A year old

My son is going to be a year old next Wednesday. His biggest milestone approaching his birthday is walking. Suddenly he wanted to walk after standing and cruising for a month. For almost two weeks now he rarely crawls and walks everywhere.

I just bought him a pair of pre-walk shoes. Shoes that has soft insoles so that he can still feel the floor when he is still learning to balance himself. He has outgrown 3 of his baby shoes. And there will be more shoes to come as he will continue to grow and grow.

He makes various sounds, sometimes sounding like Korean 'Anyeoo' and the traditional mamama and abababa and avavavava. I bought him an alphabet book which a child can trace the shape of  alphabets with his finger. But yesterday, I just saw a warning on it that it's not for 0-3 year old baby. So my next plan is to buy flash cards. I want him to learn the name of things.

Now, he also gets sleepy quick. I think it's because of all the walking. Yesterday he slept at 8.00 pm and at 12.00 am when I wanted to sleep he woke up crying. After half an hour of nenening and trying to pacify him, he still cried so I passed him to daddy and promptly fell asleep. Then at dawn I heard him crying a bit and I nenened him, and his dad also woke up. His father asked me "When did you pick him up from the living room? I fell asleep 5 minutes after I played with him" Well thinking back, he walked back into the room, to me, by himself. Now I need to secure all doors before I sleep especially the bathroom doors. He likes to venture there. Now he also looks at the wet kitchen area with great interest.

Yes, my boy is going to be a year old and me half a year older.


DrSam said...

Kids do grow very quickly. Enjoy spending time with them as much as you can. said...

Hepi besday Mikael..