Doodles and deleted blogs

I just cleaned up my blog links. It seems that one blog have closed their blog for personal viewing and four others have deleted their blogs. Well, the existing ones have most recent posts averaging from 2012-2014, with a few last updated was 2016/2017. Only my blog in my private circle is consistent with blogging though my content is not the same as it used to be. 

Maybe I'll return to blogging weekly later when I have much more interesting things to tell you about. But right now I only have shitty doodles to show you. Hahah. I laughed differently online now, it used to be hahaha, but now I use lmao mostly. That's from hanging around Tumblr. 

Anyway here's some Levi, Hange and Levihan doodles my otp. Maybe I might spend these few nights working outstations to draw something much more seriouser. 

The last picture I imagine someone wants to take photos of Hange and begin making Hange pose for test shots. Photographer be like, can you stand in a pose for a few minutes. Hange be like ok, and posed. Levi is beside her in his normal clothes because he was washing them to dry and the photoshoot only included Commanders of the military. He is around to lug Hange's other uniforms around during the shoots.