Played to Death

At the moment I am being swayed with these songs, 'Promise', 'Still', 'Without Words' and 'What Should I Do" from 2009 Korean Drama, You're Beautiful. Listened to it while pumping milk and while waiting for the video files to upload at the office. But not while bathing though, unlike my last phone I never brought the Iphone along to the bathroom for a sing along session while showering. Mainly because I don't keep any audio files in it unlike my previous phone. I haven't explored it yet.

BTW, I caught You're Beautiful on local tv one night while baby slept early. He rarely sleeps early that boy. Last night he was awake when him and his father fetch me from Bangsar at 11 pm after an event recording. We went back home, have supper and he didn't sleep at all. Infact he was busy crawling and playing. At 1.00 am seeing that he still hasn't sleep I tucked him in. Hee hee, ok back to You're Beautiful.

Anyway, I saw the episode where girl Go Mi Nam rides a bus with Jeremy, after Jeremy came to know that she preferred Tae Kyung over him. And after that....


Au and Target said...

You know I've never seen a Korean drama? I must have a go!

mizzyN said...

You must at least watch a season of it in your lifetime.