The comment that led to unfriendship (in facebook)

Today after informing my boss that I am taking emergency leave today, i posted this status on facebook.

"Baby is sick, bye bye office."

And an office mate commented "Have you told the boss?" which was an improper comment because she could just text or message me. There's even messenger in facebook so why she asked where people could misinterpret. I felt that it was a stupid act. Even a friend on twitter noted that it was an improper of her.

Our conversation goes like this.

My status : Baby is sick, bye bye office.

Her comment : Have you told the boss?

My comment: Of course I have told him, why would I announce it on facebook then. Think logic.

She: Are you angry? If you're than I won't ask you any more.

Me: if you ask some where else I don't mind. But you asked on facebook.

Me: Looks like I have asked you in the wrong place. Sorry if you feel it's inappropriate. I didn't mean to mind your business. But someone was searching for you today. Next time I won't ask you in facebook.

Me: there's messenger in facebook.

When I logged on to facebook to comment about the messenger thing, i noticed that she had unfriended me. Blocked me too as I couldn't click on her name then. So i logged on my other account and behold there she is still on facebook for others to add.

I still wonder, should have I taken a different approach. Should I answered playfully saying that I haven't notified the boss and fool her for the day. Should i just messengered her and wail my angst there.

Or is this is the way it is, should I feel ok and just face her as a professional colleague tomorrow. I think i should do that, I should just be honest. Being honest is good rather than bitch behind someone's back. I just had to stop gossipping about office mates. It's all just business after all.


ouT oF My MinD said...

she can go to hell as far as i know. u dont need people like her.

inur said...

lantak dia la Nadh.... telampau la bah psl itu pun trus mau block org.. tapi agak unappropriate la dia tanya mcm tu dlm pesbuk, dia boleh ja ba sms ko... iskk...