, mostly while waiting for things, I write them on Google Drive. In November I made the stupid decision of totally writing a new crackish/silly, Naruto x One Punch Man ficion which was both hated and faved. It has 4 chapters more on it and it's called Fire, you can look at my side bar and click on it.

I posted on, archive of our own (AO3), and wattpad, but I don't post all the stories there. I basically choose my most read ones and posted them on Wattpad. I used to post it asianfanfiction but that site does not enable users to choose a specific fandom option, you have to categorize using hashtags and that's tedious. So I am content with posting them on ff net and ao3, and here too. I noticed that the number of views reached more than 10 times my normal view. That's awesome.

Ok, so what is fanfiction? Fanfiction is when die hard fans watch a medium be it anime / books / novels / movies / cartoon and think, what happened if Character A and Character B is a couple instead of enemies? Haha. When I first entered the fandom scene I was mortified by the amount of Yaoi elements, seeing that my fave fandom - Naruto is a shounen anime - meaning that it is catered for young girls primarily. The top pairing is Sasuke x Naruto and not Sasuke x Sakura, or Hinata x Naruto.

So all we all know love makes the world goes around, so most fanfiction revolved around the love theme, apart from action, betrayal, drama, family and lots more. I right about things I know and they are drama, romance, friendship and family. It is a pain but I try to write action these days, it was tough but I learned a lot.

When writing action I usually use my experience of directing a multiple camera programme to write about what the audience see. Like firstly is the master shot - where you establish the location, maybe describe the building and how many people are there, any monsters, sight and sound. Then it's from the enemy's pov - who the good guys are, and then - shot of the menacing antagonist. Then there would be close ups of hands or legs, or two character shots and such. It is all written sequentially so readers can read one by one what was happening. At least I used that because I don't know about any other way.

Well, my first and only advice for really novice writers, write about things you know. If you are not sure, at least google for it. Sometimes making things can be hazardous like saying how a four month old can crawl, that's too early. Oh and fanfictions about the official top pairings having a baby is a hit. I don't know why but it's usually popular. There's something called male pregnancy in fanfiction and it's everywhere too.

Ok, last word is try to write one story at a time and have only one published. I made a grave decision of writing one, publish it, suddenly have another idea and publish seven more new multichapters within a short time period. It's been a year and the eight is killing me sometimes. But it's a hobby so don't sweat over it. I do it for me first and foremost, and the readers later.