Selling tudungs

1. Today I learned a few important lesson as a seller like the types of cloth which people prefer to buy and also a few more reminders from past selling experience. Tudung clad makciks buy tudungs according to their baju. The general thng they do is bring along their baju kurung to the tudung shop and do a colour match. Some picky women while searching for the perfect blue tudung grumbled seriously with knitted eyebrows. Hearing them made me feel like asking, "is it my fault that the colour they want is not available? And is it my fault that you left behind the baju?

2. Makciks call selendangs or shawls as the thing that 'they fashionably spin around their head'. They say "Oh ni yang lilit-lilit tu ya?" Someone said they don't know how to wear the 'awning tudung' and I say WOW. For me I don't wear tudung awning out of preference, it's like I'd rather go mad wearing shawls belit2 kepala than wearing easy peasy tudung awning. Some people still buy the square tudung alone and hasn't even ventured into the awning and shawl tudung territory.

3. Some of the rehashed lessons are:
a. Always mention the first price higher than you know they want because they will surely ask for a lower price. They want to bargain meh. Hey, even if we put the first price as low as RM 5 some customers will still ask "Cannot be cheaper ah?"
b. Be ready with a table cloth. Haha so basic because basically we only rent the table and chairs.
c. Be ready with plastic bag and change, I forgot to bring the change and the plastic ran out just before selling time ended.

Ok happy weekend and see you later.