SNK fanart for March

The wind was blowing strong and they already know it was going to be a windy night, but Hange was too excited to think about so many things that right after dinner she rushed to the wall, with Levi in tow. So now they are overlooking the Titan free plains outside Wall Maria as Commander and Captain, and as comrades. Hange’s eyes swept across the golden tinted plains as the evening sky welcomes dusk. Luckily they had not gotten rid of the old cloaks so they were warm for awhile, still Levi hugged his arms to his chest to maintain body heat inside his cloak. .
Hange : So many land to conquer with new ideas. We pursue our goals side by side - agriculture, architecture, maybe a new training field over there? I have so much to propose to them.
Levi : If I may propose Hange, let me wear the cloak into battle. The cloak keeps me warm, it’s damn cold out here.
Hange : Cloak? (Watching Levi side eyed as she adjusted the cold spectacles frame on her dry skinned nose bridge)
Levi : And you better start wearing lotion on your face to moisturise. Your skin is bruised from the friction of the frames against your dry skin. That’s why you’re not comfortable wearing your specs and keep readjusting them.
Hange : Ok captain, I thought it was the new hybrid vege we’re growing which made my skin dry. I have been testing them for lunch today.
Levi : Tchh. Gambling your life on food now? I don’t know about that. But you being out in the wind, it further dries your skin.
Hange : Ok, let’s get back in, it’s getting too windy anyway. Have you any lotion?
Levi : I’ll fetch some from my room and bring to your office, Commander. You are working there tonight as usual? I’ll bring along my knives to sharpen. I haven’t restocked my kerosene oil this week.
Hange Smiles.

So a couple of weeks ago I talked @anshioree into doing an art trade. So here’s mine.
My AU plot is Eren needs a martial art mentor and also a partner for studies in uni, since he has learning disabilities. Mikasa and Armin are heading overseas for uni so Eren is left behind, and they have been busy making preparations for Armin and Mikasa so Eren left his uni preps until the last minute. Armin has already departed for a military university in India, while Mikasa was heading to Tokyo in a fortnight. Befire they left, they asked Hange who was friends with Armin’s grandpa to find people who could help Eren, and to their delight Hange suggested Levi who lives not far from Eren’s campus. Levi is a martial art practitioner, and a boutique owner who used to work as a special education teacher.
So Eren finally meet Levi in the back alley of his Levi’s franchise boutique and they interacted.

Levi with a scary face jokingly poked Eren’s abs to check for signs of muscles, while asking the brat if he has basic experience in martial art. He also asked Eren to bring his documentation regarding his learning difficulties the next time they meet.

In the distance someone was eyeing them suspiciously, not Hange of course. Levi realized that Hange and a distant relative of his, whom he had met at a reunion one time ago were following them. He realized that the other Ackerman must be Eren’s bff or sister and so he decided to toy with Eren just to test their determination in acquiring his assistance. Apart from annoying the frown out of her.

After a few months of Levi assisting Eren in Martial arts and studies, Eren brought Levi and Hange out for a dinner treat. Hange couldn’t make it so it Eren and Levi went out and talked about everything else other than martial art and studies.
These are fanarts for a fanfiction titled">City Comma State

I wanted to capture the feeling of the love, freedom, gentleness, carefree, safe emotions between Levi and Hange in the fic. I’ve been rereading it several times since a few days ago and don’t know when I will actually finish it. It’s so good.

I wanted to capture the gentle touches between them, after the initial euphoria of them finding out that they love each other subsides a little.